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Porn Gathering

Why is Porn Gathering here?

Porn is porn and it is for +18 guys and chicks only! PornGathering is here to review it and to rank websites using its own rules! Yeah, we like to make our own rules and we are into quality content, either we are speaking about adult content (images, gifs) or porn videos. Are you anxious to see some hot porn sex categories? You are in the right place!

Do you remember how many times you have been searching for some hot quality porn scenes to rub your fat cock to? Did you easily find what you wanted to see? How much time did you spend looking for quality porn? Too much time wasted, right? We are here with a solution for you, a directory where we included top porn sites. As we have took our time to do the porn gathering and to include on PornGathering only the hottest sites.

Back in the old days, you were going to certain websites to find adult content and you bookmarked them, because in the beginning of the Internet era there were few websites and our personal computers were running slowly. But now, the internet is all full of porn sites that are not qualifying for some people’s standards. that is one of the main reasons we created PornGathering, we are into quality porn and we want to share only quality porn sites with you!

How were you watching porn before the 2000s?

Remember the times when porn was available only on video cassettes and people gathered around at some guy’s house to watch it? It was a something, huh? How did you get your porn cassettes first of all? Were you going to rent them from specific shops (that later on appeared and then disappeared in certain countries)? What happened during the time that passed? From several people that watched together porn, we went to people watching all by themselves porn and having the chance to enjoy the content they were watching, if you know what we mean. From masturbating in group with the lights off, we got to rubbing that fat cock in our room.

It was pretty hard to find porn at some point, but look at us now, all grown up with jizz all over the place. Yeah, today you can watch porn from anywhere, in your car, on your mobile phone, on your way to work on the tablet. Technology has evolved and porn has evolved as well. The most important thing is that nowadays you will not have to pay for your porn (unless you want to be a premium member of some porn site), free porn sites and videos are all over the Internet, meanwhile, in the past, you had to spend some cash to find and buy video cassettes with porn content. Don’t you worry now, porn gathering is here and you get to choose from the best free and premium porn sites.

How do you search for your preferred porn scenes now?

How did you search for your porn? PornGathering was going straight to top porn sites (where you could find mom and son porn) that have a name today (but they are also quite old, with “experience”), brands like PornHub, YouPorn, PornJizz,(that mean something to you too) but even on these porn sites, the quality of the porn videos was not quite good, but it was free (but has for sure evolved as the years have passed). Do you remember how many times your personal computer was buffering while you were watching porn in streaming? But it was worth it, right?

Today we have HD porn scenes, 3D porn videos and the newest stuff are Virtual Reality porn sites. This is not over yet, nowadays you can control sex toys remotely that are shoved into some cam girl’s vagina! You can even have cybersex, video chats are the most common places where chicks strip for you and you start masturbating. What could be more pleasant for you than watching one hot babe doing what you are asking her to while you rub your fat tool? Or how about watching some fetish porn? Today we have adult dating sites, and more than 50 years ago if you wanted to meet someone, you had to make an announcement in the local newspaper. This is what we call technology, thanks to it we have access to anything, from anywhere. So you can sit confy on your sofa under the blanket and choose from PornGathering what you want to see next .

Nowadays you can even build up your own porn scenes, you can play porn and sex games, you can create your own chick (just the way you dreamt her) and then watch your amazing video and fap to it over and over again. Isn’t that awesome? Thank God the porn gathering has already been done and you get to choose from safe porn sites where you can play sex games.

How are you doing your porn research now?

Which do you think are today’s most used keywords when people want to search for adult content on the world wide web? Some of us are still “trapped” one way or another in the past so we go straight to the well’known porn name sites in the industry. Others search for direct videos in the Google Videos tab, like “ lesbian babes”, “hardcore fucking” or “pantyhose” and other people aim to watch porn on top porn sites, that is why they come over here, to so called porn experts like PornGathering.

Google is still one of our best friends, as you type keywords you are interested in, you can choose between other keywords that complete the one you were writing. Then you hit enter and get results :). Yeah, your beloved results. Do you trust Google? Do you trust its recommendations? You already know Google, the search engine that more than 80% of us use, it gives you relevant results that you will sure love to watch. In some way, Google also gathers the porn gathering, but of the best sites that do SEO and appear in search results .

How about choosing adult content that we included in our porn categories? We have reviewed and ranked free and premium porn sites (that share fetish porn, but also other porn categories and various niches) according to specific quality standards! This might be the best decision that you might ever take, trusting porn specialists like PornGathering over here!

Do you know what are you looking for in matters of porn?

Yes, guys, people that know what they want to write down directly on Google certain keywords that are relevant for searching certain porn content. That does not mean that they are going to find for sure what they were looking for. Once you write on Google, you get instant and fast results, depending on the keyword you enter in there, you get specific (Asian porn scenes) or generic (oral sex, brother and sister porn) results.

Are you the “generic” type of guy, just having a look around, having enough time to see what else is new in matter of porn or are you the “specific” one looking forward to see mom and son porn scenes and what the world wide web has for you today, maybe some new porn scenes with your favored Asian pornstars?

Do not worry guys, either you are into having a look around or looking for specific videos and genres, this website is made entirely for you! Here you will find what you are looking for!

How much time do you have to have in order to choose on what porn site to go?

15 minutes. This is the maximum amount of minutes that you are going to need in order to take a decision. We write honest reviews so you will need some time to read porn reviews of these top porn sites. We divided porn into certain categories. Our porn categories include various types of niches, free and premium porn sites that you might be looking for or where you would want to become a premium member. (if we missed a website, make sure you drop us a line here).

