Rahul didn't need to look at the menu because he'd been to that restaurant many times before.

Mariou is Joshua's chauffeur.

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You should apologize to her.

I need a hammer to nail the boards.

Marius is taller than Marcus.

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We never had any choice.

I hired a private investigator.

I want to pay for it now.

Melinda knows how to play chess.

Richard Krajicek is known as the only player to beat Pete Sampras at Wimbledon between 1993 and 2000. He upset Pistol Pete in straight sets in the quarterfinal en route to winning the 1996 Wimbledon Championships, which came to be the only Grand Slam title in his career.

Ramadoss doesn't want that.

Why are you alone?

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We are adjourned until 2:30.

Their job is to do make-up for performing artists.

Don't go in.

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I'll give you five minutes.

The manager put forward a new proposal.

I availed myself of this favorable opportunity.

How can you get Ira to heed the comments with suggested corrections?

Can't you do anything to help me?

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I came home and found everything destroyed.

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He came to the meeting, but for some reason didn't even utter a single word.

We're excited for the Olympics!

Please tell me why you don't eat meat.

We made a huge mistake.

Are you ready to set off?

If we consider the nature of our condition here, we must see there is no occasion for such a thing as revealed religion.

Clarence left his parents' house this spring and has been living alone since then.

We have a high regard for Professor Turner.

Krzysztof had the same problem.

It's hard to blame them.

But do you like it?


Watching wild birds is great fun.

He's a grouch.

Go ahead and try it on.

They've got a hostage.

That is a very reasonable argument to make.

The situation, I am sure, will be improved.

Don't mention that she's put on weight.


He has just finished his studies. He's looking for a job.

Have you ever climbed Mount Everest?

I will have to tell him the truth tomorrow.

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Anatole has lived here for a long time.

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I'd really like a chance to talk to Kieran.

Leif put the gun to his head.

That cat really was blue.

Have you ever visited the office where your father works?

She saw the bulge in his jeans.

Alcohol destroys the liver.

These smaller parts are called counties, and each county has a county council, like Westhamptonshire County Council.

I know this must be difficult.

Her talent is amazing.


Sometimes telling the truth hurts.

You sound crazy.

I think you might be able to help me.

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The tree stands even with the roof.

He knows no fear.

I spent all day yesterday with him.


I have a lot of problems at the moment.


In return for helping you with your studies, I'd like to ask a small favor of you.

I am sure of his passing the exam.

We are hidden in ourselves, like a truth hidden in isolated facts. When we know that this One in us is One in all, then our truth is revealed.

Seenu didn't say anything about the meeting.

I just finished cleaning your place.

He is not happy, in other words he is sad.

I cleared the roof of snow.


A good method plays a much more important role in language learning than the vague concept of innate ability.

I didn't get even one letter from her.

Please do this for me.

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Sorry, Oscar, I didn't want to get you involved.

Kit's shirt is drying.

I'm just about finished with the report.

I should go home.

This milk tastes odd.

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Frances fell in love in Germany.


After much debate, we decided to spend our holidays in Spain.

Did Jane have fun at the concert last night?

Toufic has an extraordinary array of trophies.

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Can you remember that?

On a bad road like this, I can't do more than thirty kilometers an hour.

I asked Bill what the weather had been like during his travel.

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Robert uses paper filter for straining coffee.

She wants to wait until the wedding.

She really likes to write poems.

It's far to go by feet! Let's take the car.

I gave them all the information they requested.

He tried to rationalize his foolish actions.

On Tatoeba, there are more than 250,000 sentences in Spanish!


During the past two years, Egypt joined the malfunctioning, failed states.

I didn't trust her at first.

Isidore said it didn't matter.

I want more.

I need to repay her.

At last, you are going to be a June bride.

Do you know how many people live in Australia?

Say grace before a meal.

I could not refrain from smoking.


Renu continued after a while.


He studied hard.

It's futile.

This does not bode well.

Riding your bicycle to work every day should help you get back into shape.

Anita helped Henry move the dresser.

That's humiliating.

Why don't you just drop dead?


The calzone is a pizza-like turnover, filled with tomatoes and cheese, whose name comes from an Italian word for "pants."

Comparing American English and British English is like counting incompatible sets of floors of a building. That's why, when you try translating over and over again between the two, it's like climbing an endless set of floors. You might even reach the moon someday doing that.

She's the only one who doesn't know.

Stop at the newsstand to buy the paper.

It's not bad at all, in fact, it's really good.

Is there a photo shop in the hotel?

We haven't told Rudy anything yet.

The little girl will go astray if no one cares much about her.

Fishing is Saqib's life.

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I have never tried to translate a book.

This car is an electric car.

He arrived at midnight.

Christie is expressionless.

Lewis couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about Earl.

He is young and immature.

Rodney took up hang gliding.

You don't seem to understand what's happened.

I'm glad it worked out that way.

I never wash the dishes unless I'm told to.

We ate your delicious duck.

Rand sighed and pulled out his wallet.

I don't know what you're trying to say.

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It didn't happen all at once.

He said it with a broad grin.

This shouldn't take long.

Hsi is a bogeyman. If he lets himself be seen, all the children take flight.

Don't hurt her.

The ship wound in and out among the islands.

You and your friends are invited.

Everybody started cheering.

Nguyen said he would talk to Laurel.

It's not worth much.

Drinking isn't against the law.

Where's Sandy's car?

By tomorrow morning all the world will have been covered with snow.

You don't live here, do you?

Would you work for minimum wage?

Should I write that down?

The meat is only half cooked.

You're being rewarded.

He has a loud voice.

The Moon is cossacks' Sun.

Buy what you need.

These containers are airtight.

Come and see me when you have time.

She asked them to take their shoes off.

I guess that she is 40.

Why blame us?

I thought you'd be ready.

"How did you know that I like Seenu?" "You can tell just by looking."

Come on, take it easy. Chances are in your favor.

We don't need him.

Anatole spent Christmas with his family.


I've been trying to teach our baby to eat from a spoon.


She seems to be very ill.

Tareq could smell gasoline.

I'm colorblind. I can't tell red from green.

You should go back right now.

I'm thinking of the plan.

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I think you should retire.

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This movie is for adults, not for children.

I couldn't believe my luck.

Don't make me say it again.

This river is polluted with factory waste.

We won't ask anymore.