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Telesummits and Internet Speaking gigs are the perfect springboard to help you spread your message across the world, to speak directly to your global niche audience, to help you make that critical impact and difference for others and yourself. Listing yourself as an Expert in a Telesummit Speakers Bureau will get you the opportunity to be invited to speak on Telesummits and other Internet Speaking gigs accessible worldwide that will gain you credibility, recognition and publicity to keep you from getting lost in a sea of other speakers, business leaders, business/personal development coaches, etc.!

This is your OPPORTUNITY to join and launch yourself into the Telesummit / Internet speaking field! Our Speaker’s Bureau lets professional speakers just like yourself create your professional speaker listing, including powerful video of your professional speaking appearances as well as listing your specialties in unique categories. By listing yourself here on, you’re opening the door to endless speaking opportunities that can lead to great things.

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We know what it’s like to work hard to develop a business you are passionate about all while you need to market the business or yourself effectively on a shoestring budget. There are many facets to effective marketing, money being only one of them. There is so much to learn and to continuously do in order to get your business or your expertise out into the world and to get the results you want. was created to help you get yourself noticed and get you the publicity and exposure you need to become well known in order to get well paid. Let help you with a major facet of your marketing and put you in a position to be recognized as the expert you are in order to achieve the results in your career and your life that you are diligently working for.

Potential Benefits of Listing Yourself as a Telesummit / Virtual Speaker on

  • Telesummit speakers have the opportunity to showcase their own product alongside experts in their field
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche
  • Receive invitations to speak at other Telesummits and Internet Based Speaking Events
  • Build a large list fast
  • Make additional revenue by selling your products / services and getting commission
  • Become a magnet for JV partnerships
  • Make a difference in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people
  • Establish a viable business
  • Create a consistent profit funnel

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We Get You Publicity and Exposure

  • We are on page one of Google and Bing for Telesummit Speakers
  • We actively market the Expert Telesummit Speaker’s Bureau
  • Expert Telesummit Speaker’s Bureau sponsors and produces Telesummits for continuous publicity of our Expert Speaker’s and our Virtual Speaker’s Bureau
  • Expert Telesummit Speakers has social media buzz on Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • When you sign-up you will immediately get a speaker listing template so you can create your best speaker profile
  • Get Expert Support To Create Your Best Speaker Profile Listing, Creating Your Best Product/Service Offer, and more when you sign up!

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We Get You The Exposure You Need The Most! Experts in Business, Health, Wealth, Wellness, Love, Relationships, Authors, Coaching & Every Genre Available

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