From free to premium porn sites, we cover porn reviews of all the categories below listed. (Did we miss a possible porn category? Please make us aware of that)

Trust us, you are going to find out so much stuff about your favorite porn sites in here that you are going to be back for more, anxious for more porn reviews. Or even better, you will find more top porn sites that will become one of your favorites. So remember to bookmark our site in order to see what else is new around here.(or some brother and sister porn)

What do we take into account when writing a porn review and ranking a website?

PornGathering ranks top porn sites based, first of all, on categories, we rank websites that fit in the same categories. We take enough time to have a look around at what that specific porn site and niche has to offer in matters of porn and what do they offer to users. (maybe something more, a bonus for premium access, places where members can interact and others).

User experience is also important, you have to find stuff easily not to dig for them on every page of the porn site. Sorting content is important, having (an advanced) search area also. Less time we spent finding the content we are looking for, the better. Another important aspect is SEO. How much effort do porn sites make in order to rank better (to be easily found by porn lovers), how many people come on that porn site from Google, where are they from and how that specific porn sites make them come back for more and other interesting stuff.

In our porn reviews, we include also what type of information they include on their porn site and what else you can do around there. There are people that love interacting with other specific niche porn lovers, so they want to chat, to share stuff and others. Some people love to press like, share, add to favorites, so top porn sites have to think about these features and include them. Some aspects are worth mentioning as other users might be interested in finding features and what other options do they have. (as uploading a sex tape or downloading HD content in different formats).

We should also state that we are in a continuous process of improving our porn reviews so that people who read them understand what that porn site has to offer and what options do they have when becoming members.

What can you do on PornGathering’s directory porn site?

Get ready to read! Yeah, first of all, if you want to take a decision on what porn site to go, there is some reading involved and we are not going to say bull shit and share crappy stuff with you! Our porn reviews are unique and we take into account several stuff that you might want to know about, so we share them with you!

Quality is what we want and quality is what we “ask” and what we are looking for in porn sites, we want quality when it comes to watching videos (especially mom and son porn), enjoying photos, user experience, amazing and call to action content, great on page and off page SEO and plenty of other aspects. We are aware that as long as we share quality stuff with you, you are going to want some more. That makes PornGathering happy, sharing relevant porn info with you and helping you in taking a decision on which brother and sister porn site to choose!

What has PornGathering to offer to you?

Porn Reviews of top porn sites ranked based on certain rules, included in categories. We review porn sites that we include in certain categories. The porn categories that we cover are:


Short Description:

Premium membership is required in order to watch and enjoy homemade porn videos featuring hot wives, horny teens getting down in the bedroom, on the floor, in the kitchen, having outdoor sex, but also in some other crazy places. How are you enjoying the time spent in the bedroom with your partner? Licking? Sucking? Fucking? Having anal sex? Playing with some brand new sex toys? Catch your intimate moments on tape and get ready to upload your own sex tape, as there are several videos submitted by other users, so you can become an amateur pornstar as well. You will recognize authentic amateur porn as most of the content has been caught on tape with smartphones, so these porn scenes have not great light or quality, but the orgasms and the pleasure are real.

Why should I have a look at Amateur and Homemade Premium Porn Sites ?

PornGathering knows that you love pornstars, that look extremely good and that they are having your lifetime’s sex scene, but deep down inside you, you are dying to see amateur porn videos. Amateur porn expresses most of all authenticity, of the guys and chicks that are living their sexual fantasies in the real life. People who feel free, people who live their moments of sexual happiness and fulfillment and they want to share their moment of happiness with you. Why choose premium amateur porn? That’s pretty easy, we want you to live the homemade sex scenes as those couples are enjoying it, so pay for the best video quality, for unique porn scenes and for real and deep orgasms! Get ready to see some mom and son porn, brother and sister porn and other hot videos. Enjoy watching top porn sites!


A few words …

Real Arab girls eager and willing to show off with what they’ve got! Either we are talking about hot smoking bodies, their sex skills, you won’t regret any minute paying for Arab premium porn. There are only a few authentic porn sites with Arab babes that you should be a member of if you are an Arab porn lover. PornGathering presents them to you and here you can watch how Arab babes like to party in their bedroom, showing natural tits and some hairy pussies, shoving dildos into their pussies, sucking cocks, flashing asses and enjoying an amazing and authentic sex experience indoors and outdoors.

Why we created the Arab Porn Premium Pay Sites category?

You ain’t gonna find Arab porn on some fence on your way home. PornGathering advises you to choose wisely. Premium Arab porn sites will spoil you with Arab porn videos, pictures, featuring hot girls, teens, MILFS, and pornstars. The best Arab porn content that you will ever find is here, choose from top arab porn sites. Together with your premium membership, you will receive full access all around and other amazing stuff.


What can I find on these asian porn sites?

Remember the Asian women? Pretty difficult to forget, huh? Short brunettes (with big tits) eager to move their hips around a fat cock. Asian women represent one of the categories that should be in your fucking list. With a hairy pussy or with a shaved one, these asian hot babes love to feel sexual pleasure (and a large tool into the anus). What is your preferred position? These asian women love it from behind, they enjoy using sex toys and you will probably see them in the famous bukkake scenes also.

Asian Porn Premium Sites? Do I have to pay?

When it comes to sex niches, people love seeing Asians in action. Some of us aim to see the best content when it comes to Asian porn and they are willing to get some cash out of their pocket in order to get premium access to Asian porn sites. Porn Gathering has done the porn reviews for you. All you have to do know is to make a decision! Choose to watch Asian pussy censored and uncensored porn in HD, so sign up for a trial period right away! Only top porn Asian sites are included in here!

