Niall put on his right blinker.

Oh no, it's Friday the thirteenth!

He took honey instead of sugar.

Is this a dream?

I'm sorry, but I don't have change.

In those days, Germany had a strong army.

I want to watch the concert of Kylie Minogue.

He did it again.

What kind of music do you want at your wedding?

Angus always said he was lucky.

You're forgetting them.


There's no way.

Dan eventually learnt what Linda was up to.

King seems to be having trouble staying awake.

Tell Panzer I'll be right over.

In the dark it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

I want to let Pim know we'll be late.

Water expands with heat.

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You said you loved them.

Who told you my name was Dustin?

What're the facts?


Students often pursue their teacher with questions.

This is the only alternative worth considering.

Caleb doesn't want to live in the country.


He was ashamed of his tears.

I will send our formal agreement to you.

Marco is kind of cute.

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My address is Puistokatu.

Everybody knows what they're doing.

I never do anything embarrassing.

They recognized her.

She doesn't want to be with anyone.

A case in West Virginia established that acquittal discharges a person from guilt, a pardon only from punishment.

Then, how?

I really didn't do much.

My liver is heavily damaged.

Bring also your mother.

I'd like to find out what this is.


Ram's not a saint.

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You're going to break it if you're not careful.

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I wish I could see her again.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Shall we take this outside?

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He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.

Frank looks older than he really is.

He was admitted to the engineering school.

Who are you, anyway?

You should've been there.

I had my purse stolen in the bus.

I don't ever want to see Cindy again.

That's a minor detail.

It often snows here.

It snowed hard yesterday.

I can't be bothered to argue with you anymore.

He has a perfect body.

Tell him your theory.

I didn't think about it too much.

My name is Nou.

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I wonder if he can live on such a small salary.

Some Japanese may continue to sleep with both parents even during elementary school days.

From time to time, I want to relax and forget everything.


Nobody will pay that much for something like that.

"What happened to the money I gave you?" "I spent it."

This rice is sticky.


He has to study hard.

Please let me go and see Suyog.

You've chosen a really good time to come to Kashgar.

It wasn't my idea.

I see no harm in your going out alone this evening.

That happened about thirty years ago.

What's your favorite oldies song?

I should've gone after him.

The Prime Minister is to make a statement today.

The bread's baking in the oven.

Romain wasn't wearing a seat belt.

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This pen has a very fine point.

They used truth serum.

I've just seen that movie.

Jonathan was disturbed by the implication.

He added that I should come to the party, too.

I'm sick and tired of all the petty squabbling among politicians.

I'm too busy. I can't take on any new work.

I anticipated his question.

How can one achieve such brilliant results?

What a disgusting individual!

It is hard to distinguish truth from a lie.

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When and where did you receive the gift?


China is now the world's second largest economy.

I was about to go when he came.

Are you going in his place or are you going to pick him up?

Tuan doesn't have a fever this morning.

He wanted to succeed.


Les says he can't put up with Felix's behavior any longer.

I didn't want to talk to the police.

When will uncle come from Vijayawada?

We plan to put Cory in an all-boys school.

His income is too small to support his family.

He arrived with a pretty girl on his arm.

Tell me something I haven't heard before.

Jock is family.

Sympathy is a human emotion.


It took a little cajoling but I finally got her to eat her broccoli.

It all started the day I became ten years old.

I used to go fishing quite often, but now I rarely go.

And, we get each other's company to boot.

Alan has got quite a mouth.


Shouldn't you be at home with your mother?

Sit back and enjoy it.

The meat is cooked to perfection.

I've been poor.

They all sat.

There are few volunteers here at the headquarters.

I think we should try a little harder.


It's actually very fun!

She changed the date.

Rainer looked over to his shoulder to see if anyone was following him.


It was a ridiculous question.

If Louis had seen anything, he would have told us.

Was it hard for you to find my house?

Most people consider murder wrong.

Yawn, that's enough for today.

Dan crashed into a tree.

I saw the film, which was not so good.


She was beside herself with grief.

I got Bucky to admit he'd made a mistake.

You should write Johann a note.


I'm going to go shopping tomorrow.

Children should play outside.

What're you up to?

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You've been in Boston way too long.

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The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make.

Is Mrs. Smith an English teacher?

How many hours did you put in at the office last week?


I never should've told Eduardo my password.

The white drapery does not blend with the black wall.

I think something's wrong with him.

We were caught in a snowstorm.

Everyone is still smiling.

At first the trainees were awkward in his company.

We were rebels.

This is bad.

Why don't you follow his example?

You only have to make your decision.

You might be interested in what I'm doing now.


He has a credit of $3000 at his bank.

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I have worst job in the world.

A stone is dead matter.

General John Pope made a terrible mistake.

I'm glad you are all here.

Tears are a child's weapon.

Shale rock is a sedimentary rock made up of clay, compacted together by pressure.

The little boy has a dream.


I don't know everything, I never knew everything, and I'll never know everything.


Be sincere with me.

They are living in misery.

She attempted to swim across the Thames.

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Could you lower your voice please? I'm really hung over.

This is all I'm taking with me.

Some people don't think so.


You can't kill both of us.

I thought you weren't supposed to talk to Barry.

I am nearly as tall as she.

I've got a terrible toothache.

Have you ever done anything right?

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Then little Gerda was very much frightened, and began to cry, but no one heard her except the sparrows.


What have you brought?