Which of your parents do you take after in character?

Have you got any plans?

The two kissed.

The only time that Rahul left the room was just before we ate dinner.

I want you to stop doing that.


A doctor is necessary.

You need patience, Nichael.

How tall is your brother?

Mario wants to know if you're planning to come to his party.

Are you brave?


Naren told us not to park in front of his house.


This is a top-loading washing machine.

The furrier gets the skins of more foxes than asses.

Are you sure you didn't forget anything?

Nicholas didn't expect Suzanne to show up on time.

Albert was very kind to me.

It happens frequently.

I have news about Stu.


The show is on Wednesday.

Nobody told me about the meeting.

I think he's Eugene's older brother.


I was eating something.

Ragnar wanted answers.

He can't come to the office today because he doesn't feel well.


If students today had more free time, they might show more interest in politics.

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I wasn't aware that someone was watching me.

If there is anything I cannot stand it's filthy teeth.

Jussi's duties include raking the leaves.

He stuck to his job.

Just let me talk to them.

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He has changed.

I like Christmas decorations.

I'll have to warn him.

Morgan says that he'll be at the meeting tomorrow.

Slaves were considered property.

Do you really know who did that?

I thought you could handle her.


The force of the wind made it difficult to walk.

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No one knows for sure.

I wish Edgar wouldn't keep bothering me with questions.

She has been ill for three weeks.

Better ask twice than lose your way once.

Sometimes our prayers aren't answered the way we want them to be.

If it happened to Annie, it could happen to me.

The dog was kicked by me.

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Don't bother calling security.

Wilmer stirred the soup with a spoon.

What do you know so far?

They ruined it.

Wilson won first prize in the speech contest.

I'm sick of this hand-to-mouth existence.

You'll come with me now.


He felt the most heavenly joy that he had experienced since birth.


What have you done to them?

We're working for you.

Over ten percent of them can do the work.


They do not teach them to speak English.

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How's everything at work?


I'm being serious!


Bonnie and Jacob spent a week relaxing on a houseboat.


She's a supermodel.

Carol has just returned to her hotel.

Don't say I'm a sucker.

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Where are the horses?

Everybody knows Dannie.

I think Trying is talented.

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You will know soon enough.

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It makes me wonder.

Can I have a moment with Christina?

Is it possible that we could've been followed?

Are you all ready to go hiking?

Did you ever talk to her?


A great Empire, like a great Cake, is most easily diminished at the Edges.

We pay Kyung's salary.

Mr. Wood didn't have any sons.

We closed the door.

It's drizzling outside.

My God, how sad!

Charley poured himself a glass of whisky.

Let's start jogging together from tomorrow morning.

The scientists analyzed the data.

She looked around, but saw nothing.

Why did she ask for our help?

Do something for the bleeding from the wound.

I don't know much about Wayne.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

I saw a panda once.

Buy a hedgehog and you'll be happy.

Who is to be blame?

One of the apples fell to the ground.

He hung up on me.

What do you say to seeing a doctor?

Wanna come over to my place for pancakes?

We'll contact Cristina.

I don't understand this word.


They say red wine is better with meat than white.

There is also an ethical question raised about this.

We find comfort in traveling.


I should take him with me.


Do you want me to come with you?

How fast you walk!

I want to spend the whole weekend in Boston.

Isn't that mine?

We do like Shutoku.

You need a lot of stamina for adding ten thousand sentences.

You missed her, didn't you?


"Thank you." "You're very welcome."

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I promise to work hard.


He will have to help his mother in the kitchen tomorrow.

It happens to be the truth.

Some of us find such views to be sheer madness.

She was anxious about his health.

Right after the accident, I was in a state of shock.


Can you replace Farouk?

I can't stop asking myself that same question.

I don't think there's much chance of that.

I waited for them.

It is about the size of an egg.

Santa didn't need to come at all.

What can Triantaphyllos say?

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I saw her with him.


Jose stared at the sky.

She went out to get something.

I left my umbrella in the cab.

She sowed vegetables in her garden.

Hello, I am Nancy.

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I said you could go.

We're out of ammunition.

Alastair is holding a knife.


Marcos said he feels great.

Darci sure screams a lot.

My wet clothes clung to my body.

I was so worried.

I am sure that he will win.

The sentences "Let's eat grandpa." and "Let's eat, grandpa." are only one proof that punctuation can change a lot.

Sometimes my dog barks in the middle of the night.

I'm very sorry for causing the accident.

She herself gave him something to eat.

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My birthday falls on Sunday.

She's drop-dead gorgeous.

These oranges are ten for a dollar.

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To stand on your own feet means to be independent.

Everybody seems to pay attention to what he says.

I promised to read the report carefully.

Vance is miserly.

He's not the same man he used to be.

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Moore has raised three children.

We still have quite a bit to do.

There's a waiting list.

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I'm not going to take it any more.

Pieter likes running.

You had best go home early.

I want to know who's staying with us.

You're doing all right.

He has good reason to be against the plan.

Everything was supposed to change.

Can't you turn that thing off?

The palace is surrounded by the people.

Robbin is an art dealer.

It's pretty routine.

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Tie the apron.