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He also came up with yet another doubtful conclusion.


I was in a better mood three hours ago.

That was his first time.

The skin tightened as it dried.

Please stop there.

I keep getting spam email.


As long as I've come this far, I'll see it through.

Tareq died that day.

You're out of order.

We're not expecting any help from you.

That's a dangerous curve. There've been many accidents there.

The musician shook his head and pushed his little piano away.

I want to become a journalist.

I don't even know who has stolen what.

Allow me to replace it.

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Mariou lacks common sense.


Do you understand my problem?

The desire for love to be mutual does not belong to love but to vanity.

Carol and Darin live in a quiet residential neighborhood.

I think Kamel is thirty.

You can't hide forever.

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A diametrically opposed kinship pattern is to be observed among certain South Sea Island communities.

I suddenly became dizzy.

How does the paper feel?


Duane gave Giovanni more money.

I help him.

He keeps all his savings in the bank.

The situation is still critical.

Irfan suggested ways we could save money.

That hotel is very near the lake.

Look, here comes your mother.


Tomorrow it will rain.

In one year there are twelve months.

That bicycle isn't his.


Why didn't Nikolai come?

There are some who would consider Hwa handsome.

I assume you're the Bobby everybody's been telling me about.

You really fooled her.

There's something under my bed.

He keeps making the same mistake.

Your sweater is inside out.


I made them an offer.

That was an inconvenience.

Is this my fault or your fault?

Miltos looks furious.

Josh doesn't know I like him.

I hope she won't be disappointed.

Something similar once happened to me.

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They spent four hours discussing their plan.


I am reading this sentence.

Do I really seem that different?

What's your favorite hang-out?

Naoto and Naim know each other well.

I'm so scared.

Presley knows it's over.

It's unsurprising that Yoko would have said something like that.

Could you give me your name?

Marnix asked me to give this to you.

Take a look here.

Put the gun down.

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We were told Sigurd is in danger.

Vicki climbed up so high that we couldn't see him.

That used refrigerator was a real dog.


Can I have the next one, please?


Those boys are sixteen-years-old.

Please say hello to Nancy if you see her at the party.

I ran across an old friend of mine at the party yesterday.


I believe in magic.

Please sell me that.

The roof is really in need of repair.

It was very cold last night.

My name is omitted from the list.

My blue dress appeared with a blood stain.

Hans sat by the pool drinking red wine and eating expensive cheese.

Now I'm fairly healthy again.

Hunger knows no law.

He paid with a credit card.

Olivier laughed to himself.

Skef doesn't come here that much.

You look so different with those glasses on.

You may need hex keys to adjust the gears on your bike.

Would you mind putting a link on your web page to our company's web site?

Juliane is standing near Frederick.

Is this train from Paris?


I'm armed.

Why do I get hiccups every time I eat spicy food?

Emergency exits must be kept free of blockages for public safety.


He will be missed.

I have nothing to go by.

I don't have the ball.

Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock.

The clock was stolen by Peter.

This is really weird.

They are masterpieces of European art.


Everybody still has a chance.

Adrian drank too much wine.

Tell me that didn't just happen.

We had to show our papers at the security desk.

There is a good argument for dismissing you.

You'll spook Jock.

Those objects strewn about are a woman's "projection" of what is happening in her own life.

Ramesh used a level to check whether the wall was straight.

He excels in many sports.


He will assist this project.

To succeed in the 21st century, we must have the most dynamic, educated workforce in the world; that education has to start early in life.

Eddie has been caught.

Marco doesn't care whether Venkata stays or goes.

Turn right at the red light.

Pay attention, because there will be difficulties.

Don't be nervous, Hotta.

Whose is this pair of stockings?

Nobody at home?


The doctors tell you that he is brain-dead.


The audience applauded appreciatively.

Seymour always has the cutest profile pictures.

The elephants are the chief attraction at the circus.


Make yourself useful.

Ask him whether they still live in Tokyo.

It's been my dream since I was a little girl.

Try it again.

What would life be like without electricity?

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She knew better than to argue with him.

We used to play games like tag.

Half the suspects were white.


Let us stay here.

Raphael is taller than both Jennifer and her brother.

She drives an old Yugo.

Waldorf salad is an American invention from the nineteenth century.

Look what I got you.

Takayuki got his first car when he was eighteen.

Takayuki and Kieran were both wearing rubber gloves.

This dream will come true.

We were unable to rescue him.

Urs was good.

I didn't know you felt that way about Paola.


She speaks five foreign languages, but when she wants to curse she speaks in her mother tongue.

Is it ethical to give him the interview questions in advance?

The boy scratched his ear.


I want to live in a Native American reservation.

Mike said he'd rather not go to Phill's party.

Dieter wouldn't have known how to do that if Jun hadn't shown him how.

I could recite the story by heart.

If you enjoy the work you do, you have something worth more than money.

Perhaps we'll meet again.

She was already pregnant.

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There's a volcano emitting masses of smoke in Iceland.

Niels seems very sure of himself.

No is always right.


Ask me tomorrow.

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She is busy with the care of her children.


I got up at about six.

The ship is sailing to the west.

You're in luck. The plane is on time.

Nobody needs me.

I bought this computer one year ago and it's already a dinosaur.


I had an artificial insemination by donor.

Hartmann was in a lot of pain.

I'll go out and see the fireworks.

It's nice to sip and savour drinks other than beer as well from time to time.

I am twenty years old.

Frances was a bitter old man who was sick of life.

He bought himself a dog.

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I don't deserve this.

I was in the hospital a few days ago.

Beauty lies within.

A helicopter circled over us.

I have got a letter from you.