Nichael didn't want to make the same mistake as her sister.

The chickens were killed by a fox.

When a girl has sex for the first time, her hymen ruptures and bleeds.

Malcolm and Clara have been studying French together all afternoon.

I'll miss this place.

Unfortunately, the food supplies gave out before the end of winter.

A captain is above a sergeant.

You sure have a lot of money.

Africa is the cradle of humanity.

For the first time in my life, I felt a pang of conscience, but there was no other way out.

Thunderstorms are scary.

I was a little bit scared.


Vaughn has serious health problems.

He asked me whether anybody was there.

Jacob ordered a cup of coffee.

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All of a sudden, the enemy bombs came down on us like rain.

I'll help you tomorrow.

I'll close the door.

Hang your jacket on the hook by the door.

The tree is sick.

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I felt wonderful.


This easy chair is quite comfortable.

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We're divorced.


He was purged of all suspicion.


This book is not dedicated to anyone.

A party is a good place to make friends with other people.

Roxanne forgot to bring his lunch today.

He is not equal to the important job.

He said so in jest.

Surya asked me to leave.

The longsword was sheathed in an intricately engraved scabbard.

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I am smoking a Cuban cigar.

Lea doesn't seem to like it.

I'll be alone.

Sofoklis looked Klaus in the eyes.

I should have looked more carefully.

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Vladislav wants to dance.

Teriann doesn't know you're here, does he?

Loyd wanted to grab a bite to eat on his way home.


Joshua is gay.

Our family doesn't celebrate Christmas.

I'll think about what you said.

I must speak to you in private.

She said that she had been prepared for the examination for three days.

You've already decided to go swimming, haven't you?

Mr. Brown is a wool merchant.


Do what you can for him.

Don't you think it a bad thing?

Takayuki decided to slow down.

It was the coldest inaugural day in the nation's history.

Dan and Linda married in a church.

Why should you suspect me?

There was a cottage on the side of the hill.

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Vincent signaled Max with a nod.

I saw him blush.

I heard you don't like Sandeep.

You were hurt, weren't you?

I like to translate your sentences.

What sort of temperature are we going to have tomorrow?

I don't know a lot of jokes.


I can't leave you here.

He was entirely free of his worry.

I'm a little busy here, George.

This idea is the basis of my argument.

Ouch! I stuck my finger in the door!

I call her pretty often.

What does it refer to?


Sickness often results from eating too much.

Marsh was momentarily interested.

Gil thinks he's invincible.

I haven't seen Lindsay in three years.

You speak good French!

He is ill with influenza.

Mahesh doesn't want Claudia's pity.

John always breaks the ice in class.

"Have you worked on your summer homework?" "Hey, don't make me think of bad things."

You'll have to speak to the clerk about that.

I'd like to reserve a seat.


I thought this was just going to be another boring day at the office.

Rajeev has a really big day ahead of him.

My husband and daughter are fast asleep.

I asked her.

Bret wondered what Lex thought of his new house.


Our delicious coffee is made from freshly roasted coffee beans.


This is just for you.

She held her head up bravely.

Teri had Rajendra help him tie his shoes.

Some clouds can be seen in the sky.

This is a story written in simple English.

Carlo won't even listen to us.

"Huh?" Dima didn't understand. "But isn't this Al-Sayib? And aren't you drinking Fanta and telling noobs to shut up?"


I utterly despise formal writing!

Philippe told Skip that he had a headache even though he really didn't have one.

What're your plans for the weekend?

The difference between a strictly quasilinear function and a quasilinear function is that, in the second case, the finite difference between two random points may be equal to zero.

Because some urgent business came up, he wasn't able to go to the concert.

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She so wants to go.

Bart had better watch out.

Therefore, each individual human being is worth more than all the gold, silver, precious stones, cattle, stocks, bonds or oil in the universe.


Anatoly can't really help us much.

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

I'll keep my eyes closed.


People danced in the streets.

We will be able to raise cows and sheep, too.

I've never heard her speak ill of others.


In September, 1929, stock prices stopped rising.


Hy jumped out of the way.


We've gone too far.

Did I say your name right?

Oh my, you're right, I didn't know that at all.

Aren't you a banker?

A committee of congressmen has arrived.

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I don't lend books to friends or enemies.


He went through a very hard time.

Dawn needed some money, so I offered to give him some.

I told Laurent how proud I was of her.

I know where they're going.

I understand the words but not the meaning.

What kind of man was he?

Her father is a famous doctor.

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I don't have any information on that subject.

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In a horrifying chain of events, Christopher Columbus once bit his own lip.

They waited outside.

You have to move.

The doctor alerted him to the riskiness of the medicine.

Can you remember the first time you went swimming?


They could reach there without delay.

Francis is working in his office.

If I have any others questions, may I call you?

Taking too many selfies signifies a lack of sex.

They that govern the most make the least noise.


Do you like your sister?

I'm not really nervous.

Many atheists are stridently anti-religion.

Nothing rivals his racehorse etching.

Dwight didn't feel very confident.

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So what are birds actually?

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Just hold it.

Have you ever gone to see a horse race?

Just let me do the talking.

Martin hid the truth from Melinda.

Shutoku told me a little secret about Straka.

She's worried for his safety.

Curtis was passed out on the floor.

I know I have it, but I can't put my finger on it.

I'm sure Sergeant will be relieved.

You're not staying here.

I always keep an eye on her.

Mitchell tried to get up, but he couldn't.

The man peeped through a hole in the wall.


Her husband plans to publish a new monthly magazine.

The boat sailed across the Pacific Ocean.

Please don't use English.

"What's your name?" "Billy," the little boy said shyly.

Kyung was miserable.

Rudolf could've broken his neck.

I live near the dike.

We will make the difference.

I don't know how much longer I stand this.

In the United States, people play a different version of mahjong.

Please don't make me do it.


She'll be pleased to be here tonight.

It makes me wonder how much you really loved Seymour.

The Gauls are close to the Germanic tribes.

Older women give birth later.

You'll be receiving your last paycheck in the mail.