• Step #1

    Press your pendant or portable emergency button.

    Step #1
  • Step #2

    Your information and location are sent to the MobileHelp Emergency Operators.

    Step #2
  • Step #3

    U.S.-based Emergency Operator establishes 2-way communication and assesses the situation.

    Step #3
  • Step #4

    Operator contacts a neighbor, family member or emergency services based on specific need.

    Step #4

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  • I woke up in the morning and felt like I had indigestion. By noon the pain in my chest felt sharp. After watching reports on TV and reading the MobileHelp customer newsletter, I recognized the symptoms and knew I needed to get help, so I pushed the button. A voice came on and within minutes the fire department was there, followed by an ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital and to surgery where they put in a stint. Now I’m home and fine. My life was saved!
    Neil W
    - Las Vegas, NV

805-502-8528Medical Alert System

MobileHelp is a mobile medical alert system that offers you the ultimate in independence, confidence, freedom and peace of mind. Don’t pay for a help button that only works at home, try MobileHelp today. With our 30-day risk free trial you’ve got nothing to lose.

MobileHelp offers a simple and affordable medical alert system that works at home and away from home. It’s the solution to many problems: slip and fall accidents, medical emergencies including heart attack and stroke and locating a loved-one. These are just some of the reasons why people rely on MobileHelp for peace-of-mind and rapid access to care.

Traditional Medical Alert System help buttons only have a range of up to about 600 feet. With MobileHelp there’s virtually no limit to your help button’s range, so you can enjoy life to the fullest in your home and enjoy the freedom to continue participating in the activities that you enjoy outside your home. You will have the confidence of knowing that you are always accompanied by a highly efficient medical alert system. So whether you are walking to the mailbox, or driving to the post office, MobileHelp has you covered and can connect you to a live emergency monitoring center regardless of your location. With a single button press, our operators will know who you are and where you are and can send help to you.

You no longer have to settle for a medical alert system that only works within the confines of your home. Call MobileHelp today and get help anywhere on the nation’s largest cellular network! You can place your order online or call and speak to one of our Sales associates. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your order. Call: 800-992-0616.