Best Asian Tube Sites – JAV Porn Tube Sites

What do they have for me?

Asian ladies, more precisely Japanese babes are what you want to see? PornGathering has included the best Asian and JAV porn tube sites where you can watch real Asian hotties rubbing and massaging fat cocks and getting their pussies stimulated and fingered. Watch Asian babes getting spoiled by more cocks and getting their holes filled with juicy cum! It seems like people’s favorite categories when it comes to JAV porn is amateur porn, lesbian porn, and teens. We know you love those tiny brunettes with round and firm tits getting a large cock to stretch that tiny pussy, this is one of the main reasons why we created this category. The best Asian and JAV porn is here! Check it out!

The Best Asian Tube Sites, JAV Porn Tube Sites have for me hot babes?

Asians babes are beautiful, with the passing of the years, you might notice that they do not get wrinkles and stuff, they look at their 40s even better as they were looking at their 20s. These babes are hot and we know you are an Asian fan, so we’ve brought Asian and JAV porn tube sites even closer for you. Choose to watch amazing Asian porn scenes from the top porn sites we have listed!

Best Pin Porn Sites

What can I do in here?

Do you remember the times when you had to download all the porn images and pictures just to keep them close to you because you liked them a lot? Well, fellas, that era is gone. Today you can pin your favorite porn images, gifs and videos on pin porn sites. Have you actually thought that an image or a gif can make you cum? You do not need all the senses to get your sexual satisfaction, most of the time, the visual images, a photo, a gif or a video without sound can make you cum. How come? An image or a gif can turn you on and from there, you can imagine everything you want. Keep your preferred porn from top pin porn sites all together on pin porn sites.

Pin Porn Sites? Just like Pinterest?

Since the creation on Pinterest, there was only one more step in introducing pin and pin boards into porn. Have you ever thought of a better way to keep your favorite porn safe? Keeping videos, gifs, and pics on the computer is not a solution. Think about getting your computer damaged or getting your secret folders discovered by others. Pinning porn is the best way to keep your porn stuff private. You can even upload your own porn from top pin porn sites!

Best Porn Comics Sites – Top Hentai Comics Sites

What kind of adult material do they share?

What could be better than watching your favorite porn comics relaxed, sitting on the grass in the back yard? Everything is possible thanks to technology! We love watching quality porn and when it comes to porn comics and hentai comics sites, we ain’t making an exception! Threesomes, orgies, your preferred movie characters getting down and dirty, interracial sex, trannies, and others. In this category, you can find top porn sites that are going to make your dream came true, fulfill your secret fantasies by watching the best porn comics sites and hentai comics sites.

Can I watch the Best Porn Comics Sites, Hentai Comics Sites from my smartphone?

The times when you could enjoy your porn comics printed (we prefer saving paper, so PornGathering chooses non-printed material) in your bathroom and you were hiding it under the bed is over. Porn comics are now online and ready to be enjoyed from everywhere! Is there a new porn comics up and running? Grab your smartphone and start scrolling! Thank God we have technology and now porn comics and hentai comics websites are closer than ever!

Top Escort Sites

Where can I find them? Show me the babes!

Looking for a hot smoking babe to be your escort tonight? Do you choose easily when it comes to chicks? Because it is going to be a hard choice for you, believe me. The best escort sites are here with the hottest girls around. Find out which girls from your area are willing to have some fun. Real photos and information about these babes are important this is why we share with you top porn sites, where you can choose the best escorts./

How come you thought about Escort Sites?

People have been cheated too many times. When it comes to babes, you want to see what are you paying for and what you see in a photo is what you want to see in the reality. If you want to grab some round and firm butt, we want to make sure you will have the opportunity to do it. Real escorts (with big tits) is what we want for you. Learn to choose hot and horny babes from the best escort sites.

Filehost Sites

What do they have to do with porn?

Porn Gathering is pretty sure that you have asked yourself what is with this nonporn category. We like to keep our porn safe. And safe does not mean in a hidden folder on your computer, or in some HDD drive that you ain’t gonna find again because your brother took it. This is why we have file host sites. File host sites help you keep your files securely and share your files if you want to. You can put them there, download them when you want to, watch them whenever you feel the need and share them with whoever you want.

How can I use Filehost Sites ?

We have got file host sites that offer you unlimited storage space, unlimited upload, and downloads. That means more advantages for you to use them. And that is not all. You can import files into your accounts, protect your files and folders with passwords and access your stuff from anywhere. What does that mean to you? More than you ever thought! Even a place where to keep your sex tapes, right? You can now start filming yourself every single day while you get laid and upload your stuff in file host sites, secure and safe sites, for you!

Funny Porn Sites

What’s funny about porn?

Do not tell me that you have never seen funny porn. Those moments when drunk guys wanna fuck and they grab a chick from behind and they never shove that tool into the chick’s pussy are hard to forget. Other crazy porn scenes and really funny ones are when some guy is all lubed up and ready to stuff that pussy and he gets into the anus instead. And oh! that pretty chick that has never done anal is feeling some pain. And these are just a few of the examples that you are going to see on funny porn sites. Something like porn done wrong. You will have several fun trust us!

Why should I watch Funny Porn ?

