Chat to people the world over in real like environments with your 3D person, IMVU brings a real to life way of meeting people to your pc. Except you don’t have to get to know someone in just one environment, you can pick and choose from hundred’s of exciting places from nightclubs and bars to gorgeous beaches, villas and mansions. Why not create your own villa, throw a party and invite lot’s of new people, who knows who you will actually meet?



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This game will take you on a globe-trotting adventure to all the major capitals of the world where you will showcase your designs as you send your models down the famous catwalks. Experience the adventure of a world class fashion designer as you release your inner creativity to present your latest designs and set new trends. All eyes are on you as you unveil your latest wardrobe consisting of various genres and accessories. It is a demanding job working to deadlines, keeping the audience captivated and receiving positive reviews in the top fashion magazines around the world but a challenge that will keep you stimulated for hours, days and weeks without any of the stress – it’s simply carefree just fun all the way !


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Virtual worlds have been described in the news as the next big thing; it seems that you cannot search anything without being linked to a virtual world. For those of you that do not know a virtual world is it is exactly what it says, an online society where you can meet other people, and do things that you do from day to day in the real world.
In virtual worlds there are no goals or levels, in fact, they are not really games, they are simulations. It is just do what you want, when you want, if that is to make some virtual friends then go for it, or if it is to create a business then this can all be a reality, all the choices are all down to you.

So let’s take a look at three of the most popular online free virtual worlds and find out why they are so popular.

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Posh Boutique


Posh Boutique is a very feminine game that I would say is aimed at girls rather than boys. This time management game has a fast pace with each level taking just five minutes to complete plus there’s plenty to keep the player occupied for hours. If you are a lady who loves fashion and would love to run your own boutique while dressing and advising your customers then this game is definitely for you.

The main character in Posh Boutique is Alicia who inherits a series of themed boutiques every seven levels from her grandma Lily who is a famous designer. Alicia must cater to her customers needs in the seven unique settings while at the same time be quick on her feet, careful with the finances and make sure the VIPs are happy. The settings are fun, including beach bungalows, cruise ships and trade centres. There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied like putting the clothes on the racks, choosing outfits and counting up the sales you have made, you really need to be on your toes in this game.

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Posh Shop

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Posh Shop is a superb time management game that will keep your attention for hours. Fans of this genre will enjoy running a fashion shop while watching the clock in the process in order to proceed from level to level. The aim is to reach your daily sales target by helping customers to choose outfits while keeping them happy

You begin by working in the store that houses the summer collection. Items of clothing go past on a conveyor belt and you have to select the clothes you require by clicking on the item plus pairing them up to make appropriate ensembles. Watch that items don’t fall off the conveyor belt into the stock room as if this happens you will lose some money from your daily tally. Another great feature is when periodically money bags appear on the conveyor belt as an added bonus for you to click on.


Petz Dogz Fashion


It is a pursuit of the rich and famous or Hollywood stars in particular, what is it I am talking about? Why, dressing their dogs in fashionable garments specially created for their pets. If you like the idea of doggie fashion with all it entails then this is the game for you! This game sees you dressing dogs in all manner of fashionable outfits rather than designing the garments themselves or dragging your pooch down the runway.

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Puppy Stylin


Here we have a quirky entertaining time management game that is suitable for all the family especially those who are dog lovers and would like to spend time pampering their pooches! Puppy Stylin lets you really go to town with regard to what your puppy will wear, his hair style, accessories and even nail polish so that he resembles his owner as much as possible.

Firstly you need to select which character you are going to be Roberto or Eloise plus select the name of your dog. Next you open your own dog grooming salon and select a pooch from the local animal shelter to practise on. When the pets enter your salon you need to keep them happy while at the same time servicing their requirements. You have six stations within the salon, they are Washing, drying, styling, colouring, nails and outfits.



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Have you ever watched a detective drama on TV and thought what fun it would be to be a successful sleuth? If this is the case then here is your chance. Nancy Drew Danger by Design is the perfect vehicle for you to hone your investigative skills while having hours of game play fun at the same time. Nancy starts her mission in Paris where she goes to spy on Minette designer for the larger lady to find out why Minette is behind with her design work for the Spring season plus the reason for her strange behaviour.

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Juliette’s Fashion Empire


This time management game set in the fashion world will please all lovers of style and glamour while satisfying a more ruthless side that is evident in this story. The game has 50 exciting levels to play in one play mode while you will find yourself globe trotting through New York, Tokyo, Paris and London trying to beat your rivals sales targets along the way.

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Jewelleria is a shop based time management game set obviously in a jewellery store so is suitable for fans of this genre that enjoy shopping tasks, serving customers while also being creative against the clock. The main character is Elly who is helping out in her father’s failing jewellery business to try to turn his fortunes around to become once again a success.

Customers come into the shop, immediately you supply them with a jewellery catalogue so they can request via a speech bubble the item they want e.g. necklaces, rings or watches. This is where the creative part comes into play as some of the items you can click on to give to the customer straight away while others have to be created by you. An added quirk is if you design the wrong style you can leave the item on the counter in case another customer will want it or alternatively you can put it for recycling.