Can you give that to them?

There has been a considerable increase in oil prices.


He can probably have any woman he wants.

I didn't participate in the conversation.

I'll be glad to help you.

Tai isn't celebrating, is he?

Tomorrow, it'll be worse.

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I think maybe we've been too aggressive.


Mt. Unzen is such a nice place that many people visit there.

Have you ever noticed that June's right ear is much larger than his left ear?

He threw the ball.

Thanks to them, I will have no problem.

Henry sat down on a bench.

Sjouke has not started yet.

What are we going to do today?

When somebody praises you, remember to be your own judge; do not trust what others (think) of you more than what you (think) of yourself.

The members of the family had grave doubts regarding the explanation they received from the army.

Jinny kept me waiting for over three hours.

Wild animals roamed across the plains.

Creationism is a pseudo-science.

Should that happen, what we would do then is run.

He's homeward bound.

That doesn't count.

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I'd ask Shirley.

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My political affiliations are none of your business.

I can see you're frightened.

I'll see to it that it never happens again.


I'm not at one with you in some respects.

That swimsuit looks really good on you.

Christofer was here a minute ago.

Mom was innocent enough to ask him: "Would you like any more beer?"

We're in the same fix.

Forgive me! I haven't done anything wrong.

I live next to them.

That will make for bad feelings.

Our nation loves all kinds of shit.

We may not have enough uniforms.

I am very pleased.

That's where the problem is.

Between them, the two largest companies account for a share large than 50% of the market.

We were together in Boston.

I see my reflection in the window.

I never met Winnie.

Generally speaking, women live longer than men.

A good man in an evil society seems the greatest villain of all.

I left at once, otherwise I would have missed the parade.

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I'll come back soon.

It could be anyone's.

Cris never said why he wanted the day off.

She accused him of having stolen the bike.

Natraj never gets anything for Christmas.

Mickey told me to knock on the door.

You have soft hands.


I've been told not to call you stupid.

You're looking real good.

Amigo, the guy I'm sharing a room with, is messy.

I get out of breath.

I already said no.

Boyd sued Tatoeba for spreading his personal matters all over the Internet.

He is always cheerful.

I'm waiting for lunch.

I like to win prizes.


I'm not good with kids.

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Caroline became a well known soprano and began to sing professionally.

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We'll meet him.


How about some more coffee?


Do you smell rubber burning?


The exam was two and a half hours long.

Narendra changed his email address.

You're not alone.


I seriously doubt that.


Rainer placed most of the blame on himself.

Does your friend like tea?

This is the same watch that I lost.


Good advice isn't always expensive.


My parents got divorced when I was young.

I like the works of Picasso.

Someone threw a rock at him.

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In the end, it was just too much bother so I went home by taxi.

It was just two weeks ago that Ken came to see me.

She sang her sweet song with feeling.

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This table is made of good oak.

I thought you weren't coming back.

I don't know your name.

He loses his temper quite easily.

He is wasting time.

I've never been to Lanzarote.

When I get bored, bad things happen.


Marco warned me it would be smoky here.

Ranching is common in the western half of South Dakota.

Can't you do anything to stop it?

The castle stands three miles north of the town.

Don't go near him.

This cat is eating.

I'm not going to Spy's.

We left our wives.

I've heard the French version of this song.

Please check it out and let me know what you think about it.

Vilhelm is always smoking.

Does Clara know what to do with this?

In modern war... you will die like a dog for no good reason.

You can use a psychrometer to measure relative humidity.

It's a complete disaster!

I think I've made a big mistake.

Do you take me for an idiot?

Fall is my favorite season.

He can say whatever he wants.

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Don't lie about her.

Why don't you do that yourself?

Groaning strangely she is hurling her overflowing passion onto the canvas!

You look like an imbecile.

Last year, I traveled to Japan.


I refuse to choreograph such a hideous and immoral production.

It's a pleasure to meet you, ma'am.

I know you're thinking about me.

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It staggered me!

When did the error occur?

I wish I'd brought my bathing suit.

The problem is not that they do not talk about me, the problem is that they do not talk WITH me.

It was a terrible accident.

She will have been married for six years on June 10th of this year.

Where is your friend?

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I left too early.

Who sang this song?

I don't live here anymore.


This is the best Christmas I've had in years.

He's sometimes an interesting fellow.

The new one's twice as big as the old one.

I live in Montenegro.

So what is it you want me to do?

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Do you have the vaccine?

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Do come and visit us.


The police didn't get the right guy.

Everett is a pothead.

Should I bring him in on this?

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Rolfe wanted Raja to learn how to drive.


Olson has to dress up for work.

The wife and son of the statesman died three years ago.

I couldn't let him go.

Get out of my face.

What is he doing at the moment?

The word is not in my dictionary.

How many do you see now?

I'd like to climb Mt. Fuji once again.

Terrence dreams of the toilet when he has to go to the bathroom.

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I'm willing to go anywhere you go.

Her duty was to look after the children.

Erwin told Trying he was on his way to Boston.

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It was snowing thick and fast.

You must not leave right now.

Are you going fishing?

Even though he's old, he's still healthy.

Both Jarl and Joseph have done well.


The bad weather prevented me from going to work.

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Anthony untied the ropes.

Let's never lie to each other.

You lost a lot of blood.

Should this happen again, call me.

Don't waste your time in a dead-end relationship.

Sledgehammers are used in construction demolition, in mining, in driving fence posts into the ground and in driving the spikes that secure the rails to the wooden railway ties.

Edward is a poet.

A fence between makes love more keen.

You seem an honest man.


I'm looking for my key.