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You're not wanted here.

It took me five hours to drive there.

I owe her money.

That wasn't meant to happen.

He asked me out.

You'll be more than welcome.

I explained the rules of the game to them.

What about the carbon tax?

Would you have time to help me with something?

Doesn't Morris have any friends?

She was desperate to lose weight.

Pam takes care of me.

Oranges contain lots of vitamin C.


You're entitled to your opinion.

Why don't we try and get a few hours sleep.

We read you loud and clear.

Ken goes swimming day after day.

Elliot is my ex-girlfriend.

The problem has come to the fore again.

We asked Jem some questions.

I met him in a bar.

My wife keeps to a strict diet.

I felt very happy.

He can't write any kanji.

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Would you please fill out this form?

The two countries had fought together as allies in the Second World War.

How many more must I count?

Coming soon.

The judge sentenced Adam to six months in jail.


The road ahead will be long.

How could I be so stupid?

I think Vickie will do OK.


Tammy has no choice but to quit.

I look at it from an aesthetic point of view.

Sergiu is obsessed with fashion.

Before long, she will be a good teacher.

Why don't you come along with us to the party?


We enjoyed playing baseball.

Did Tareq try to assault you?

I thought you hated Steen.


I'm not coming from home.

I dance truly bad.

He was very naughty when he was a little boy.

She was dressed in wool.

I've decided to answer all questions publicly.

Mike's job at home is cleaning the windows.

The project is more than two years behind schedule.

You're wanting to exchange your car for a more modern one.

When I was a child, I used to spend time reading alone in my room.


Why did Dickens call this character Master Bates?

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Let's appeal to the public and see what it will say.

How could you tell Nick to do that?

I hate this teacher.

Clem hopes that Rabin will come next weekend.

She arranged to meet him at the coffee shop.

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It'll never happen.

It was interesting seeing how the speakers expressed various kinds of emotions while they were speaking.

I'd like you to tell Bud not to be late.

Nadeem asked me where I had bought my bicycle.

I wanted you to be the first to know.


This is going to hurt them.

Danielle doesn't know when it happened.

I'll try to be nicer.

We went for a walk after lunch.

Generally speaking, the Japanese people are diligent.

Like me, Lucy has many friends.

Roland said he found his keys.

I'll stay with Everett.

Their problems are sometimes so weird.

Where was Charlene tortured?

Vic passed away recently.

Do you guys know each other?

Don't wish anyone evil!


Franklin is a kisser.


Dawn left early to catch the first train.

The pig snorted while rooting around in search of truffles.

In our house there are two cats: one white and the other black.

Bonnie, which do you prefer, girls with long hair or girls with short hair?

I'd like it in a brighter color.


When is the first day of spring?

You bet I'm worried.

We'll be safe here.

Would you like to join us for dinner?

I wasn't making fun of Cary.

He is strict yet kind.

I didn't literally translate from English into Japanese.

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The biology teacher is called Sonia.


Tell Allen I need to talk to him as soon as possible.


I am very fond of Swedish food because I grew up with them.

I need a mouse pad.

I shouldn't have overdone it.

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The bus burst into flames.


The British government is against the plan.

Low temperatures turn water into ice.

Drop by and bring all your friends!

Why are you so morose?

I won't be coming back.

After the iron had cooled off, Martha wrapped the electrical cord around the iron, put the iron back on the shelf, folded up the ironing board, and put it away back in the closet.

Konrad doesn't seem to know very much about what happened.


When will you go home?

The audience was excited at the game.

Before now, when you thought of a city, you thought of crowded streets, parking problems, traffic jams, queues, noise and fumes.

He cares a lot about his reputation.

Vice showed the bartender his ID.

Last year Bret spent five days in jail, after having pleaded guilty to drunken driving.

Ricky didn't buy bread.

Are you relaxed?

Bea is fun to be around.

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Where's my room?

Did you like the picture I sent you?

Hugh decided to become a teacher.

People shouldn't be allowed to invade countries whose names they can't pronounce correctly.

Every Monday Mrs. Evans washed all the family's clothes in the tin bath.

Maybe I lack the talent for marrying.

This tape doesn't stick.

We need to find cover!

Please include lots of small change.


We want to help, but we can't.

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Science is not fantasy.

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Let's play this Sunday.

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The only natural satellite of the Earth is the Moon.

I saw him running away.

The problem is, I don't have anything to say to him.

Will you watch the Olympics?

The curtains are closed.

It's one of our specialties.

For my part, I don't like this picture.

Ramneek didn't see it.

Did Terrance cause this?

I don't think you heard me the first time.

If you eat that much, you'll get a stomachache.

I wish we had more information.

Andries told me where to buy what I needed.

I'm worth more than this.

Why do I even care?

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Sri ought to have called the police.

The circus is in town.

The beaches are less crowded in September.


They fell in love with each other at first sight.


There is always another time.


I go home after everyone else goes home.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

I wish I knew what was going on.

Today I have a good appetite.

Has Sofia already cleaned his room?

I gave my word to Ragnar that I wouldn't do that.


Mix Kevin a drink.

I was scared of Annie.

They are approaching.

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Darn it!

Where is the mother?

I gave him detailed instructions.

Your efforts will soon pay off.

This is serious, Vladimir.


Mayo came to Boston when he was a child.

I can't be happy here.

Dieter can't eat peanuts.

Heed public opinion.

She was busy with housework.

We've been waiting for your instructions.

My older brother had a position in a large company.

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She chose the red dress.

There's nothing more delicious than a seafood casserole.

Eddie let the bird out of its cage.

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We are faced with many difficulties.