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Making a Difference: SST Site-Tailored Gunshot Detection Systems

  • K-12 Private and Public Schools

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • Public Transportation Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Private Business Facilities

  • Large Public Venues

SiteSecure is an unprecedented, indoor and outdoor gunfire detection system designed to function in a wide-variety of environments. Ranging from campus settings to critical infrastructure facilities, SST’s SiteSecure strengthens the foundation of any comprehensive critical incident management platform

SiteSecure’s indoor and outdoor gunshot detection solutions—integrated into a comprehensive site-based response system— increases significantly the likelihood that active shooter threats will be identified and located quickly and that alerts will be triggered automatically (site-based personnel may be unable to send 911 or internal alerts because they are fully engaged in protective actions or themselves under attack).

Additionally, SiteSecure’s notification and incident management tools, provide site-based personnel and first responders with critical information that supports rapid decision making. As a result, rather than delaying action while they attempt to make sense of a confusing situation, internal staff can immediately initiate protective actions, knowing that the system is triggering internal and 9-1-1 alerts. Precious seconds and minutes are saved. The system, especially when integrated with other technology components, can also provide first responders with updated information with which to track a shooter’s movements.

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"The most compelling finding from years of research is that minimizing the time between the detection of a threat and the initiation of internal protective measures, the activation of public safety responders and engagement of the threat is the prime determinant of lives saved or lost"

ShotSpotter SiteSecure

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ShotSpotter SiteSecure

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