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New DVD Project
Hi GDTorrent and GDCommunity members,

We would like to announce that we cooperate on a new project. For each project,

we will select a suitable, famous concert recording. We remaster, edit it, make

a menu and artwork. Our aim is a professional and high quality fan made stuff.
When ready, it will be shared in its lossless form at GDT and GDC.

We would need more people involved to make it more faster. Also, we cannot do

everything. The Jobs needed are:
- Video remastering
- Audio remastering
- Syncing audio and video
- Making subtitles files
- Making menu's
- Making artwork

Project 1: Melbourne 2005. remastered, two audio tracks,

menu, one double layer dvd, bonuses. Audio will be released, too.

If you are willing to cooperate, send:
- Your name
- Your GDT name
- Your GDC name
- What job you want
- Work that you had done in that part before

to: 757-535-7866

This project will be coorindated by Henry (GDT admin) and Liam (GDC moderator)
With any questions or comments, pm me or ask in the respective thread on gdc.

Posted by machettaman on Apr 15 0 Comments

Financial Situation #2
Hi everyone,
today I have for you the first of many good news coming over next months (hopefully).
And that is - we are finally self sufficient in financing the site and don't need to rely on donations to keep the site running!

I finished school this june and started working so I now have the income to pay the site from my own money and keep it running for as long as I want to :)

What this means for you is:
The advertisements might go away in the coming months (depends on how we decide in the future)
We won't be asking for donations so often (we might do it to buy some new dvd from tapers or something like that though)

We will still be accepting donations (after all the site costs aren't small), but you can be assured that this site is going to be running fine even without them :)

Paul (Revan)
Posted by Revan on Sep 09 1 Comments

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+   Thanks
We hope you enjoy all the shows, Thanks to: All the uploaders, seeders, donators, translators, friends, families, Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, internet, and some other things which keep these site alive..:))
Remember to seed and share after you finished your download, only so we can keep this community alive.
And DO NOT upload these shows to other sites or convert them to lossy formats (unless you're the original seeder, or have the seeder's permission) Thank you.

- Machettaman & Revan
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