Who doesn’t love to laugh? And when we are speaking about funny porn scenes, you will have plenty of moments to start smiling and then laughing until you bust up in tears. From babes that want to fuck and have no idea how to suck cocks, couples that go at swinger parties and end up watching their wives getting fucked by others, pretty babes with short skirts that end up to be trannies. There are several reasons to laugh, PornGathering is pretty sure that you will find them. Have a seat and start relaxing by watching funny porn videos from top funny porn sites!

Gay Porn Sites

What do they have for me?

Hot and horny teens getting their asses penetrated by other cocks. Long and hard cocks getting sucked and slurped by other men. Several rimming (licking the ass hole). Indoor and outdoor sex scenes and some orgies as well. This is just a part of what you are going to see on gay porn sites. Either we are talking about sensual gay sex or hardcore gay sex, sexual pleasure, orgasms, plenty of lube and lots of cum are all around. No need to worry!

Are you an advocate of Gay Porn Sites?

Love is love. No comment! PornGathering considers that is important to love each other and we have heard something interesting that we want to share with you: lips have no sex, so make sure you kiss someone you love! So, it is more important to love each other and live in complete harmony either you are a gay, lesbian or a normal couple. We offer quality content either we are speaking about man on man action, woman on woman action or regular couples. We list top porn sites!

Hentai Porn Sites, Anime Porn Sites, and Cartoon Porn Sites

Is this sex between human and non human?

Hentai, anime and cartoon porn lovers, we’ve got something for you: mutant horses fucking real ladies, Lara Croft sucking cocks, monsters with tentacles filling holes, anal sex with a gang of Orcs, women sucking monster cocks, group sex with Naruto heroes, shemale sex with Lara Croft, cartoon characters getting laid. How does that sound? Pretty good, huh? We’ve got all the top porn sites where you can discover all these crazy stuff you are interested in. Watch all your craziest fantasies in matters of futanari, cartoon heroes, 3D porn, hentai, tentacles, comics coming true!

Why did you create the the Hentai, Anime, and Cartoon Porn Sites category anyway?

We have quality porn for each niche you might be interested in. We ain’t making an exception this time! You have watched cartoons, as all of us did, and who wouldn’t want to see the Simpsons getting down, the Avengers in an orgy, Shrek in an anal sex scene or a threesome with Scooby Doo and Shaggy! The best cartoon porn content is here! All you have to do is to enjoy it straight on top porn sites!

Lesbian Porn Sites

Is this some woman on woman action?

Hot blondes, brunettes, redheads touching tits, licking nipples, teasing other babes. This includes plenty of oral sex videos, threesomes, squirting, bondage videos, sex toys play and others. Lesbian porn sites like to cover every single video category you might want to watch. Soft touches, moaning, strap’ons and a lot of loud orgasms will not miss on these sites, do not worry!

Are you a fan of Lesbian Porn Sites ?

We love seeing the sensual touch of two women ready to make love. Either they are into hardcore sex or some sensual moments together, we like to watch them (we admit). So why would’t we want to share the best lesbian porn sites with you? You will get several quality material to enjoy, from top lesbian porn sites only!

Porn Forums

What’s up with them?

Porn Gathering bets you remember porn boards. Yeah! We are talking about places where people talked about certain stuff where the main subject is porn or porn stars. People sharing knowledge (and not only) about certain porn scenes, actors, DVDs or asking other people who are these actresses that they have seen in other movies. There are several questions waiting to be answered and quite a few porn subjects waiting to be debated. Do you like to talk or to share the info you have with other users? This place is for you!

What do people do on Porn Forums?

Porn is no longer a tabu. We like to talk, we like to share, we love to communicate to each other. We have a primordial need to help each other. This is one of the ways through which we can make other people happy. By sharing info about hot babes, finding certain scenes or finding babes that played in certain porn movies. On porn forums, it is impossible not to get the desired answer. Porn lovers helping other porn lovers to find what they want. This sounds lovely!

Sex Dating Sites, Adult Dating Sites

Is this something like matrimonial sites?

Looking for a babe or for some guy to spend your night (and day) with? Maybe you’re interested in finding for your better half? How about couples willing to get down with other couples? Sex and adult dating websites are here to help you hook up. Either you are interested in men, women, couples, trannies or others, this is one of the areas where you could find people around you willing to have sex or just a flirt.

Can I find a date on Sex and Adult Dating Sites ?

We spend plenty of time online. Time flies. You need to get some sexual action, you need to meet people. Plenty of people talk about and with each other long time before seeing in the real life. Why wait all that time? Start living your life now. Wanna have sex, do it! Wanna flirt with someone, do it! You could be having sex right now! Browse our list with top porn sites in order to find adult dating sites where you could discover someone for you right now!

VR Porn Sites

What is that?

Take part in the future of porn! VR porn sites are one of the hottest new things that appeared in matter of porn! Thank God technology evolved and we had the chance to be part of this. Because this is going to be part of the history of porn. Is there any other place where you can put your VR headset and see fucking scenes just in front of you? In fact, you will see stuff just you would have been one of the protagonists. Being turned on while watching VR porn sites is something that you will experience at a whole new level. Take your VR headset off and you will get back to reality!

Are VR Porn Sites a must in trying?

New things are made to be experienced. Just like you want to try new stuff and buy the new iPhone that appeared, you are advised to try new things in matter of porn. This might be the craziest stuff that you are ever going to try. VR porn websites are something new. Virtual Reality will take you into your dreams and you are going to be able to fulfill them. Be there when a threesome is going to get started or when two lesbians are going to have their intimate moments. You will love this, PornGathering assures you, as we have listed top porn sites in here with amazing quality!

