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Flushot - One of the cheapest in town for cash-pay patients:

Flu season is here again. Have you gotten your flu shot this year? If not, please contact our office today to see how you could get vaccinated. Start getting your flu shots before Flu season starts to peak in November and continues to peak through April.

Getting the flu shot is important for your health because an infection with the flu virus could lead to severe illness which could lead to many

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Free Blood Pressure Check

Did you know heart disease is the number one killer of people in the United States? Longstanding, uncontrolled high blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for heart disease.Many people with high blood pressure do not know they have it, because the symptoms may not appear early.

Come by our clinic to get a blood pressure check today for FREE anytime.Your weight and BMI can also be checked at our clinic for free, as well. Read More

Immunizations / Vaccines

Due to worldwide vaccination campaigns we are close to getting rid of vaccine preventable diseases in the United States, and some other parts of the world. Here at Health Watch Medical Clinic we want to make sure your child is healthy.

Please stay up to date with your child’s immunizations/shots. You can check with us to see if your child is up to date. If not, we can schedule an appointment to get your

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Well Child Exams

At our practice, we not only give immunizations to children, but conduct periodic comprehensive well child checks to ensure your child is meeting their developmental mile stones and growing normally. During this visit, we also provide guidance that tells you what you will be expecting in terms of development of your child as they age.

Children above 2 years of age will get Well Child Check every year, and those less than 2 years of age will get checked approximately every 2-3 months. We will provide you

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Women’s Health

Family Planning services: As the economy gets harder, we envision more and more women will be looking for family planning services. We are here to help. Our family planning services include but are not limited to prescriptions and monitoring of most types of contraception methods (pills, patch, rings, Depo-Provera shots and IUD placement).

For IUD placement, please contact clinic for more information. Call us any time for emergency contraception. We also preform

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Accepted Insurance

Our Insurance affiliations make healthcare easy for you.

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Real-time access to claims information can ensure greater success with population health strategies—strategies that are contingent upon effective clinician decision-making at the point of care and on the development of effective care plans. With TriZetto’s integrated solutions, like our Advanced Eligibility solution, providers receive detailed, accurate patient information in real-time that can be incorporated easily into physicians’ current workflows.....


TriZetto’s core platforms are exchange-ready now. More than twice that of our closest competitor, TriZetto has 50 clients in 30 states participating on the Exchanges. We enable enrollment capabilities and through our partner solution, Valencia, from Gorman Health, enable reconciliation of payments to maximize revenue potential by identifying membership and revenue shortfalls/gaps between the Exchange and the plan....


Wasteful spending on healthcare in the United States totals hundreds of millions of dollars each year, according to researchers at the University of Michigan’s Center for Value-Based Insurance Design. To combat this problem, many employers and payers are turning to value-based insurance design (VBID), which motivates consumers to use more effective care and guides them away from unnecessary and ineffective care...........