Polo Day Out, as the name suggests, is an event revering this noble sport with a twist of changing times; adding more spice to an already high octane game.

This action packed event, further pumped up by top class music genres, artists, DJs, and live shows. Polo day Out is a potent mix of fast-and-furious royal sport with great music, opulent setting and finest food.Polo Day Out is an effort to encourage introducing this royal sport to larger crowd, adapting to a new format, more relevant with changing time and equation. But at its very heart the promoters are still die hard full-green polo fans. This event is sure to make several positive ripple effects and take the game to another level, increase enthusiasm among a larger audience.

A day spent in full action on and off the field, with friends and family, is definitely one to remember.

The Polo Company

With ardent drive to promote the game of Polo, ‘The Polo Company’ comes forward as a steadfast polo outfit indulged in competitive polo team management, polo event productions & brand activation consultancy exploiting polo as a marketing platform. Based out of Jaipur, India, the company is primarily acknowledged for its celebrated event property- ‘Polo Day Out’, India’s first & largest polo carnival. Owning a prize winning polo team by the same name, ‘The Polo Company’ also holds elevated interest in polo apparel design & sports goods manufacturing & is due to launch its signature product range by next year.

The Carnival

‘Polo Day Out’ is India’s first & largest Polo carnival, cherishing the noble sport with a twist of changing times; adding more spice to an already high octane game.

It boasts of driving the cult sport to a ‘much wider’ audience base with an absolutely fresh entertainment format that typically includes 3 men international Polo match followed by stunt shows, fashion exhibits & famed live music acts. The event showcases the best of apparels & merchandize along with finest of multi-cultural cuisine served at the polo grounds that truly make it a complete family entertainer. It also encompasses an exuberant after party with world renowned artists to reflect the inimitable glamour, Polo is characterized for.

Retaining Polo’s aristocracy with the crème-a-la-crème , what that comes as a major element of differentiation is Polo Day Out’s quest to also reach out to an audience that so far had greater ‘aspirations’ for the sport but no ‘accessibility’ to it. Considering most Polo events are ‘by invitation’ & are restricted only to a privileged few ; PDO has brought in a much desired change by designing a polo carnival that has a universal appeal & offers a distinctive opportunity for much larger number of addressees.

As they say, to the modern world, it has unleashed a new era of ‘sportainment’

Mission & Vision


1) To generate awareness & promote the game of Polo to a much wider audience base.
2) To serve fresh form of live ‘sportainment’ blending the high-octane game of Polo with international music acts & other entertainment variants.
3) To enhance ‘customer-brand’ engagement using the platform, in regard to gain momentum & sustainability for the sport & breed new talent.


To be recognized as the one of the most credible ‘sport & entertainment’ properties in India.


Ankur Mishra, CEO, Polo Day Out

Polo Day Out is the brainchild of Ankur Padam Dinesh Mishra, an avid polo player, editor of revered Jodhpur Polo Magazine & a distinguished entrepreneur. Born in month of April, 1980, Ankur completed his schooling from his home town- Jodhpur, one of the oldest & most prestigious polo destinations in the world. Taking it further, he earned a degree in Bachelor of Business & Master of E-commerce, from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

A young entrepreneur, Ankur’s articulate & dynamic business sense took stride in instigating ebizneeds, a technology company, he started in Australia that specialises in e-commerce, CMS and custom application development for retailers, start-ups and digital agencies. Hitting gold with his maiden business venture, Ankur came back to India starting ebizneeds’ India chapter in Jaipur & alongside run & manage his family business of education. With technology prowess, Ankur made radical changes to the conventional education patterns & transformed his institution as the principal choice for students & parents in Rajasthan. Ankur also holds keen business interest in real estate & infrastructure development, putting into practice top quality measures to all his projects.

Ankur’s childhood passion for horses got him into riding at a tender age. With time the passion grew multi-fold as he decided to inch further & took up the competitive game of Polo. As a professional player Ankur has played in countries like India, South Africa, Australia & Argentina & it’s his shear love & respect for the game that triggered him to start “The Polo Company”.

Currently Ankur is judiciously engrossed in designing the future episodes of Polo Day Out that would officially close the coveted Jodhpur & Jaipur Polo Seasons in the month of Dec, 2013 & Feb, 2014 respectively. The year would also see him bringing out the second edition of Jodhpur Polo magazine & playing in eight major national tournaments with his own ‘polo team’ evidently titled as “The Polo Company”.

