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About Us

HydraDev was founded in 2015 by three talented developers with over a decade of experience between them and has since grown to be a multi-disciplinary team of seven. The purpose of our team is to design and implement the best software solutions for any given problem, the more challenging the better. With this goal in mind, we seek and train the best developers and offer our collective talent to foreign and local clients. Our background in R&D gives us the cutting edge we need to rise above the competition.

Our Offer

We specialize in lean end-to-end product development on both web and mobile platforms.

We understand the need for clean, readable, reusable code that scales well with your product, from a simple MVP that proves your concept to the basis of a system handling hundreds of thousands of requests per minute.

Some projects we worked on

Our Team

João Filgueiras

Lead Web Developer

João is an experienced developer and researcher with a special talent for breaking down large problems into solvable pieces. He always seeks clean, elegant solutions to hard problems. He also has a keen interest in all things data-related, be it mining, visualization, information extraction and machine learning classification.

Pedro Nogueira

Lead R&D Developer

Pedro is a senior developer with a PhD in Artifical Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. His academic background along with his experience as head of recruiting and director of engineering for two multi-million dollar US startups make him an expert communicator, talent judge and project manager.

Miguel Teves

Lead Android Developer

Miguel is an accomplished software engineer with years of experience in Android and Java development. He believes that everything is possible, and is driven to solve all challenging problems that come his way. His experience and determination ensures that our developers always feel motivated and supported.

Tiago Ribeiro

Full Stack Developer

Tiago has extensive academic and professional experience with a wide range of different technologies by always looking outside of his comfort zone. He considers himself to be technology-agnostic, and excels at finding the optimal solution to any problem.

Ricardo Coutinho

Backend Developer

Ricardo is an avid software developer that loves to write clean and optimized code with a special interest in AI, and game and web development. His curiosity leads him to continuously learn new technologies, solve challenging problems and work with great people.

Joel Gouveia

Android Developer

Joel is an Android Developer with over four years of experience. He has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and always looks to take an agile approach to his work. He also has a keen interest in everything related to user experience and human-computer interaction.

Nuno Barroso

Front-end Developer

Nuno is a front-end developer with a background in web design and multimedia. He brings a more creative approach to the team that a group of techies always needs. Nuno's interests currently lie in web development, video editing and 3D printing.

João Azevedo

Full Stack Developer

João is a highly skilled software engineer that specializes in full stack web development and also has some experience with Android. His focus at the moment is the JavaScript stack, namely Node.js for the back-end and Vue.js or Angular 2+ for the front-end. He is a hard worker and is always looking to learn new frameworks and technologies.

Augusto Soares

Full Stack Developer

Augusto is a web and hybrid mobile developer with four years of experience developing customer-facing high-availability apps in a retail context. His background in the startup scene gives him the capability to work in highly flexible Agile teams with constantly evolving requirements, while his experience managing product deliveries to same of the top retailers in the world has granted him the capability to produce top level results.




HydraDev hails from Oporto the historic yet trendy city that brings you, among other things, the famous Port wine. The city has been recently considered the Top Destination on the Rise for Europe by TripAdvisor. One special hallmark of the city of Oporto is its university which is considered one of the top European universities. Most of our team has strong ties to the University of Porto, either as a Masters or PhD student or as a researcher or even professor.

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If you are a talented developer looking for challenging projects using modern technologies and techniques, send us your CV to (800) 658-7179.

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We always recommend our clients protect their ideas which is why we offer a mutual NDA. An NDA, or Non-Disclosure Agreement is an agreement between us and you relating to any information or ideas you share with us.

Our NDA covers you for a period of three years and gives you the confidence that any information you share with us in discussing your project is treated in the strictest confidence.

Please download the following NDA, print, sign it and send it back to us. We will get back to you within 48 hours with our signed version.