Point of Care Dispensing

DocRx is a company that specializes in medications, software, weight loss clinics, medication testing and drug testing. DocRx focuses on Pharmacies and Clinics and allows them to dispense medications through its pharmacy and clinic dispensing software programs. DocRx also allows clinics to initiate both medication testing and drug testing through a one of a kind medication and drug testing software.


Doctors Offices- DocRx allows a physician to dispense pre-packaged medication at the point of care. Through Cash Pay Deductibles and Workmen's Compensation, DocRx allows practices to increase profitability across each physician within the practice. It allows Doctors to enjoy a new source of income while offsetting cutbacks in managed care.


Pharmacies - With multiple wholesalers and providers for medications. DocRx's contracts allow Pharmacies to purchase medications across the board from CII's to Non-Controls at discounted prices. Through multiple providers, Pharmacies can ensure product availability and rare occasions of backorders or lack of supply.


Weight Loss Clinics - Through the partnerships DocRx currently has, clinics and pharmacies can benefit from both wholesalers and repackagers. Medications from Phentermine to HCG can be purchased in large quantities for self packaging to individual bottles already pre-packaged and ready for dispensing.


Medication and Drug Testing - Through DocRx's medication and drug testing program, clinics can increase profitability through drug testing reimbursements and also ensure patients are taking the appropriate medications. DocRx's clia waved testing allows for multiple choices in "WHO" is tested but also "What" is tested.


Software - DocRx's software program specializes in 3 areas. Its Pharmacy software has real time inventory for bulk dispensing and adjudicates insurance programs. The Physician Dispensing program allow for flexibility through cash dispensing, work comp dispensing, and insurance adjudication in the practice. DocRx also has a one of a kind medication and drug testing software that is unmatched in the industry.


You can contact us through our contact page. We are confident we have a program that will fit your Pharmacy or Practice and increase your current profit.

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