Vintage Porn Sites

Is this porn like the old times?

Remember the porn scenes you were watching in the 1980s? Porn movies that you were enjoying before the Internet appeared? This is just how they looked like, right? Are you ready to take your ass back to the past and to see some round big tits at work? The quality is not amazing but seeing some porn that is part of the history, you will for sure enjoy it. Watch chicks and guys (that are now for sure grandmas and granddads) at work in vintage porn scenes.

Do I have any reasons to watch Vintage Porn Sites ?

It’s important to know how everything started when it comes to porn. These are the people that had the guts to do porn scenes in the past. And there were times when it was difficult to kiss your lover in public. Thanks to the guys that put it on tape, we have the chance to see today vintage porn sites, videos that could have disappeared, but someone was brilliant enough to put them safe and here there are now, ready for you to enjoy them!

Tumblr Porn Sites

Is there porn on Tumblr?

Are you an active member of Tumblr? When it comes to porn, people have managed to keep themselves in a restricted area where people can post porn, so today we have Tumblr porn sites. Pages created by users on Tumblr where they post gifs, pictures, and videos with softcore and hardcore porn. This includes nude pics of hot ladies, babes getting fucked, BDSM scenes, lesbian playing with strapons and others. You will for sure enjoy watching pictures and gifs in HD quality caught on tape in the right moments. Caution! Tumblr porn sites will turn you on!

Are there any Tumblr Porn Sites worth following?

Wherever PornGathering finds quality porn, it shares it with you. It is simple, we find it, we evaluate it and we share it. Tumblr is one of the social networks that people follow and when it comes to porn, everything has amazing quality. Users can interact with each other and express their opinion. Everything is for free in here and we have top porn sites only. Could you ask for more?

Shemale Porn Sites, Tranny Porn Sites

Shemales? Is it a he or a she?

Here you can discover guys with fake tits dressed up like ladies willing to have sex with other dudes or horny babes. Stuffing cocks into asses is the main subject. Stra’ons are also used. Lots of scenes available include licking balls and sucking cocks, licking ass holes, sex toys play, interracial sex, group sex and several jizz all around. Plenty fapping material from top shemale porn sites with shemale and trannies for you to enjoy.

Are there any Shemale Porn Sites or Tranny Porn Sites with hot scenes?

We have identified quality shemale and tranny porn sites. So why shouldn’t we share them with you? We are helping your save time and you can choose straight from top porn site with shemale and trannies. PornGathering loves seeing everyone happy, sexually satisfied with a lot of jizz around. Shemales and trannies ain’t making an exception!

Sex Toys Shops and Adult Stores

Who uses sex toys?

Is it time for experiencing something new with your partner? These guys have everything you might be interested in, in matter of sex toys shops and adult stores. From double dildos to Symbian, funny sex toys to condoms. Everything you might need in order to get your sexual satisfaction without problems. Try something new with your partner, choose sex toys from top shops porn sites right away!

Why do I need Sex Toys Shops and Adult Stores?

Guys, we love seeing you satisfied. And who hasn’t used at least once in a lifetime some sex toys? Some of you already have a drawer full of amazing sex toys that led to glorious orgasms, right? Let’s try some new ones, every once in a while some guy thinks all day what sex toy to create in order to fulfill your sexual desires. Bookmark one of the top porn sites when it comes to sex toy stores and adult stores, you are going to need them!

Sex Chat Sites

You can have sex and chat in the same time?

Eager to see some naked pussy dancing in front of the camera, wet just for you? The best places where you could locate babes willing to strip for you are sex chat sites. Top porn sites with amazing babes ready to do what you want! From horny babes to eager lesbians or gay couples, even threesomes in front of the camera! Prepare to fulfill your dreams, dear voyeur and you will want to see more from where this came from!

Do I need to Sex Chat Sites to get some fapping material?

PornGathering aims to share with you top porn sites where you can find lovely ladies eager to obey to your rules. No streaming problems, no audio problems. Only quality, hot babes, HQ streaming, and audio. In this way, you will be able to enjoy every single detail, so you can double the sexual pleasure. Choose one of the top sex chat sites listed!

Sex Sites, Erotic Stories Sites

Are these porn stories?

Are you into reading and into porn as well? In this case, you will love what we have for you, sex and erotic stories sites. You know what we mean right? Top porn sites full of sex stories where you will have the chance to imagine plenty of hot and kinky stuff. In this area, most of the stories are “visual”, you can imagine what is going on as you read the story. There is no way to stop yourself from being horny 🙂

How can Sex and Erotic Stories Sites help me get horny?

Books are good, they help you develop your imagination and they help you “grow” in one way or another. So why shouldn’t you experience reading sex stories? You will for sure enjoy them and you will ask for more! Nowadays, erotic stories are becoming more and more famous, remember 50 Shades of Grey right? Read it, you will have quite a few fun, you will hold our breath and your cock lots of times!

Porn TGP Sites

What do these porn sites have?

We’ve got porn TGP sites for those who love top porn sites with free stuff. What could you find in these kind of porn sites? Pics, quite a few HQ pictures, spread into galleries that you will enjoy for sure. Girls love selfies, so you will see them taking photos of themselves or into photo shoots flashing tits, asses, pussies and others. Other hot stuff that you will find include amazing pics of porn scenes that show you what’s going on in there and links on where to see the entire video.

Why should I access Porn TGP Sites?

Some people enjoy seeing videos, others love photos. No matter what you are into, we find quality stuff for you! So why wouldn’t you enjoy watching photos that are going to make you horny? Is it difficult to decide where to go to see porn TGP sites? PornGathering shares with you only top porn sites, we make sure you choose from the best, so browse around and you will find something for you!

