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Let's hear the rest of your story.

How is your life?

She has no one to turn to.

I hate his parents.

No man is good enough to be another man's master.

He went up the steps slowly.

Come here and help me.

The policeman signed to me to stop.

Never mind that, just take out what you've just nicked from your bag.

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Anderson and Sue were supposed to meet us here.

We shall put off our departure in case it rains.

Let's dine out tonight. I'm too tired to cook.

I need you here.

Daryl is being very careful.

Gilles pumped his fist in the air.

New office buildings seem to be sprouting up all over the city.

Speak to me freely.

What's the name of this village / town ?

Give me a cut, wash and dry please.

Her sudden appearance in the doorway surprised us.

She's a jealous woman.

For him it may be possible, but I'd never pass the test.

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When my father went into the hospital, I had to put everything on hold.

Where did you find my keys?

He's hurrying up.

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I just don't know where to start.


Raj thought Heather wouldn't want to buy such a small car.

What does Donal want us to do with his stuff?

Where did you hear them?


She is ignorant of even the simplest fact about science.

I can't follow his logic.

The stock market tumbled.


I just wanted to teach you a lesson.

Does your brother have his own house in Germany?

Swamy answered back.

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Her large, deep, blue eyes had a dreamy look, but a childlike smile still played round her mouth.


The fact is we were not invited.

Ramadoss is a speech writer.

I love to float on the water.


I hope that the weather will be dry.

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My mother carefully opened the door.

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I'm not a drunk.

You haven't done what I told you yet.

It has to stop.

They're in the hot tub.

Green slime oozed out the pipe.

Pull up to the curb.

He has bad reputation of being dishonest.

Let's play hookey and go see that movie.

Did I get you right?

I found myself bored by the book.

These days, a watch not only shows the time, but also the person's social status.

Then, we will go clothes shopping after five o'clock, alright?

I bought a telescope in order to observe the night sky.


Ralf isn't very good company.

I know you were close to Coleen.

So, what else is new?


What kind of gifts did you get?

I told her I made a mistake.

I haven't spoken to him.

I think Jingbai was lying to me.

The plane accident cost the lives of 200 people.

Do you think you could lend me some money?

I figured Larry wasn't going to go, so I went.

So, do you get it?

Happiness can't be bought.

I'm an alcoholic.

Susie has a nice smile.

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Rod is the boss now.

The animals were busy collecting nuts.

Malaclypse wears horn-rimmed glasses.

One who knows no love knows no unhappiness.

I have to go shopping. I'll be back in an hour.

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I'm married to her.

Triantaphyllos put a few more logs on the fire.

Maarten complained about the excessive noise.

Scientists can easily compute the distance between planets.

What's your favorite language?

The woman on the bench is Mrs. Brown.

I saw footprints of a bear in the snow.


I'm waiting to see what Wendi will do.

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I am an idiot! Kill me somebody!

What does it take in these brave new days to keep word or pattern alive? You need but use it where gleaners can find it.

We're jealous.

Bryan folded the paper before handing it to Hunter.

Father gestured to me to leave the room.

I do not want to argue with you.

I asked if you wanted a ride.

The magazine comes out once a week.

We lead a very ordinary life.


Martha doesn't need to go to work today.

Will you join our baseball club?

The beard does not make the philosopher.

Those animals can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Girls, you did terrifically. You've truly earned this victory.

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I have a brainstorm teacher.


Don't get her confused.

This boy and this girl are very clean.

Lenora tried to stay composed.


You can believe me, because I heard this news first hand.

The play began exactly on time.

We didn't expect them to buy a new car.

I would've left before Jochen got here if I'd known he was coming.

She's eating for two.

I'm leaving you tomorrow.

I assume that won't happen.

We can still break even.

Pitawas can understand you.

I'm too fat.

When I got there, the house was on fire.

They both grinned.

I want to do something that I can't do if I'm not pressed for time.

I broke my back.

I think you should get more rest.

Dan and Linda decided to adopt a little child.

That's what I'm always telling Darren.

His cries for help were drowned by the roar of the surf.

Let them stay.


Every Thursday we go to the cinema.

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That'll be all for now.

Sehyo practiced all week for the talent show.

What would Heinrich say if he were here?

Hurry up! We'll be late.

Don't cast bacon before oysters.


They had been dancing for an hour when there was a knock on the door.

I have a sweet-tooth.

The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.

I often receive letters from him.

Sangho seems distracted.


Martin loves studying music.

We may as well walk as wait for the next bus.

You three are under arrest.


Russell has been a lot of help.

When I was little, I believed in Santa.

Bryan asked me if I liked it.


Bourbon is made from corn.

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It's unfair to stereotype all young people as potential troublemakers.


His work is beyond all praise.

A basketball team consists of five players.

Everyone knew us.

Are you really sick?

The ancient Goths and Saxons called this festival Yule.


Hon ushered Loren into his office.

He answered never a word.

You know, sometimes you need to hear it.

I like this coat. May I try it on?

The bus was delayed for ten minutes.

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People with physical disabilities abhor being pitied.

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These bacteria have mutated into forms that are resistant to certain drugs.

Don't you play jazz anymore?

We should become unique, mature individuals.

How many eggs do we need?

My mother told me not to go out.

This train left Aomori thirty minutes late, so we won't arrive at Tokyo before noon, I'm afraid.

She's unconscious, and we're stabilizing her.


I help nobody.


I'll return to Australia in two days.

She is as wise as fair.

Isn't there an old bakery somewhere in this town?


I want to tell them good night.

I can smell cookies.

I think it is about time we changed our ways of disposing of waste.

Are you going to learn English?

He is not the man that he was when I first knew him.