Nitesh Mathur- GM, Polo Day Out

Nitesh Mathur, a professional brand consultant spearheads the business operations of Polo Day Out. An electrical engineer by qualification, Nitesh in an unlikely way pursued the non-technical side & has always been interested in the product marketing. His core competency lies in devising strategic business development measures & adopting aggressive marketing techniques to strengthen company’s positioning in the market space, to partner the company on creating brand building properties & designing integrated communication campaigns to support sales functioning across business & consumer spheres.

Nitesh, in the past has been associated as a brand design & marketing consultant with companies ranging from a leading media conglomerate, to a visual entertainment technology group to a prized social enterprise. Currently Nitesh supervises the event production to striking corporate partnerships for Polo Day Out.

Growth Drivers

The key growth driver for PDO lies in its strategic approach to serve absolutely fresh form of entertainment for the prime & privileged to the growing middle class & demanding urban youth. Assigning a universal appeal to the game, PDO has successfully augmented the spectator number from a conventional few hundred to a well deserved few thousands with its first event itself. The idea of a ‘polo lifestyle carnival’ has eventually culminated into fantastic brand experiences admirable to consumers & rewarding for partner brands.

Alike every successful venture, PDO treasures its people; a team of handpicked professionals judiciously taking care of different segments to perfection; be it event design, marketing or operations. A righteous mix of people from sports & entertainment is what that equally acts as a vital growth driver for Polo Day Out.

The Thoroughbreds

“Polo being more than just a sport is a worthy way of living that teaches discipline & instils pride & poise among oneself”. Riding high on Polo’s inimitable lifestyle, Polo Day Out addresses its avid followers as ‘thoroughbreds’ (a breed of finest polo ponies) as a modern day persona synonymous with ‘fit, fashionable & ambitious’.

Polo Day Out defines its status from merely being an entertainment event to a healthy lifestyle experience that does embarks on staying fit, positive & self confident. The same is being communicated by sharing interesting health snippets during our events & is validated with our company policy for not promoting & associating with ‘cigarette brands’.

For fashion, comes au natural to a stomping ‘thoroughbred’!!

Ride Ahead

With unparalleled heritage, Polo, the primal aristocratic sport accounts for the richest chapters in history. Polo, for hundreds of years has truly been a formidable force, guarding & resonating the striking legacy of India.

With such potential sport being not even directly exposed to even 1% of the Indian audience, poses a definite opportunity. The Polo Company, with a well computed approach, plans to take the carnival to 15 prominent cities in India. And with the massive response it has received so far, it does instils immense pride in us to state- ‘It has unfolded a new era of sportainment’


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  • Jaipur 2014

    Jaipur, the state capital of Rajasthan is truly a cosmopolitan affair offering a vibrant cultural heritage with parallel modernism. The Jaipurs were a formidable polo playing family, and since ages have been the custodian of the sport with Jodhpur and Udaipur. With Indian army’s 61st Cavalry, also based in Jaipur, the sport has been well groomed & nurtured in the city. The old Jaipur painted in Pink can grip any visitor with admiration. Stunning backdrop of ancient forts: Nahargarh, Amer, Jaigarh and Moti Doongari are apt testimonials of the bygone era and a reminder of their lingering romance and chivalry. One of the biggest tourist destinations in the country, Jaipur is a jewelry hub Known worldwide for its From the spectator point of view, Jaipur is host to one of the biggest events in the country, be it arts, culture, literature, music or sports.


    Indian Tigers v/s British Warriors



    Ratna Jain Kirti Rathore Sonia Singh Aks Jewels


    Based out of Birmingham, UK, Bally Sagoo is undisputedly one of the biggest names in the Indian music industry. The first Indian artist to be play listed on BBC Radio 1 with the album track "Chura Liya" (a cover version of Asha Bhosle's song) followed by his first, all-original non-remix work “Rising from the East” including chart hits like "Dil Cheez" and "Tum Bin Jiya" that took him appearing on Top of the Pops. A super successful collaboration with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, to later touring India with the legendary “Michael Jackson” for the “History Tour” to producing the Aby Baby album with Amitabh Bachchan, Bally has been on the rise since the very beginning.

