My sister has given me an Iphone, but I do not know how to use it.

Have you checked this with him?

Have you framed those pictures I brought in last week?

I was quite satisfied.

I hear you Irish are a bunch of drinkin' fools.

Lori moved back home.

The helicopter was shot down by the Mexican army.

He was heartbroken from unrequited love.


Did you understand what was expected?

She had the kindness to show me around the city.

Ramesh told me to come here today.

Marie considers himself lucky.

Horst is loved by all.

She was born in America.

Laurel has lost almost thirty pounds.

Emily has sowed a question in me.

Wendy is one of Boston's most successful athletes.

I'd like to give this to Stan in person.

I made certain of that.


It was a complete flop.

Despair was written on the mother's face.

Heat and light are necessary for our existence.


He's just a petty hooligan, but if he had just a little more initiative, he could be a major criminal leader.

That paper of his deal with environmental problems.

Dominick is very sweet.

When we are very sad, we will cry.

I thought it'd be fun.

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He forced me to go.


Can you throw these out for me?


He goes to London once a month.

The portrait had a dark background.

You can't change your sexuality.


I think this is really exciting.

We aim to satisfy our customers' wants and needs.

Nobody likes to do laundry.

Ragnar doesn't seem to get along well with anyone.

Trent can lick her own chin.

How is your mother?

I love his son.

The kind of music one listens to is a matter of preference.

Katarzyna and Milena are in the same class as Magdalena.

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A heart beats in space.


We walked to the river.

Dan went to a local gun shop.

We're angry.


If I were you, I would stay quiet.

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Can you tell us what you're wearing?

You don't need to know why.

I'll visit you at your office tomorrow.

It's quite clear that Tursun will pass the exam.

She's a better liar than I thought.


Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a giant storm.

You do a lot of your work at home, don't you?

I can't imagine your not knowing her address.

They are looking at only the sunny side of the American economy.

She advised him to go to the police station, but he was afraid to.

The group was too large.

Her efforts were crowned with victory.

He shall not come into this house again.

Children often wet their beds at night.

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This sentence contains several mistakes.

He speaks very fast.

It's been a while since I rode a horse.

I hope you're well.

She looked at the picture.


That's the only reason I'm actually going.

Sisterly love is among the strongest of all.

We're just passing through.

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I didn't tell him anything.

Trent diced the carrots and added them to the stew.

Everybody's tired.

We're thorough.

It was very dark in Darin's room.

I'm starting to dislike her.

Emily is the proper boy for the job.

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There was a pretty girl with black hair in the park.

I'm parked around back.

We are listening to the radio.

He has no claim to the property.

This wasn't my question. I wanted to know something else.

My favorite flavor is chocolate.

'Seminar', in universities, refers to debates and the presentation of research results by a few students.

I don't remember what I said.

Two thirds of the students came to the reunion.

She was blackmailed by him.

The curtain raised on a noisy cocktail party.


The other day I stopped at a secondhand bookstore on my way home from school and happened to find a book I had been looking for for a long time.

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Her husband's death has tried her severely.

I believe it's time to wake up Robert.

I got here a little early.

You can set the white of an egg by boiling it.

Andrea probably has an extra pencil he could lend you.

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She told him once and for all that she would not go to the movie with him.


That's a common attitude here.

Fear is what's keeping you from trying.

This thread tangles easily.

I couldn't keep from snickering.

He dozed off in history class.


This is the one I meant when I said, 'A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.'

Dewey knows better than to give his real name in chat rooms.

Fire burns.

Are you looking for something specific?

I have a very vague idea of what you are talking about.

She is an English teacher fresh from college.

Any goods can be supplied at a day's notice.

Amigo didn't feel that he was ready.

Every insult was put on him.


You look younger than him.

You have to make good the time you have wasted so far.

Moe heard footsteps.

I can take a message.

How do you know that belongs to him?

The theory is generally accepted.

The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly.

The sun having set we stayed there for the night.

Go inside.

We should be together.

Kristian said he'd think about it.


Meehan has a sister about your age.

What's going to happen when they find out what we did?

Ricardo is a terrible driver.


Don't shoot the devil in the back. You might miss.

Look on me, and do likewise.

My heart's aching.

Piotr would like to talk with you about tomorrow's schedule.

They live there.

If they do what I say, I will be very generous. If not... Well, let's just say I deal harshly with insubordination.

Raghu has called in sick the last three days.

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Will you read this cookbook?

I'll take this back.

Allen is probably a bit older than Sheila.

I have it on good authority that the president will not seek reelection.

Air pollution is a serious global problem.

Let me talk to her.

I've already told Joyce that.

How much money have you got?

I am a famous actor.

Brad was very angry and wouldn't speak to Herb.

I would like to go to the seaside with you.

You say you spoke against those who wished to destroy us.

We live in one world.

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Little did any of us know that Ricardo only had a few months to live.

You need to be more patient.

He made up a bundle of firewood.

I'd like you to have this.

Gordon doesn't need a haircut.

What if you just couldn't stop typing?

Let's see what you've been hiding from us.

The revolt was crushed.

If you don't give anything to a dog, it will bark at everyone.


She's gone to the stadium.


I'll be in my office from ten tomorrow.


We're excited about the challenge.

"I can't think with that noise", she said as she stared at the typewriter.

He was sitting and reading a book.

Why do you say it's a verb?

There are many possibilities for improvement of that dictionary.

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I need to finish reading this book.


Omar is looking forward to his birthday party.

Our solar system is always in motion.

A long queue had formed in front of the shop.

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They went to the music festival.

He kept saying to himself that he must not tell so many lies.

How are you getting on with your work?

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We're so glad you could make it.

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Christina has a nodding acquaintance with Gregor.