No need to pay for additional Salesforce Data Storage...

Struggling with exceeding the Salesforce Data Storage limit?
You can get below 100% utilization... overnight.
No more nervous calls with your sales rep.

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Storage Minder

This is BAD. What will you do?

More than likely you've already tried all your Salesforce Admin tricks...

Storage Usage Before

Salesforce genuinely wants to help you reduce your Data Storage.
That's why they make the additional storage cost SO HIGH!

This is GOOD! This is what you want to see!

You can automatically reduce Salesforce Data Storage to keep within the limit.

Storage Usage After

Having a "Set it and Forget it" solution is what you need.
DO NOT PAY for expensive additional storage.

"Storage Minder is a cost-effective solution
to reducing Salesforce Data Storage.
All the data stays in Salesforce,
but in lower cost storage."

How Storage Minder Works

Storage Minder is a native application.


Activity History of emails, calls and tasks take up the majority of Salesforce Data Storage for most organizations. Millions and millions of completed tasks/emails/calls are gobbling up your storage.

No one wants to get rid of them — try asking your sales and support teams if you can delete old tasks/emailscalls... and then run for cover.

Salesforce® already automatically "archives" any completed tasks/emails/calls that are older than one year - no longer searchable or accessible for reporting. But they stay in Data Storage using up precious and expensive storage space.



Storage Minder Analyze goes through all tasks and emails producing an insightful report by year, month, object of all tasks/emails/calls (speed 1M/hour). You will be amazed at what you see...

Storage Minder Archive processes all completed tasks/emails/calls that meet your criteria: older than number of days (default is 1 year), has a specific Subject (skip or delete), and creates Adobe PDF files of the content (date, time, who to - contact or lead, related object, owner name, subject and description - just like when you click View All in Activity History) by the Contact/Lead and then attaches the PDF to the corresponding Contact/Lead. A typical PDF will contain 50 to 100 completed tasks/emails/calls.

After the initial archiving process, each month Storage Minder automatically runs to keep your Data Storage in check.

Storage Minder Analyze

Storage Minder Analyze
Review your data storage usage.
See the total tasks/emails/calls
by year, month, and objects.

All these completed tasks and emails can be moved to reduce your Salesforce data storage.

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Storage Minder Archive

Automatically move the content
of tasks/emails/calls to PDFs
reducing your Salesforce Data Storage.

The PDFs are attached to the respective contacts and leads. Then the original is deleted from Data Storage.

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Get rid of the junk.
Automatically delete the miscellaneous messages you no longer need.

Remove all the messages that get created by systems tasks, automatic replies, email marketing, etc..

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