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The Bullet Home Defense Survival Program Reviewed - The Truth

If you’re reading this Bulletproof Home Defense review, chances are that you have been researching on how to survive in case of a civil unrest. The bitter truth, however, is that most of the survival and prepping programs out there are sub-par!

They are mainly written by people who have no clue what social chaos look like in real life. So, what makes this particular program by Steve Walker, a 22-year army veteran, different?

Bulletproof Home Defense Product Overview

To begin with, this is a program meant to equip you with handy survival and prepping techniques that can help you in case of a disaster.

If you’ve been reading other survival guides, chances are that you have been made to believe in the conventional advice out there.

They probably have told you that you need to invest heavily in a safe house that you can escape to in case of a disaster. Some might have even told you that you need to stockpile your food and medical supplies in your basement. This program, however, shows you how and why that kind of advice wouldn’t work in a real-world scenario.

In fact, if you’re not careful, that safe room could end up being a death trap! And the stockpile of food could end up being the sole reason why looters will invade your home.

How the Bulletproof Home Defense Works?

Steve Walker’s program works by taking a whole new look at survival and prepping. The knowledge he shares is based on his own, real-life encounters in a battle zone.

For that reason, he sounds like a person who understands what a typical social chaos scenario would look like.

And, unfortunately, he confirms that most of the survival techniques we’ve been made to believe in don’t work!

How to Drive Away a Hungry Mob

During disasters, basic supplies are likely to run out pretty fast. With hunger striking, your immediate neighbors might turn into looters – in fact, some of them will be baying for your blood! So, you need to do all it takes so they don’t get attracted to your safe haven.

As it turns out, it’s not the strongest wall around your house that will keep the looters away. Likewise, it’s not the strongest steel gates that intimidate them.

Faced by a matter of life and death, most looters would risk anything including climbing over a 10-meter wall. But you can keep your home safe by using this simple tactic which entails the use of non-conventional methods.

Sharpening Your Situational Awareness against Intruders

How do you sharpen your hearing, smell, and sight so that no intruder ever surprises you? On page 105 of this program, you get to learn about everything it takes to remain one step ahead of your potential threats.

Most importantly, you’ll be exposed to some rare cautionary steps that you can take to shield your family from a pack of “werewolves” who may swarm into your house looking for food and other precious goods to steal. And there’s also an extra trick that you’ll learn about how to trick everyone else that you’ve run out of food.

Convincing Your Spouse

If you have tried implementing some survival guidelines in your home, chances are that your spouse wasn’t as supportive as you had expected. Maybe they even thought you were going crazy. So, how do you go about convincing them to support in preparing your home for a disaster? Most importantly, you’ll learn how you can do this without disrupting your family’s everyday life.

The Safety Alarm

What kind of alarm are you currently using for your home? If you’re like most people chances are that you’re using the loudest alarm you could find to ward off intruders. Well, that’s a terrible mistake. In fact, in times of war, such an alarm can turn out to be your greatest enemy.

Luckily, within this program, Steve talks about a $0.50 alarm that operates silently. In fact, the alarm works without electricity – and it doesn’t alert the intruder in case you activate it.

It’s not realistically possible to list down all the lessons shared within this program. That’s because it also talks about:

  • Some quick fixes of strengthening your door security
  • Creating something that’s much safe than the traditional safe rooms
  • How to deal with rowdy kids to prevent them from alerting the enemies of your presence
  • And so forth.

Benefits of This Program over Others

One of the reasons we like this survival guide is that it takes an unconventional approach. It’s unlike all the other survival manuals available. And in addition, it’s backed by a 60-day money back guarantee which ensures that you can always claim your money back in case you aren’t satisfied with it.

Collective Knowledge

Even though this guide has been written by Steve Walker he features perspectives from different people. These aren’t ordinary people but individuals drawn from countries devastated by war.

Easy To Use

The knowledge shared within the program is quite practical. What’s more? It’s specifically designed for everyone to use. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re arthritic or not. Likewise, your level of DIY skills doesn’t matter. You simply need to get on board, follow the easy steps and you’ll be fully in charge of your safety.

4 Special Bonuses

In addition to the main program which is quite valuable, you’ll get 4 special bonuses. The first bonus is a special report that shows you how to survive in case of an economic collapse. The second bonus teaches you how to survive even if there is no doctor in sight.

The third awesome special gift is a prepping guide meant for the Baby Boomer generation. And the last addition to the package is a handy report that exposes you to some affordable energy sources that you can use in case of a crisis.

3 Cons with This Program

  1. Doesn’t focus much on food and medicinal herb farming
  2. The program is highly detailed and requires quite a bit of time to complete
  3. This survival guide is a digital product, no physical, printed version of it is available

About The Author

Steve Walker is an ex-US Army veteran who served for more than 22 years. Besides that, he claims to have seen, first-hand, the ugly side of the infamous Arab Spring in Egypt.


Other than the main program which you’ll agree is a library of information, The Bulletproof Home Defense comes with four extra bonuses worth AT LEAST $104.88, for free!

There are:

  1. Crash Proof: How To Survive An Economic Collapse – Valued at $29.97.
  2. Doctor In A Box – Valued at $24.97.
  3. Boomer’s Guide To Prepping – Valued at $19.97.
  4. Unlimited Power: 5 Cheap Or Free Energy Source For Crisis – Valued at $29.97.

Final Thoughts

When all the government services will grind to a halt and the world around you collapses, this is the survival manual that might save you and your family.


So, if you aren’t too sure if you’re fully prepared for any eventuality or not, the Bulletproof Home Defense System might be all you’ll ever need.

Verdict: Worth checking out.

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60 Day Guarantee

This product comes with an iron-clad, 60 day no risk, money back guarantee. This guarantee is enforced by both vendor and by the merchant. If at any time within 60 days you are unhappy with this product, you may return it, without question, for a full refund of the price paid.

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