Updated June 23, 2016
status on ballot initiatives tracking towards the November election
Lt Gov Newsom warns ...
Lt Gov Newsom warns that AUMA's passage in November is not a sure thing
1st big company to service the cannabis industry
1st big company to service the cannabis industry

Growers, Producers of cannabis products and Retailers Start Here!

LICENSING ON DEMAND and a suite of full-service Compliance Solutions

Want to make sure you have all of the necessary licenses, permits and that your products are compliant? Want to make sure these are always up to date and rest assured that as new markets open up you are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities? Of course you do!

It is an exciting time in the cannabis industry. With 24 states open for Medical Marijuana and 4 states open for Adult Use Marijuana there are growing numbers of opportunities for entrepreneurs at every step in the supply chain. This fall there are several ballot initiatives which will continue to drive this trend towards federal legalization, potentially opening up California for Adult Use.

Right now, regulators around the country are creating new policies, regulations to ensure that cannabis and any related product is safe for the public. New agencies are being formed to set up the infrastructure to collect excise taxes, issue permits & licenses and enforce the new laws.

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The Red Tape Thickens - C-Compli’s Consulting Services cuts through this!
Right now cannabusiness is limited to in-state commerce. Operating in multiple states requires licensing types of agreements. C-Compli can support your business with consulting services to ensure that today’s activities are legal and compliant, while keeping an eye out for new opportunities as the landscape changes and new laws are implemented.

LICENSING ON DEMAND Initially, this service will be available in Colorado, and as new states open up, this service will be available in a growing number of areas. The C-Compli digital platform will answer all compliance related questions, and more. Each state will require a combination of licensing, certificates of authority, surety bonds, tax permits, monthly reporting of shipments, as well as excise and sales tax reporting related to the production and sale of cannabis and related products.

We know ALL about that.

We are compiling every regulation, every form and every instruction for every state. And we keep that information updated… DAILY! As a customer of Licensing On Demand, that wealth of information will be available to YOU!

LICENSING ON DEMAND is Do-It-Yourself Direct Ship Licensing… all the ease and comfort of doing it from your own location, backed by our customer support, our maintenance expertise and our years of experience.

Here’s why YOU NEED C-Compi’s Services

Plan Wisely! Use this website to plan your next moves and cannabusiness strategy. By reviewing state requirements, licensing fees and tax rates, you can determine which states will be your most cost-effective markets. Click on “Most Popular” to find out which states make the most sense for your business, all based on our extensive experience.

Automate Your Forms! Avoid the tedious process of obtaining and completing the numerous state license forms and cover letters. Enter your company’s information ONLY ONCE. Your data is maintained and reused to automatically fill in the documents and forms required to complete the licensing process for each state.

Field Proven Procedures! Each license package contains the latest, FIELD-PROVEN PROCEDURES for filing the required documents with the respective state agencies. We also include cover letters detailing additional attachments that may be required… everything we know you need for a smooth licensing process.

Easy Renewals! Enter your approved licenses into your account to track which licenses you have and when they are due to expire. LICENSING ON DEMAND will notify you in email when it is time to renew.

We’ve Got Your Back! Have a question? Need more information about your specific compliance issues? We are standing by to provide the support you need.
Call us at 805-239-4502.

Save Money! Save on the cost of full-service compliance, reduce the cost of labor, and avoid time-wasting errors, rejections and penalties.

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• Last updated on 06/17/2016