Francisco always says such cute things.


I'll be glad to help you.

There are many old castles in Europe.

The teenagers left.


I don't know if you knew that already or not.

I only smoke when I drink.

Prices are too high.

She convinced me.

Some animals eat their young.

I want everything to be perfect.

Some people claim to know everything.


His low salary prevents him from buying the house.

The doctor tells me not to touch alcohol.

He never spoke of the softer passions, save with a gibe and a sneer.

Eighteen minutes later, the battle was over.

They don't understand French.

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An alcoholic tends not to die happily.

My lover doesn't love me.

I'm sure you're aware that you'll be the only one there who can't speak French.

Kolkka saved every letter that Leo sent him.

Romulus was the grandson of Numitor.

Can you speak French like her?

At night he goes out to have a drink.

I've dreamed of this.

I don't actually believe that.

I'm a married woman.

Roxanne said that Per never called.

Delbert won't need this.

I'll introduce you to Harvey if you want me to.

I'll bet Ernst will know what to do.

I've been looking forward to playing music with you.

Her horse had a heart attack.

I ordered them to leave the room.

He failed the exam because he had not studied enough.

I often make mistakes when speaking in French.


The cherry blossom season brings crowds of people to parks.

I was thinking about you a lot today.

Casper is the girl of my dreams.


It must've slipped my mind.

In this film they both portray notorious gang leaders.

As soon as Bobbie laid eyes on Sangho, he knew she was the one for him.

Nobody said you couldn't go fishing.

You can't have that.

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Does truth begin in lies?

Excuse me, but I feel sick.

Who gave him that recipe book?

Matthew will be there to meet you.

Trevor came to see us a few days ago.

I'm going to go find a doctor.

Do you see that ship near the island?

We are good friends now, but we didn't like each other at first.

Neal seems really annoyed.

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What's your beef?

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Do you know how to use a computer?


Are you younger than Sir?

The trouble is that I don't have much money now.

Registration is only valid after payment in advance.

Everybody made for the door at the signal.

I had no idea where it came from.

I only have American coins.

The text isn't divided too well.

My friend wants sugar.

Mr. Gray was the first man that arrived.


Pandora was impossible to ignore.


Are you going to town today?

The meeting lasted one hour.

Jimmy fixed the leaky faucet.


I don't know what happened to you.

What do you need?

The treatment prolonged the agony.

The water began to boil.

I thought maybe you'd found out something about Leora.


What's the correct answer?

We are seven billion now.

You're Tomasz's friend, aren't you?

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I called on her.

We dance well.

I asked him about what he did yesterday.

I don't want either of them.

You know who I am.

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He has a white dog.

Brandon's French is better than mine.

She borrowed the book from him many years ago and hasn't yet returned it.


I have someone you should meet.


Taro, are you able to help me?

I'm sending you a book.

Jin doesn't eat a lot.

What can you tell us about Dawn's allergies?

The king of this country isn't a person, but a divine beast with three pairs of wings said to be in far away in the sky.

Ahmed didn't shoot anyone.

Let me have a minute with Jin.

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Taurus and Kenton both got out of the car.

His abs were flat and toned.

Even if she's a prostitute which falls in love, her love is a pure and noble feeling.

Skef, if you're not too busy, could you come to my office for a minute?

What does the speaker's attitude seem to be towards the new British tendency to display emotions?

She has plans.

At least say you are sorry.


Dan has been bullying me for months.


I suppose you have the right to know.

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How many people have you told?


Son is thinking.

Masterpieces are only successful attempts.

Let it go, Ginny.


That made us smile.

Tell them it's important.

Hirotoshi is quite creative, isn't he?


I thought Ian would be hungry.


There don't seem to be any serious problems.


He had no appetite because of the heat.


I think he needs to alter his lifestyle.

Can I get by the guard?

Would you see to it that they get properly fed?

How are you doing, miss?

You're a good student.


They cut down a cherry tree.

Don't go anywhere without us.

Do you want to vote?

He went to Japan and he married a Japanese woman.

Spy is better at the piano than I am.

The cook will get a thou, while mister schoolboy will get a beating.

The idea is that you sing.

We're closing up.

You can't use your sadness as an excuse to be ungodly.

Has he finished his homework yet?

This coat suits him.

Dust off the shelf.

Subra sent flowers to his mother.


He has curly hair.

How many flies did you kill?

Minors can't come in here.

I asked if she were rich.

I buy a lot of stuff at that store.

I can not stomach it.

The theater was jam-packed.

How do you like your beef stew?

How much beer people drink largely depends on the weather.

The girls don't like you.

Lui can't continue working here.

Everyone is asking me how is to be colorblind.

The windows are decorated with lanterns.

I have to warn her.

Hilda lost his job.


You can tell Kee.

He is sprawled out on the sofa.

It's worth considering.

I would rather not go to school today.

There's something I want to discuss with you.

For those of us that love frisbee, there's a match tomorrow.

I told him to stop, but he did it anyway.

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But you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.

The fish isn't supposed to be thrown away. It can be used to feed cats.

Where did you see these women?


We're not really worried about that.

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No one wants to fight.


I like that one better.

Where's that bottle of wine I asked you to buy.

I have good kids.

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Shanghai is the fastest-growing city in the world.

I'm waiting for her response.

I am sure you will take an active role in your new position.

Uranus tilts over so far on its axis that it rotates on its side. Because of this, its poles are sometimes pointed almost directly at the Sun.

He is married to a high school teacher.