Porn Link Sites

Aren’t they links with porn?

Are you a porn lover? Porn link sites are for you! Plenty of links where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of porn stuff are here. It seems like amateur porn is a very important of porn link sites. Most of the content got uploaded by users. But who doesn’t love authentic sex videos made in your own house? These guys know how to party and know how to spread their own sex tapes, through porn link sites.

Why watch Porn Link Sites ?

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What to do on Famous Celebrity Blogs?

Porn Gathering loves celebrities that know how to come closer to fans! So we had a look around on which famous celebrity blogs deserve to appear in our category. A lot of interesting subjects are included and blogs involve plenty of reading. So get ready to read (and sometimes start laughing) to different subjects.

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Are you interested in finding some new hot videos that are for free and you can download? We’ve got the free porn download and sharing sites category created especially for you. We bet you know that without sharing porn we wouldn’t have gone this far. And we mean it when we say so. If we wouldn’t have spread porn all around it would have been hard to find quality porn. Thanks to sharing sites we have the chance to see some more amateur porn, cam girl shows, and others.

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Some very creative guys thought about including porn in comics, this is how the hentai comics appeared. Must we say they are pretty attractive, it’s hard to get out of a hentai comics site. There are quite a few materials to see and they include college stories with perverts, stories with tribes that live in the historic era, family stories and several stuff that you might to have a look at! You can never regret getting a subscription to one of these sites, believe us!

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Remember the times when you were a teenager and you were home alone and watching porn? The porn that was shared in those years is now vintage porn, so people gathered around all the videos that they had and created websites. It was hard to share your videos to the entire world in those years, so today we have top porn sites where you find plenty of vintage porn videos and you get premium access in order to see exclusive content. Hot mamas with big tits getting her pussy filled, lesbian sex scenes with two ladies, some anal sex scenes. There are several videos that you will enjoy, so become a premium member for more!

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If you are eager to see how were our parents and grandparents having sex back in the old days, the vintage premium porn category is for you. A big part of the videos that you are going to find in here has a very low quality (but you can see the action, do no worry). Enjoy some authentic vintage orgasms!

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Are you a scat and piss porn lover? What? Yes, you heard me quite well, we are speaking about porn scenes in which feces, urine even vomit appear. Never watch such videos after a taking a meal, ok? Otherwise, it will not turn out well! These porn sites include categories like lesbian sex, threesomes and even orgies that mix up with shit, golden shower and pucking. There are all sorts of combinations that you will enjoy! Browse our top porn sites list and you will find a lot of quality content to enjoy!

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There are some people that get really turned on while watching these kind of videos, so we have thought we should include top porn sites that refer to scat and piss. It’s a niche like the others, but a little bit gross. It’s simple, you don’t like what you see in here, you don’t access such sites. Everyone’s happy!

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Anxious to see what these mixed niche premium porn sites have in mind? Lots of amazing and exclusive content for you to watch, only from top premium porn sites! What we can tell you is that we really loved the High quality of these porn videos featuring double penetrations, interracials, threesomes, creampies, teens, MILFs, and others. Only the hottest babes get into these premium porn sites, so big tits and big round asses are not an option.

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If you want to find some specific info about some porn star, make sure you search in the pornstar database or into the directory porn sites. These types of sites include all the possible info about pornstars and you can find out all the personal info, see videos, certain ranking, everything related to a specific pornstar. Top porn sites are made with hard work and pornstar database and directory porn sites are part of this category. Follow babes, rate them, complete the info that is missing, you have several activities to do if you want to.

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We bet that at least once you saw a chick in a porn movie and felt that you have seen her in real life. That was the moment when you wondered where was she from and started looking for some info. This is where these top porn sites come handy. You can find here plenty of info to read and share with others, not only the biography.

Latina Porn Tube Sites

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Stunning babes on high hills in tongues filmed from far away teasing you. Flashing that big round ass and dancing and making you come closer. And this is just the prelude. You know how stunning Latinas look like, right? You will be thrilling watching porn videos on these top porn sites. They love getting down and most of all it seems like they enjoy anal sex. Take a look at how good they are in bed right now!

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There is nothing like watching a black couple having sex. You still have a lot to learn when it comes to getting down. Start improving your sex skills and you get to your black pussy or cock soon. Prepare to impress with your new moves!

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We know real Arab porn scenes are hard to find, so we have searched all over the Internet for some good Arab porn videos for you. PornGathering has identified top porn sites with Desi babes eager to shove some sex tools into their moist pussy, some horny ladies getting on top of some fat cocks, but also some lesbian cuties eager to play with each other. It seems like everything that happens in the Arab bedroom gets on Arab porn tube sites. Good for you, more amateur Arab porn to enjoy!

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Arab people having a great time in the bedroom and willing to share their sex tapes with you. This is what we have for you, Arab porn lover! These babes can’t wait to take those clothes off and get touched and teased by guys. Watch them getting laid right now!

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We dunno about you, but PornGathering is for sure an amateur homemade porn lover. So we’ve added some top porn sites in our list where you can see people getting down and someone caught on their smartphone the video, couples that uploaded their sex tapes in here and others. What we like the most about amateur porn is that they know how to show the little details that make you horny, such as POV filming, fucking from behind close up and stuff like that. Have a look at these porn videos and you will want to see more!