    The decade also saw Sagoo's music supporting Gurinder Chadha's "Bend It Like Beckham" & "Its a wonderful afterlife", Mira Nair's “Monsoon Wedding” and Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott's drama “Mistress of Spices” . He remains a formidable force in the music industry and is currently the figurehead of the UK and Belgium based entertainment company, Fresh Dope Industries.

  • PDO Jaipur 2013

    It was a great show, a blood thumping polo match mixed with some amazing musical performances by leading artists who came from places across the globe. The crowd that turned up was fabulous and very supportive. We cannot wait to replicate this event in various cities of India and take it to a different level each time we do it. Here is a quick overview of what was placed that day-


    The Arena polo match had several thrilling moments and the English Warriors won the match by 2 goals.


    Horse Stunt Riding Show by 61st Cavalry spell bounded the onlookers

    GIG 1

    BANDISH PROJEKT feat. Ruma Rizvi & Shreyas

    Multi-instrumentalist, pioneer of IDM (Intelligent Dance Music), a composer, producer, Dj, performer and leading Indian Band promoted by Sony Music Entertainment

    GIG 2


    A break-through Dj & Producer in eclectic musical world with fierce individualistic remixes for class record labels and other gigantic artists. This mammoth performer has come to be known as the winner of recent beta award & among the top 50 Dj’s selected by VH1 (2012-2013)

    Polo day Out (Official Soundtrack)

    GIG 3


    Ankytrixx an Electronica DJ and producer from Nepal currently ranks #1 EDM Dj in India selected by VH1 My Fav Dj Poll


    Djane ZOLOTO

    Ranked 4th among the girl Dj's in the world, Official Djane for EURO Cup 2012
  • Mid Summer Bash Delhi 18th May 2013

    After its triumph in Jaipur Polo Day Out presented it's 'Mid-Summer Bash' on 18 May 2013 at the most happening Blue FROG Delhi featuring Prok & Fitch. The hottest DJ/producer pairing in house music, took everyone on their feet and made them grove to their tunes. It was a night to remember an incredible party with the touch of Polo in it, having all the leading polo players and the best crowd of Delhi, all of them under the one roof. People enjoyed the amazing music with some exuberant food and drinks. By the looks of it we can assure you that the main event on 14th of September in Delhi is going to be bigger, better and there is no stopping now. It was certainly a night to remember!

  • Mid Summer Bash Mumbai

    Another massive night to the kitty. Polo Day Out-Mid Summer Bash-Mumbai witnessed packed dance floors at Canvas Lounge, Mumbai. The Klosmania undisputedly ruled once again!!
  • Jodhpur Dec 2013

    Riding high on fame, Jodhpur holds several prestigious events, ultra luxurious celebrity weddings & the polo season further endorses it as a premium destination. Jodhpur has long standing association with the game of polo. For all intent and purpose, Jodhpur is the birth place of modern polo, from where the British cavalry adopted the sport and produced it in ‘modern’ form taking it all across the British Empire .With British Polo Day, Royal Salute Maharaja of Jodhpur Golden Jubilee Cup, H.H Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup, The Hermes Cup etc, the season is already in global limelight. Visits by the likes of Mr. Nicolas Colquhoun Denvers (President of Hurlingham Polo Club), Mr. Carlos Garcida, world famed polo player, Duke of Argll, Royalties from various estates, film stars & celebrities, the Jodhpur season always receives up beat attention, on & off the field.


    In the 21st century he is the formidable youthful giant of a Dj, standing apart. Clubbers of new age golden electronic dance music bend defy gravity when he takes hold of his console. A break- through Dj/Producer in eclectic musical work and fierce individualistic remixes for class record labels and other gigantic artists, all pixilates in to one mammoth performer that he has come to be known. Supported by the very best of global big-wigs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Global Dj Broadcast, DjTarkan, Moshic and Hypnotic Duo to name some is also worthy of mention. Plus releasing his productions on world class records stores Beatport, Itunes and Juno gives the artist a gigantic boost. Standing firm with his association with Polo Day Out since the very beginning, Reverse Osmosis would be belting out a specially designed set for the upcoming PDO seasons. Another dance floor scorcher in waiting!!


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