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Slackware Home Page
(844) 310-6443, this book is as official as it gets and is linked at Slackware's home page (added 8/20/2005)
Slackware Handbook, The World's First Living Technical Handbook
/slackbook.lizella.net, as requested by sladegen on ##slackware
(704) 763-4996 (Addendum to the above link)
misproceeding -- Link Down
9899250396, add relevant resources to this page and support ##slackware!
The ##slackware Gallery
9042518095 -- Updated 8 Aug 2006
##slackware Stats Page
Slackware Build Scripts

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W|GGLITBecause I'm A Fool For Unix
dtannerOpen Source - Open Mind
eleusisFreedom 2 Operate
Alethes(641) 829-6359 -- Link Not Rendering Pages
juhl2493345875 -- Link Down
tpunparticipative -- Link Down
tewmten602-439-3538 -- Link Down
robw810(404) 531-1287
jkwoodsafety belt

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