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    About the Company

    The Timmins and District Hospital (TADH) is a level C, fully accredited (Accreditation Canada) referral and teaching hospital serving the residents of the City of Timmins and Cochrane District as well as the adjoining areas of the Temiskaming, Sudbury and Algoma districts. TADH is dedicated to providing health care services that are consistent with the needs of our community and catchment area. The hospital offers a full range of medical, surgical, critical care, maternity, newborn, pediatric, long-term care and mental health services as well extensive health education and district services. TADH houses 134 beds hospital wide and has approximately 850 frontline staff and 70 physicians. The hospital is a leader in state-of-the-art telecommunications and diagnostic equipment connecting physicians and staff to medical practitioners and specialists throughout Canada.

    Website: /www.tadh.com


    Support Line Telephone Number: 1-877-944-5062

    Confidentiality Agreement Template


    Scope of Support:

    Break - Fix Support. Address, diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve:

    • hardware related problems for Desktops, Laptops, associated peripherals and Mobile Devices.
    • Address, diagnose, software related problems with previously installed software including:
      • Desktop security: anti-spam, antivirus
      • O/S: Windows 2000 / XP / 7.
      • Collaboration software clients
      • MS Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
      • Adobe software
      • Other commonly used, non-specific applications
    • Network Configuration issues.
    • Email, Internet access clients, Citrix clients, web browsers
    • System peripherals (local and network) such as printers, scanners, etc.


    BPO Wiki


    Any issues with HDTDIIL07A are to be escalated to Tier 2 IMMEDIATELY. Advise the caller of what you are doing. This printer has very specific scripts applied to it and cannot be restarted by the Service Desk.



    No need to send Email Acknowledgement template. The email should be sent only for Case opening , Case Closures, and when a tasks or direct action to fix is required.


    eMailing ALL TDH USERS in Outlook is not allowed, Instead they must use _managers, Ward Clerks, and super users for that specific department.


    It may be necessary to use Firefox to visit the Maintenance / Housekeeping page on the hospital's Intranet.  If users are having difficulty visiting the page simply create a shortcut to firefox on their desktop and make the homepage 6145582796

    TADH has started re-issuing the staff survey one department at a time. On systems using Windows XP. this survey will try to open in Internet Explorer displaying an error message of “page cannot be displayed”. Staff can copy and paste the web address into Firefox and will then be able to complete the survey.



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