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She had a sexual encounter with him.

Hillel isn't a stable person.

Nobody knew what to say.

He tried to speak by word or gesture.

It's cloudy.

It might be too late to visit Shari now.

While some ask "why?", others ask "why not?".

I did not see much of her.

When does his train arrive at Kyoto?


The meat was very tough.

I've been looking forward to this.

A small group of men appeared at the corner.

The problem was we couldn't find a place to park.

She is not a good person.


They can't make us go.

There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something.

Elizabeth said he thought it could happen in Boston, too.

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During that period, I would go to bed earlier.

I think they were talking about you.

All the seats are reserved.


I want a full report though.

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There is something you should see.

You were so close, so we'll give you one last chance.

Ruth pulled over to the side of the road.

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Do your work quickly.

How much is that TV over there, please?

I'm going to be famous one day.

Spyros is thinking of going to Boston next spring.

It doesn't really sound like you want my help.

The horse raced past the barn fell.

The sun has just come up.


Kamel hosted an extravagant party at his mansion.

Alberto signed the documents.

See you Sunday at three.

Lynnette had been released from the hospital, but he was still recovering from the gunshot wound.

I knew she would be the winner.


Large areas of the ocean are polluted.

Just because he is poor, it does not follow that he is unhappy.

You can't criticize her every action based on one single mistake.

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Let's put all the cards on the table.

Am I too early?

Juergen knows it's a lie.


Why is Roberta still doing that?


Today's meeting has been cancelled.


Grant hates spiders.


An executive council was formed to discuss the new proposal.

She argued with him about their children's education.

There are some children playing in the park.

I never thought I'd want to buy an iPad.

Charge it to my account.

This is the tricky part.

The got a letter from Father Christmas.

Sedat did that for Alex.

Law II: The alteration of motion is ever proportional to the motive force impressed; and is made in the direction of the right line in which that force is impressed.

I'm dying of cold.

Spyros shouts a lot.

Ken put his shirt on inside out.

Pay your rent in advance.

Can you check the tire pressure?

Does Liyuan really believe that?

As he was drinking he got very merry and kept telling everybody just how much he hated hospitals.

Did you return Knut's books?


John looks undecided.

Drinking warm milk makes me sleepy.

Gerald rummaged through her bag.


I have two exposures left on this film.


Can you speak Mandarin?

The beauty of the music brought tears to her eyes.

The defense rests.


No, Chinese dishes are the best.

I enjoyed hanging out with Hui.

Who owns this food?

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I am a teacher, too.

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Has Sweden already fallen that low?

Remain alert.

I can understand your anger.

Do you make friends with these boys?

Who can run fastest in your class?

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I like yellow.

His appearance led me astray.

The owl is slow on foot.

It was a long wait.

You'd be surprised how well Mara can speak French.


Vladislav identifies as queer.

"http://example.org/" is a URL.

Either with it or on it.

Don't fail to write to me.

He took off his coat and put it on again.

Evan doesn't eat a lot.

Prior learning of the alphabet is very helpful.


We weren't talking about you.

He wants to be more independent.

Can you manage?

Julie was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

Hillel wouldn't even talk to Kit after she had apologized to him.

Nobody needs to talk.

I'm feeling hungry.

The possibility of a lack of connection between the events can be dismissed immediately.

That used to belong to them.

Just the word "French" has her wet her pants.

Mike is captain of our team.

What'll they do to Floria?

What reason could Clifford possibly have to lie to you?

I thought you recognized him.

I called my lawyer.

Barrett is innovative.

I would rather that the people should wonder why I wasn't President than why I am.

Would that make a difference?

We are all Americans.

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I only know that.


She's not a child.

I made a sandwich for lunch.

Hey, I know how you feel.


The engine is overheating.


I left a new umbrella in the bus.

Guido heard Reid crying.

I thought we were equal partners.

She gave her reporters social deportment tips.

I don't think Calvin has broken any rules.


Everything I've told you may not be accurate.

There's something troubling me.

Amedeo is looking around.

Manuel tried his best to cover his tracks so he could save face.

"Is that true?" "Yes, who told you about it?"

Steven walked down the hall with Juha.

Don't you lie to me.

Can you get a ticket for me?

It never actually happened.


It's quite possible that I'm mistaken.

You're going to love it.

I woud risk my life for a good cause.


How did Jamie find us?

Brodie blew up the balloon.

Tell him you can't do it.

A penguin is a bird that cannot fly.

You need to believe in something.

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Is Mrs. Smith an English teacher?

In the summer, people go to the seaside.

Robert handed Marci a pen.

It was definitely a hoax.

We already talked.

Should I cancel the call?

It freaks me out.

I'm just playing the odds.

I started crying.


Did you see yesterday's episode?


Henry will get another chance.


Everybody turned to look at Malcolm.

We couldn't convince him.

Randal couldn't contain himself any longer.

He worked hard. Otherwise he would have failed.

The young child uses crayons to draw a picture.

He's not himself.

What can I get you for drinking?


I need to get something done very quickly.

Would you stop babbling?

Do you think it will work?

Being ill, I stayed at home all day long.

Do you have any complaint about it?

Is it complicated?

I would've liked to do that.

I don't evacuate them.

I was a bit embarrassed.

Stop that car.

Because stars are only like grains of sand, women are hesitant about astronomy.