Educational and Career Goals

In order to achieve my career goals I must first accomplish my educational ones. Those are to first finish my associates degree at Salt Lake Community College in the Summer of 2017. Next, the completion of my bachelors degree. Last will be obtaining my masters degree.

Upon completion of my associates degree I will obtain an internship in software development. I will continue to work and go to school full time. My goal is to complete my education prior to my child beginning college in 2020.
Below is my current resume.

My Resume

Life Goals Outside of Education and Work

I want to be able to live a lifestyle that involves travel, a sailboat, and those I love most. I plan to not only work for a company that develops software, but also to develop my own. I plan to put myself in a position to be able to work remotely from some of the most beautiful places on earth. I enjoy working hard and the rewards that come with that, mostly I am looking forward to the long term rewards.