Robbin wants me to go with him.

Everybody's waiting for you.

There are not enough chairs for us to sit on.

I'm not here.

The English Channel separates France from England.

The United States boast some of the world's cleanest food.


Patricio will be thirsty.

She slept more than ten hours yesterday.

I'll spend a few days with you.

My memory is blank on the subject.

You shouldn't have borrowed Floyd's car.

Do you still practise your religion?

I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof.

The stars twinkled.

I fought back.

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Time has come to get serious.

It tasted really good.

In your view, can we judge other people's religion or not?

Get out of the way of the TV!

Bill spoke Japanese with surprising fluency.

I wasn't sure that he would settle for anything less.

Bilbao is a city in the Basque Country

I'm going to wait up for a while.

Come on! Talk to me, Trang.

I'm lost.

Life is not all fun.


I never sleep.

I'm sure it's nothing that can't wait.

You'll get through this.

Tomorrow I'll go to school. There's always plenty of time to go to school.

She doesn't have any evil thoughts.

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I apologize for the delay in sending the agenda.

What Dwayne did was incredible.

You're an adult.


He seems to have much in reserve.

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I'll be very frank with you.

My father has already given up smoking and drinking.

I can help him.

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Many people were arrested.


Two ice creams, please.

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Your house is on fire.


Jeannette locked the apartment.


Bill wanted to make a change.

They dug here and there for treasure.

I'm going to do this myself.

Gene left in a hurry.

We discovered that it was all a lie.

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How can I trust you?

You there, what are you doing?

I want to take them home.

The doctor persuaded him to give up smoking.

You can't save me.


I don't remember too much.


Different languages are used in different places in the world.

Don't try to hide it.

I'll give that to them.

King should've done that.

The pond was alive with tiny fishes.

Don't you think I know my own sister?

Last night, we went to the theater.


Vuvuzelas are stupid!

Your salary is commission-based.

Have you got any pencils?

Would one of you please tell me where I can park my car?

Her bicycle is blue.

Near-death experiences have a noetic quality.

He never seems to be any older.


Who says I'm afraid of you?

Tanya says Dani is lying.

Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?


By the time we reach his town, he will have moved to his new house.

How about you shut your big mouth?

It was late afternoon by the time we arrived in Boston.

He seems to be afraid of being laughed at if he makes a mistake.

I'd love to go there one day.

We cannot help admiring his talent.

Love is nature's way of tricking people into reproducing.

He urged his government not to sign it.

We agreed to start early.


I have seen angels and talked with them.

Who wouldn't become enamored now?

The convention opened as planned.

I really wanted to go.

This smartphone uses an ARM processor.

The strong east wind lashed at our faces.

If for some reason that happened, what would you do?

Now and then, I looked up at the sky.

I am friendly with her.

Metin isn't going to tell us anything we don't already know.

Have another.

Could you translate this sentence?

We just met.

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She is too weak.


I have to be up at six.

It was your idea.

Don't ask any questions.


Where is the Russian embassy?


Many could not hear him.


It looked similar to this.

C'mon, let's eat something!

The house was ripped apart by the tornado.

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Well done!

We'll go when it quits raining.

George kissed everyone in the room.


Why are you so good at explaining things?

I'll take it from here.

Christopher should be the one who does it.

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Who's your doctor?

A metre is 100 centimetres.

I don't feel like watching TV tonight.

Pria knows what the situation is.

He's old enough to stand on his own feet.


I'm going to know tomorrow.

Many people were deceived by the advertisement.

They have won a victory over us.

Po found out our secret.

Shyam threatened to leave if he didn't get a raise.

He has lived in Kobe for two days.

Nobody seems to have paid attention to what he said.

Who paid you to add this sentence? You're trying to brainwash us!

Dewey won the argument.

She looked after her sister, who was in bed with a bad cold.

I tried to get up at six this morning.

All the bedrooms have a bathroom and a television set.

In 1899, the first cheerleaders were male students.

Dirk will be here soon as he can.

Kriton asked Beverly what she really wanted to do.


The whole crew left except for Sabrina.

I'd like to buy a wooden spoon.

He came to see me in a different way.

The coroner is performing an autopsy on Stanislaw to find out what killed him.

You should've taken better care of your bicycle.

Is Kitty really a teacher?

What's going to happen to our pets?

Nikolai did some work for Dirk a few years back.

As suggested, I'll call them.

The rent is expensive.

You seem busy.

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I intend to phone Sir tomorrow and ask him to help.

The mountain is famous in myth and legend.

I'll run out and get you one.

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When she became a nun, she took the name Sister Teresa.

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You don't need to be there either.

Here everything flows like water from the well.

Let's hope it doesn't rain.

So far, I'm not impressed.

The chameleon can take on the colors of its background.

He'll be there, rain or shine.

I think that it's dangerous to go walking alone at night.


There isn't a single cloud in the sky.

You'd do the same thing if you were me.

Joubert was a biker.

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Statesmen should take account of public opinion.


Anybody miss me?


I don't have to wear glasses any more.

The place where one learns is a school, and the place where one prays is a church.

Does she know?

I wouldn't mind to have such patience of Job either.

Lindsay looked after my dog while I was away.


You should avoid making such a mistake.


I'm just a little woozy.

They heard Vick.

He'll get sloppy.