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Bar stool and restaurant supply house The Pub Shoppe offers everything from shot glasses to restaurant supplies online with our new shopping cart! If you need anything from a tankard, beer glass, pint glass or any bar supplies we are here for you! 
Some of the items that we carry include but are not limited to: 

Pub Lights
Beer glasses 
Pub mirrors 
British pint glasses
Tulip glasses
British tankards 
Yards of ale glasses
Mixers glasses 
Whiskey glasses
Logo shot glasses
and a large selection of
Guinness merchandise! 
Bar mirrors
Bar towels
Beer coasters
Bar runners
Beer logo umbrellas
Beverage coolers
Drip trays
Playing cards
Personalized pub signs
Dart cabinets
Dart boards
Beer t's and sweatshirts
Tap handles

We can outfit your bar, restaurant or game room with all of the supplies that you need. The Pub Shoppe is a restaurant supply store online that provides everything that you need from shot glasses, restaurant supplies, tankards, beer glasses, pint glass and recreational bar supplies. Browse through our online shopping cart today for all of your pub needs! 


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