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Who doesn’t love free porn? And when we are talking about homemade porn, from top amateur porn sites only, there are plenty of porn scenes that you might want to have a look at! There is nothing better but real sexual desire, some moaning and a deep, intense and loud orgasm in the end!

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Remember the times where out of the sudden several nude pics of celebrities got into the press? Now that is what we call The Fappening event. If you are a celebrity porn fan, these nude celebrity porn sites have for you: nude photos, sex tapes, nip slips and others. Everything is uncut and uncensored so that you can enjoy watching every single curve that was revealed! Start watching private celebrity home videos now!

The big event that became viral: The Fappening and Nude Celebrity Porn Sites

Celebrities know they have to keep their nude pics and sex tapes safe. But what happens when someone hacks into their computer and start posting on the Internet their private stuff? The thing goes viral and everyone wants to see more. Now you have the opportunity to find all the celebrities getting down and dirty, taking those clothes off on these celebrity top porn sites.

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PornGathering loves sharing quality porn for every single niche, so if these porn videos include having sex with shit all over the body, or pissing on a hard fat tool, we review it and we share only top porn sites with you.

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You like porn and you want to make sure that nothing will come up and damage your computer? That is why we have the safe and useful software sites for you! We are talking about software that will block malicious sites, that remove all possible traces of malware, basically everything to keep you safe. Not sure which software to use on your computer? Choose from the ones that we listed in our top porn sites list.

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We want you to be safe while watching quality porn. That is why we make sure that we share with you only virus free top porn sites. So that you will not have to worry about your computer or smartphone while fapping that fat cock in front of some hot porn scene!

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You find free porn videos everywhere, but when it comes to quality porn, you will find it only on top porn sites. A mix of the best porn scenes is what makes these sites attractive to other people and what makes users come back. Enjoy watching free porn from the top porn sites listed.

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So what do live sex cam sites have for you? From cuties teasing you with gorgeous bodies to ladies with curves, from couples to threesomes eager to show you live shows. Today we have the chance to watch gay couples and even foursomes and orgies live. It all depends on which live sex cam site you choose to go next. Some give you unlimited free access to live cuties playing with themselves in front of the camera, others do not.

Where should I get started?

Plenty of live sex cam sites are all over the world wide web. Which is your favorite? How do you decide on which sex cam site to go next? It’s pretty east on PornGathering, have a look at our live sex cam sites category and at the porn reviews listed. Plenty of cam girls are waiting to get a tip and take those tiny panties off in front of the camera. Other babes are already stuffing dildos and sex machines into their wet holes. It’s time to watch them in action, live!

Porn GIFs Sites

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So what could be better than getting in a gif the climax or the perfect body of a gorgeous lady ready to take the clothes off? Or what about an amazing close up with a shaved pussy that comes closer to your eyes? What would you do? It’s an interested niche, the porn gifs sites one. The Porn Gathering team loves gifs maybe more than you do. We at PornGathering had the chance to see a lot of hot stuff and amazing erotic gifs during time. They are for sure great, so we have made a category for porn gifs lovers.

Good, where do I find the hottest GIFs around?


Here, on PornGathering, you get to choose between more porn gifs sites, we review such sites and you have the option of reading our opinion and choosing your favorite. From nude bodies to sexual acts, from hot ladies flashing holes of any kind to erotic and artistic gifs, at Porn Gathering you find gifs for every single taste.

Porn Video Hosting Sites

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So if you still hide your sex tapes in different folders în your computer, on CDs or in any other places, it’s time that you find out that there are different new options for you and it is time to go to the next level. Porn video hosting sites are for PornGathering a gift from God. I mean, in which any other place could you state and be sure that your porn is safe? On porn video hosting sites, you put passwords for accounts, for folders and stuff and you have access from multiple places.

Which porn video hosting site to choose?


Well, this is up to you. We, the Porn Gathering team find the best porn video hosting sites and present them to you. Taking into account your demands, you get to the point when you find the perfect choice for you. As we are different we have different needs when it comes to porn also. We might need 4GB and you might need 12GB. See it for yourself, which one is for you!

Lesbian Porn Premium And Pay Porn Sites

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For lesbian porn lovers, we’ve got something more than videos shot by amateurs in the back yard with their phones. From low quality videos it is time to pass to amazing HD lesbian porn tapes. From skinny chicks you get to curvy ladies with amazing bodies, getting down by the pool. Everything is hot when it comes to lesbian pay porn videos. Have you watched at least a trailer? You will be in love trust PornGathering! Either you are a man or a woman, we have done the porn gathering for you, so you get to choose from the best lesbian porn premium sites.

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It is time to spoil yourself with some amazing erotic or hardcore lesbian pay porn scenes. It all depends on what you want to see . From erotic ladies playing with their tongues and with their fingers, tribbing , users get to horny babes with giant dildos or to strapons that shove into their asses. Which one sound better for you? PornGathering can’t wait to find out which is your favorite!

Porn Pics and Sex Photo Sites

Why share porn pics and not videos?


For those of you that are in a hurry and cannot watch a 5 minute porn video, we have the porn pics sites. PornGathering is not kidding at all! Sex photos have been made in order to capture amazing moments or perfect timings. Either we are talking about perfect round natural boobs or erotics pics, you have to keep them safe, or you just have to start sharing sexy pics with others. So make sure you upload your porn pics collection to one of the sites mentioned and have other people see them.

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Sex photos sites have collected during time not only artistic pics with naked bodies, some lesbian erotic stories, but also hardcore moments, creampies and cocks cumming with sperm in the air. Could you hide such masterpieces? And why would you? People should see and appreciate and congratulate the photographer that had the chance to shoot such climaxes. Take your time to have a look at all the websites that we included in this category.

