You'll have to start at once.

He needs a hand.

Who shot them?


List said he'll call you later.


Joanne isn't listening.

I am Spanish.

The sweat was dripping off my brow.

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Why don't you have a seat?


Cindie wasn't looking for Dwayne, was he?

We don't get out much.

We went there.

This region has completely changed.

When are you going to ask her?

He was never to see his wife and family again.

I do like Masanobu. I just don't want to have dinner with him four nights in a row.

You are not eating anything.

They won't be here long.

It was deceptive.

I want to do something new.

Don't blame yourself for your son's character.

I know you're not like that.

I wanted to speak with you about this.

Barton can help you.

What I need to do now is get some sleep.

Clean your room, please.

I gave my half to Nelken.

What does it matter to us?

The price of the carpet is determined by three factors.

We'll never ever forget them.


I had a crush on him at the time.

Part of her treatment required that she undergo radiation therapy.

He was outraged.

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They disappeared.

Monica wants to become rich.

That's not the problem.


I don't think Toby is innocent.

As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river below me, I felt again the strange, compelling influence of the mighty god of war, my beloved Mars, which for ten long and lonesome years I had implored with outstretched arms to carry me back to my lost love.

I can't believe Sam made that kind of mistake.

Do what's best for him.

Let! First serve.

She gave me good advice.

The radio plays the latest songs.

None of us are related to the problem.

If you thought that we were "on a little planet with little peoples," you would not want to propagandize anything.


Wake me up when Hui gets home.


Hands should be washed before significant contact with any patient and after activities likely to cause contamination.


Is Molly there already?

Make them go away.

I love tapioca pudding.

He was reluctant to go there.

He had nothing to say, so he left.

We're only friends?

The present world owes its convenient life to petroleum.


I will never agree to this.


Now, I also enjoy it.


I never got to meet Thuan.


Panzer doesn't know exactly how to explain it.

So why don't you quit?

I'm trying to finish this crossword puzzle before Nichael gets here.


Portugal has only one neighbor and it's Spain.

Tony propped himself up on his elbow.

They keep a lot of animals in the zoo.

The good weather will hold.

The relative calm that we've experienced in the last few years is deceptive.


Will you run down to the corner and buy me a paper?


What does he expect in return?

There are many amusements in the city.

That'll cost thirty euros.

Do you want to become a father?

Bertrand looked around at his coworkers.

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Ralf is sleeping like a baby.

It's on every evening at 8.

I don't want to hurt you, Sridhar.

That's Mick's girl.

Please read my reply carefully.

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Encourage him to do it.


Quit worrying, OK?

It probably won't be easy.

This is the same watch that I lost a week ago.

He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Why would that bother me?

Our dog buries its bones in the garden.

I could never do what you're doing.

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He looked around the room.

I will overlook your lateness this time.

The choice is easy.

He has a large number of books on his bookshelf.

Doug was a little shocked.

In the garden, you know. I'd like to put out benches and increase the customer seating. Like this ...

I'll bring wine.


It's very obvious that Kurt doesn't understand French very well.

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I haven't yet graduated.

Any more breakage and you'll never curate a blown glass exhibit in this town again!

Do they like you?

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If I'm late, I'll call.

Hearing the joke, he burst into laughter.

He came to school after a long absence.

I'll look you up when I visit New York.

Won't Clara be joining us?

Nativity scenes commemorate the birth of Jesus.

I didn't want to do it, but I had to.

I do not watch television.

It seems to be working.

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We didn't do it.

I want you to help us this afternoon.

You're not the only one who's been asked to help.

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I can't imagine doing that.

I visited him at intervals during my stay in Paris.

She is almost as tall as you.

There's a possibility that Margot will be late.

I don't think it's fair.

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This is the palace the king and queen live in.

It won't be the same without you.

That's why we let you go.


They were dying.

Don't forget what I told you yesterday.

Do not reuse.

Supplies cannot keep up with the demand.

He didn't pay him any visit.

The sister of my mother is my aunt.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to solve this problem.

I've never seen Mwa do what you say he always does.

Do you like to drive?

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The Latin Quarter is a neighborhood for students in Paris.


I'm too tired to do anything right now.

The food is always arranged so artistically.

Who did you give it to?

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Her father's name's Carlos Antonio. Her boyfriend's Carlos Miguel.


We're going to wait for Stan.


I'd need a taxi tomorrow evening.

Amos is right-handed.

When the school needed a new teacher, he applied for the position.


We'll work on that first.

Our mutual understanding is indispensable.

I was invited to the party.

"May I borrow Naoto's lawn mower?" "I guess it would be all right."

I met some hikers on the mountain.

A Mr Williams came to see you yesterday.

Your fly is open!


The work must be done by Gigi.

This car looks angry.

It is too hot to work.

I'm not saying I want to do that now.

If you don't stop, I'll tell Mom!

If Clare were here, he'd know what to do.

"Hey, pal, are you thinking what I think you think I'm thinking, or are you thinking what you thought I've been thinking?" "Wait, who are you anyway?"

Tell me what to do and I'll do it.

Could you give this to him?


I'm going to have a little talk with Andrea.


I rarely go back home at five.

Roses have thorns.

In the same way as Hegel, Panovsky's notion of the dialectic makes history follow a predetermined course.

I just like to know I'm right.

If you lie, your tongue will get halved!

Does this credit card work internationally?

She has a ravenous craving for chocolate.


It will be your job to acquaint the newcomer with the rules of the office.

His boat has been at sea for two hours.

All of us hope that Lukas will be there.

Hirotoshi secretly wants his country to be purged of all foreign elements and return to a time that he views as its "golden age."

You're amazingly beautiful as a couple.