To tell the truth, I have no money with me now.

That's all we can ask.

Health is above wealth, for this does not give us so much happiness as that.

Tolerant took his children to Boston.

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She acted in the play.

There's a movement from a context to another.

As I was reading, I became more interested.

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A hummingbird is no larger than a butterfly.

I never expected that to happen.

The Giants play the Dragons tomorrow.

In Japan, I often ate okonomiyaki.

Looks like it's snowing, eh?

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I always wear an overcoat when its cold.

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We could both go.


That's pretty close.


Milner will be staying with you in your room.

Did Klaus accept to teach you German?

I confessed.

If we're lucky, we'll double our money.

Hand washing is generally considered to be the most important measure in preventing the spread of infection.


Harrison's health grew worse.

After listening to Dan's voice on the phone, Linda started crying.

I think she's a witch.


The kids weren't impressed.

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If you just crouch a little, her crotch can just be seen flicking in and out of sight.


Samir's hairline is receding.

I happened to know her name.

It is not what I ordered.

Edgar gave Oskar three dollars and John thirty dollars.

Simon picked out a gift for Evan.


Where can I buy printers?


You shouldn't have talked to Raphael.

He was covered with sweat.

That's just weird.

Martin sprained his ankle yesterday.

The wound left a scar on my arm.


He left ten minutes ago.

I couldn't fight him.

They probably saw our ship come into port.

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Hui's future is bright.


Sunday is not an ordinary day to me.

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The last guest did that.

Roy is a wonderful artist.

Her nail polish had begun to come off.

Don't complain of your food.

Even though I really want to know his name, I don't have enough courage, and I'm afraid to go ask.

It's important to read books.

Please be prepared for emergencies.

Marsh noticed that Byron was wearing a new bracelet.

They are short and thin.

It took Bernie almost three hours to get home.

I saw the look on your face when Irvin asked you to help Philip.

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We are firmly confident of victory.

I've given that some thought.

Kathleen never quite knew what was going on.


I still don't know who Joel is.

He wants to donate money.

Karl is an outgoing sort of person.


All people are good in the bottom of their hearts.


Mason shouldn't back down.

Europeans are the world's largest consumers of alcohol.

Do whatever you want.

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Don't swim in that pond.

Dorothy is doing it the wrong way.

I convinced everyone.

He presented himself at the meeting.

Let's take a detour.

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We flew from New York to St. Louis by way of Chicago.

They were treating me so rudely that I suddenly just lost it.

The Romans would never have had enough time for conquering the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

He didn't believe that honesty is the best policy.

You're now free to go.


I know we gotta stay quiet!

That guy stole my wallet! Stop him!

We should worship our ancestors.

If you oversleep, you'll end up hungry.

The liver is no longer functioning.

They're friends of Cathrin's.

I suddenly had hope.

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They said he was too friendly with conservatives.

Johnny volunteered to help Kinch wash the dishes.

I used to beat Darin up in high school.

Brodie arrived late.

Rainer couldn't understand why Max was so angry.


If it had not been for the map, I would have lost my way.

The army raided the rebel camp.

I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't have come here.


Because I do not have children, I can spend more time volunteering than parents can.

You guys look the same.

This fabric wears well.

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They're not going away.

I didn't want to be here in the first place.

None of his advice was very useful.

This is the second time I've flown.

Raghu and Novorolsky enjoy each other's company.

I don't want to know where you went.

Shaw couldn't wait any longer, so he left.

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I'm pretty sure Miki likes you.

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I often catch colds.

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Dissatisfied customers are voting with their feet.

I believe in many different spooky things.

It is dangerous to drink too much.

I need a larger room.

He made it to the classes on time.

Place this book back where it was.

She must have seen me.


I don't want to study German.

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Where did it all start?

Did you listen to the Parliamentary debate?

How was your first night in Paris?

Tyler doesn't know how to say what he wants to say in French.

I want you to consider this.

It would never occur to Nicolas to keep a confidence if he thought that revealing it might assuage his soap bubble of an ego.

They made us pay.


Children need to play.


Glenn certainly hadn't done anything that deserved that kind of punishment.

We've already hired a lawyer.

Try to carry out what you have planned.

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I am an engineer.


We are surprised to see how every creature lives.

Lum looks a lot like his father.

Watch your step. The floor is slippery.


I acknowledge your kindness.

The accident was caused by the error on the part of the driver.

I've always admired Natraj.


You can use a dreamcatcher to catch your nightmares.


I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?

The wound Dan had on his cheek resembled a bite mark.

Would you please fill out this form?

There's no one here who can deal with the problem.

There will be setbacks and false starts. There are many who won't agree with every decision or policy I make as president. And we know the government can't solve every problem.

Laurel has no idea why he's so successful.

Such a person is not interesting.

The house has been left to go to ruin.

It barely missed!


Michael caught several large trout.

She used to play tennis on Sunday.

I grilled one.

How is that question germane to what we're discussing?

He will be ten next April.

He lives according to God's laws.

What is the Christmas gift we are giving to her?


There is no one but desires peace.

What makes you so sure Elvis was the one who stole your bicycle?

She used to hate him.

Indonesia is the largest country in South-East Asia.

Daniel finally spoke.

English and mathematics are made much of in senior high schools.

He carried on the restaurant in Italy for many years.

I have no face to turn to.

That is quite shocking.

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Which suitcases are Fred's?

I like to drink milk.

Oh, you're going home tonight!


Do you want more?


Good grief! I had no idea you had been placed in such a tight spot.