Lynn Hope Towing LLC
Fast, Dependable, Professional 24-hour Towing and Recovery

Lynn Hope Towing LLC was started
by owner/operator Lynn Hope in 2001.
It remains a family owned and operated business. Primarily through word-of-mouth appreciation and recommendation for the companys’ fast, dependable and professional 24-hour service, the business grew from two trucks to its current seven-truck operation offering light- to heavy-duty towing and recovery services and more.

Lynn Hope Towing LLC is a Greeneville
Sun People’s Choice winner in the
Best Business category, and provides
service for the Greeneville area city,
county and state law enforcement
agencies as well as many local
automotive dealerships, body shops,
garages and private accounts.

Whatever your towing and recovery
need, Lynn Hope Towing LLC is ready
to handle it day or night.

Give us a call. 423.639.6671 • Email: