Collateral Valuation Management

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Striving to Be Our Lenders' Preferred AMC

We develop lasting relationships with the appraisers on our panel, and reward those who provide the best service to our clients with turn-time incentives and an increased share of our business.
Getting work done is what we are all about. Our proprietary platform drives the activities of everyone involved in the process, and gives you completely transparent access to every order in your pipeline.
Through our analytics platform, we constantly evaluate the turn time, quality and personal rating of every appraiser in our panel and ensure that we make the best choice for every assignment.
Flexible QC checklist enable us to tailor our service to your lending process, ensuring that the product you receive is the product you need. This in turn reduces your QC time and any potential re-work.
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Repeat Business for Quality Appraisers Create Account

  1. 1. Pick Up Order

    Your perfomance is largely dictated by how much work you've done. Pick up more orders and improve your tier status!

  2. 2. Complete Within Deadline

    Every order may have a different deadline. Finish within the deadline to maintain a good turn time.

  3. 3. Maintain Low Defect Rate

    Prepare and read all of the assignment conditions prior to completing the order. This helps minimize condition loops and keeps your defect rates low!

  4. 4. Earn More With a Faster Turn Time

    We reward appraisers who complete orders before they're due.

  5. 5. Maintain Good Performance, Earn More Business

    Those who maintain low defect rates & good turn times may qualify for more orders.