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Do you like my new shoes?


There isn't anything else I can do.

I suppose I was too busy.

Jim has what it takes to be successful.


You had no way of knowing that that would happen.

The blind young man has overcome his handicap.

Whatever happened to acid rain? You don't hear about it in the news anymore.

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Two minutes for roughing.

He shall be punished.

I'll do more than that.

Will you put us up for one night?

He is suffering from a headache.


You don't want to know what I think.

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I'm considering my options.

Soy milk is a great substitute for milk.

When did Tollefsen buy this skirt.

I thought it was a good book, but Jim thought otherwise.

There was a little water left in the bottom of the bottle.

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We've read what you've written.

He gave me several books.

Former pop stars are just plain old women by the time they're 40.

Someone turned us in.

He loves cars, while his brother hates them.

Mother has just gone out shopping.

They knocked my books out of my hands.

This shouldn't be too hard to do.

Robin wasted a lot of time.

The bus is quick.

Saul had to stop to catch his breath.


Don't take any notice of what he said.

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There is no more important problem than this.

We extended the meeting another 10 minutes.

Human rights organisations complained loudly and repeatedly about the lack of civil liberties in the country under Dan's rule.

It shouldn't take too much longer.

His efforts in studying have paid off and his grades are improving by leaps and bounds.


I don't want you to go alone; this is final.

I'm flabbergasted.

Can you ask them to come in?

Don't go past the traffic light in red!

Paola has a facility for acquiring foreign languages.

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They come from Sweden.

He made a bunch of money.

Can you take me to her?

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Have you reconsidered?

My vet recommended euthanizing my dog.

She advised him to be punctual.

Who needs that old furniture?

My name is Ichiro Tanaka.

If I were you, I'd start immediately.

Ahmet wore a loose jacket.

Shouldn't you overlook his indiscretions and forgive him?

When was the last time you saw a doctor?

Do you mind if I ask a few questions?

I didn't even get a postcard.

My friends will give me a party tomorrow.

He has no sense of direction.

My love has gone far away.

I don't know much more than that.

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Thanks for letting us hang out here.

Then I'll work on the principle that deference is no substitute for obedience.

I promise you'll be happy.

No wonder you're worried.

The grenade exploded five metres from the soldier.


Since Vasilissa had gone, the stepmother and her two daughters had had neither fire nor light in all the house.

Oh God. I'm not looking forward to cleaning the bathroom.

We must do away with such a custom.


I've done the wrong thing.

His disjointed term paper earned him a grade of 63%. Of course, he was not very logical himself.

Mann will help Sandip.


Please put on your slippers.

How much more time do I have?


What's your favorite sad song?

My elder sister is afraid of all doctors.


Did I ever tell you about her?

Elvis spends way too much time playing games.

Are you all completely crazy?

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Kenton doesn't want people asking so many questions.

Not a soul was to be seen in the street.

I want you to take a good look at what's in my hands.

I can't get this open.

He's outraged.

Don't wake the sleeping cat up.

They didn't answer.

Spicy pepper is my favorite.

He reads 10 books when he returns to the house.

Hi, how do you do?

You may bring whoever wants to come.

The crowd went berserk.

Dirk asked Courtney out to dinner.

Joshua looked very pale.

I can't dance.

Have you bought your Christmas gifts yet?

The delegates voted ninety-five times without success.

Regrettably, that didn't happen.

Did you find something?

Did you see the accident with your own eyes?

Thanks to the development of aircraft, the world has become much smaller.

I always thought Susan would outlive me.

Anthony jumped into the lake.

Carlos earns a lot of money.

I know what you're looking for is still in there.

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He mentioned the matter of the banquet.

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That's so strange.

That's why my heart suffers so incessantly.

My daughter will get married in June.

Lindsey has known Carolyn since she was born.

I have just finished one third of my assignment.

Suyog is the youngest child in his family.

I have a friend who lives in Tokyo.

Is there anything you need?

She was aching to go to the party.


We are expecting him any moment.

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You promised that you'd stand by me through thick and thin.

Now, said Mr Wood.

I can't take your money.

The blood was bright red.

It is rumoured that the prime-minister will resign next month.

The 50 unit phone card.

The strangest part is that no one recognizes me.


The desert had its own music.


If you can read rapidly and with good understanding, you will probably find it easy to remember a good deal of what you do read.

Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.

Jong didn't know that Timothy was in love with him.

He doesn't eat raw fish.

Tony's very neat.


I'll take care that you don't meet with any injury.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?

She always speaks in a low voice.

Turn cell phone ringers off.

We don't have all the time in the world.

That's exactly what I've been telling Ole.

They walked up the stairs.

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Varda has been looking forward to meeting you.


Christophe had something to hide.

Someone will close the window.

Which language do you speak the most often?

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What are your plans tonight?

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Your lawyer should step down from this trial.


The cargo was too heavy. The driver couldn't take it.


He isn't the kind of person who we want to work with.

We have three airplanes.

We feel at ease.

Nhan wants to ask us a few questions.

It's taking longer than I thought it would.

Who told you you could have that?

People liked Jimmy Carter.

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We'll come as soon as we can.

In this case, I think he is correct.

Yesterday I took part in the opening of the painting exposition.

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Sid and Kayvan are playing battleship.

Leave Nora out of this.

I think it's pretty weird.

You will be disliked by girls if you play practical jokes on them.

How much damage was done?

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Sri was selfish.

I played tennis after school was over.

There's nothing that would please me more.

What made her do so?

Manolis still doesn't get it.

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I intend to do more than that.

Cindie needs a sharp knife.

His house was small and old.

November is nearer and nearer!

I want to know who your friends are.