Brazil is surrounded by ten countries and the Atlantic Ocean.

I want to get married and I want to have kids.

What time are you leaving?

Prices showed a tendency of going up.

I want a 7 layered burrito from Taco Bell.

A fanatic threw a bomb at the king's coach.

These numbers are clearly wrong.

Ramanan cut the wire and defused the bomb.


Put the case in the hands of the police.

Jagath needs money for college.

We had to learn to read the word.

Wendi threatened to kill Gregor.

Did you warn Ted?


I have a student visa.

What else did Conrad tell you?

Volkswagen was supposed to be the car for the masses!

I'm very busy here.

She's feeling much better thanks to that medical treatment.

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Nobody's seen me.

He acted fairly toward me.

The house is next door but one.


The city has rapidly expanded recently.

I'll be right behind you.

I'm sure you'll do a good job.


There's definitely room for improvement.

I come from Brazil.

And I grabbed him by his feet and said: "How humiliating this must be for you!"

We are at school together.

Knute looked through the contents of the package.

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Why are you so tired today?

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

An architect occupies that office.

This is a letter from Canada.

Beth knows who broke the window.


Do you have any idea what it was?

She doesn't answer any kind of letter.

I was chuffed with the result.

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Do you go with us?

Evan can't help wondering whether he would have been better off if he had gone to college.

Barton wondered how many times Amanda had been arrested.


That was nifty.


What worries me about religion is that it teaches people to be satisfied with not understanding.


He defected to the Soviet Union in the 1950's.

We import grain from the United States.

I'll throw you a bachelor party.

There's someone I have to contact in Boston.

Catholicism disowns the idea of reincarnation.


On a sheet of paper, talk about your routine.

Why don't you like Hume?

I wish I could help you find a good job.


Eric told Leonard that he wouldn't be doing anything dangerous.

Dominic is pretty cranky this morning.

You never say what you really think, do you?

Well, well, well, what have we here?

We'll use what we have.


A rogue asteroid from the Kuiper Belt is on a collision course with the Earth.

I am from Norway.

I'm self employed.


We were delayed in Boston.

He doesn't have the ability to lead that group.

He who knows why he learns, learns better.

I am just a traveller who seeks the purity of the soul.

Everything is going very well.

I cannot agree with you as regards the new plan.

We've been robbed.

Such fish as carp and trout live in fresh water.

I'll see you later today.

What time do we leave tomorrow?

Do you have any aspirin?

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Bob ducked for cover.

I trust Win with my life.

Nothing can save the Governor-General.

Very well. And you?

No. They are too small.

See you guys at 2:30.

Over ten percent of them can do the work.

Both read the Bible day and night, but thou read'st black where I read white.

Do you want me to just ignore it?

The police expect to apprehend the robber before nightfall.

Kelvin is very efficient, isn't he?

The baby was soiled bib.

It seems that Mr Brooke is an honest man.

The entire city was covered in yellow dust.

Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel.

Some say that Ramses II had six women and more than 100 children.

She was a single mom from a small Midwest town.

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You might not believe what I'm about to tell you, so don't be surprised.


When a holiday falls on Sunday, we have an extra holiday on Monday.

It's high time to make room for young people.

Art and Eugene never met again.

Hillary entered the house through the front door.

The weather forecast predicts whether it will rain or not.

I can tell you're angry.

I had the same problem myself.


She shot Cristopher.

What's going on up there?

She spoke in a small voice.


I doubt if Kathleen would let me do that.

The party went to China by sea.

Bea is plastered.

Did you feel threatened?

Shamim is being rude, isn't he?

Amy likes arithmetic.

I'll be back for him later.


It's my stomach that's bothering me.

Everybody is excited.

I had a problem starting my car this morning.

You must move quickly.

The printer in my office is broken.

Lea heard Gunnar screaming.

It's hard to tell Englishmen from Americans just by the way they look.

Winnie didn't want to park his new car on the road.

The author didn't think his novel would give place to so many interpretations.

Our army attacked the kingdom.

This factory manufactures CD players.


Dan didn't even offer Linda a ride.

Jacob is always bothering me.

Prepositions generally cause problems for foreign language students.

What made you go into the basement?

I am just a nobody.

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More coffee, please.


All these devices are unreliable.

We must see the movie again to do it justice.

Virtues are the vices of the majority.

You need to take these pills.

When will you ever learn?


How much did that spaceship cost?


Things were happening fast.

Nikolai came down with the flu.

Stop bullying her.


Instead of sitting there and hypothesizing pointlessly like the bunch of armchair theorists you are, why not go out and do some actual research for a change?


Once there lived a naughty boy in this village.

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It will be a good lesson to him.

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He's never drunk any wine.

The two dogs quarreled over the bone.

We lack nothing.

He connected the cord to the machine.

He hasn't yet turned in the report this month.


It might be expensive.

Is there an elevator here?

Manolis sang beautifully.

There was only one warden on duty when the riot started.

It's a huge shock to me.

Get down on the ground.

Don't be cold as ice.

Pierce should've gotten a warning.

Do you want to do this?

Glenn is really selfish.

I can play Chopin.

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Charlie's father advised him to become a teacher.


If it's raining, we don't plan to go hiking.

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Think stared at his reflection in the water.

Izchak fixed my umbrella for me.

There was one witness.

Audrey didn't see what I saw.

I'd better stay home.

This is an infantile game.

He is a clerk at the Bank of Washington.


I believed that he was a physician.

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I'm thinking of changing jobs.

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He tripped over a stone.

Please tell me when he arrives here.

Mother told him to look after his younger brother.