Indian Porn Premium and Pay Porn Sites

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What is all this fuss about indian porn? Well, since Priya Rai became famous, everyone was willing to find out more about here and about indian porn. So indian porn sites started to appear. Now it is time to enjoy some indian porn premium sites. Why? They seem to offer genuine indian porn, with real amateur pics and videos, most of them being shot in their house’s intimacy. Hardcore action, all for you, brought to you by PornGathering! Users can submit their own sex stories on such sites, so they can contribute to makes the indian porn fans community bigger and with more adult content to enjoy!

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Indian premium porn aims to offer better quality when it comes to videos, more real desi girls, authentic homemade videos and a lot of hot indians teens girlfriends. So, if you are an indian porn fan, you must take a peek at what indian premium porn sites have to offer. A 1-3 days trials for a few bucks, as advised by Porn Gathering!

Popular Porn Blogs

Find out what other porn bloggers have to say


News about porn stars, new sex toys in the adult industry, they have to know something about everything that is new on the adult industry, so they write about it. Either we are talking about new pics of your favorite pornstar, or some new DVDs released, these info will be always presented to your by the most popular porn bloggers. Some star did something naughty and paparazzi caught him in action? Be sure that the next day you will find out the blogger’s opinion. They do the porn gathering also.

Stay in touch with popular porn blogs and find out more about pornstars and sex-related news


These guys love to comment upon everything is new in the adult world so if you wanna stay in touch with everything that they have to offer, either we are talking about gay or straight posts, this is the place. We personally love the interviews and the quality of the photos, gifs that they post, so we have to browse them every now and them. PornGathering recommends popular porn blogs.

Latina Porn Premium and Pay Porn Sites

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Everybody knows latinas for those gorgeous bodies and those sexy asses. PornGathering bets that you have seen at least one hot Latina babe taking its clothes off. Maybe you have the chance to see some horny Latina in action. That’s great. Some of you had the change to get some sexual action. Amazing! Ever had the chance to browse some Latina premium porn sites? Now, you get to choose between some of the best Latina Pay porn sites as we have done the porn gathering for you.

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Find out why people enjoy watching this kind of sex niche. One of the main reasons is that these horny babes have lots of stuff to teach you about sex. From normal sex, to anal sex and oral sex, they like to be in charge of the situation, so you will watch them sucking, slurping and taking hard cocks into their holes.

Premium Celebrity Nudes and Sex Tapes

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So one of your favorite stars is on the screen and you cannot wait to see her new dress and that gorgeous body. What if PornGathering tells you that you can see her naked or watch her having sex? Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me quite well, this is the land where all the banned sex tapes and leaked stuff are placed. We are pretty sure you have heard about scandals, about hacked accounts and you were desperate to see forbidden scenes with your favorite actor. Premium celebrity sites where you get to watch nudes and sex tapes are here.

Celebrities caught on tape and other pics leaks


Either you are a Lady Gaga fan, or you wanna see Kim Kardashion butt in action, premium nude celebrity sites share with you everything they have got and they manage to gather. Videos and pics caught by paparazzi, a lot of uncensored stuff that you have never seen before. So have a seat and start enjoying the best premium celebrity sites, as we have done the porn gathering for you!

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Asian babes lovers, you have come to the right place. PornGathering has chosen the hottest live asian sex cam sites where you can watch some horny Asian ladies. And this is not just it, as you get to filter all the hotties that are online and choose the Asian girl of your dreams. Asian cuties will be teasing you with wet pussies, showing you their panties and playing with sex toys. Do not hesitate to state what you want to see and they will play with you for some tokens.

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Blondes, brunettes, red haired ladies, playing roles or interested into some fetishes, Asian chicks are all around. From stripping and boob shows, they like to make your hard cock up in an instant. Choose from the best live asian sex cam sites, we have listed them after our rigurous porn gathering reasearch.

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That’s great that you are into a specific kind of porn. BDSM porn is more and more adventised since 50 Shades of Grey appeared. Ladies seem to appreciate being tied up every once in a while and fucked. So people keep accessing premium fetish porn sites in order to find amazing fetish porn videos. Hardcore sex with babes and guys all tied up will make you horny like no other, trust PornGathering! Threesomes with DPs that you have never seen before. This is another level of making people feel pleasure. Check out what premium fetish porn sites have to offer to fetish porn lovers.

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What you will enjoy watching on premium fetish porn sites are the anal sex scenes, the master slave role play and others. Lots of sucking scenes, hot babes, natural and fake tits, all for your delight and with an amazing ending, a climax. Premium fetish porn sites know what to offer to end users to make them feel intense pleasure. Check out our porn gathering that we have made when it comes to this sex category.

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Pay cash for hentai porn, sex with your favorite characters. From blowjob scenes to anal sex scenes, premium hentai, anime and cartoon porn sites have thought it was about time to fulfill your deepest fantasies. Anime and hentai characters, movie and cartoon characters begging for more. This is one of the hottest stuff that you get to see around. PornGathering suggests this awesome category if you are sick of the same guy girl sex scenes and you want to see what others have created for hentai, aniime and cartoon porn lovers.

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Big cocks, guys with tits and a lot of sex. Jizz flying all around, cartoon porn, lots of anime and hentai sex. This is the main subject of this premium category. Watch your favorite cartoon characters having sex, or you favorite movie characters. All that you have had în your imagination is listed on premium hentai, anime and cartoon porn sites.

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