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It is only a few minutes away.

I want my money returned immediately.

Tricia said he had to talk to me.

He knows how to brush his teeth.

She owes him a lot of money.

Does the gentleman know whose car this is here?

Do you care about your privacy?

People lived in villages.

Rayan had three people with him.

Do you want to bring your family to Germany?

There was a great deal of conjecture as to what would happen.


I'm staring at myself in a mirror.


What Rajarshi really wanted to do was stay at home and watch TV.


What can Soohong do?

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I took it for granted that you would come.

New factories and industrial centers were built.

Malus found that very hard to accept.

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I got a piece of lead for my mechanical pencil from her.

Everyone has a character of his own.

They were hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.

From time to time, I think about my mother who is no longer living.

God knows why.

That hotel is not all it's cracked up to be.

Rakhal noticed something in the distance.

I want my desk back.

This room is not very large.


Kathleen is never satisfied.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

Man will die sooner or later.

You and I will run.

What's your favorite non-fiction book?


The crime scene was in a dilapidated motel.

The ravishing beauty queen wearing a blue velvet gown with a plunging neckline struck a pose on the red carpet.

She is crazy.

We have the great responsibility to see that he succeeds on the entrance exam.

Let's work together.

I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back the money I owe you.

You should wash the fruits before eating them.

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I finished work at six.

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I suggest that we stay home and watch TV.

I saw a drunk lying on the road.

I'm a retired flight attendant.

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He was sentenced to the galleys.


Do you have one?


Farmed fish are cheaper than wild ones and the taste is only "so-so".

Life is often compared to a journey.

I should have listened to my mother.

She gained 500 dollars in the deal.

My my! Don't you look handsome!

Eat your broccoli or you won't get any dessert!

We should go to sleep.

It might tell us something.

I don't think that's allowed here.

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Has Knute left?

I will die by a cold.

Those children were being cared for by an aunt.

Had she been a friend of mine, I would have advised her not to do that.

What are the charges in this hotel?

It takes a lot of time to get used to married life.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.


I might be back by 2:30.


I can't get sexual satisfaction.

Daryl ate one of Rajesh's cupcakes.

I know exactly who it is.


I have no real choice.


It's double Dutch to me.

Jussi should've done something.

Thereupon he let the cat out of the bag.


You may as well leave such a decision to your daughter.

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We're thankful for you.

Sometimes those photos are not very good.

Have your ever followed the White Rabbit to its hole?


I didn't want Caleb to get nervous.

Of course I was joking.

Do you see the entrance of the park?

The best-known linguistic process with respect to the rejuvenation of Hebrew is the expansion of its vocabulary.

Phiroze was just teasing.

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What makes you think Jesus will listen to you?

There isn't anybody else.

Why must you tease me?

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There was just one problem with Ellen's plan.


I just needed some space.

He is really nice to me and I like him.

I had a great time last weekend.


We can't just give up on her.

His debts amount to more than he can pay.

We can't all be as smart as you are.

We're giving a dinner for them.

All Nils wants is love.

Why aren't you tired?

There's a vital link between the two.

When can we see them?

Marcel is all fingers and thumbs.

Her adorable dimples appear when she laughs.

We will trust you.

Kanthan put her piano up for sale.

I miss my mom.

Syed is starting to cry.

Not being tall is not a serious disadvantage in life.

There is a sense of responsibility for the future.

Ripe bananas have the yellow colour.

It's a small noisy apartment, but it's where I live and I call it home.

Jean didn't say another word.

Don't you feel the house shaking?

Cory was beginning to feel sleepy.

The questions are going to get tougher.

What was Mikael wearing when he died?


And that's what happened.


Her standards for men are impossibly high, thanks to a girlhood rich in Disney, Cosmopolitan, and private school.

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This thread tangles easily.

Children played in the garden.

It's too far away to walk from here.


He went and got all of us bus tickets.

What shall we do next?

Should I bring Micheal with me?

May I come in?

You have to listen to her.


Dan went back to sit with his children.

Kylo didn't say even one word to me.

The crude oil price is falling further.

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There are differences.

I have to transfer schools.

She warmed herself by the fire.

He knows how to sharpen knives.

I have little knowledge of biochemistry.

Where's Geoff sleeping?

Nick didn't pass the exam, did he?


Claudia isn't skinny.


I'm not really worried.

Your father would have been very proud of you.

Where will Lorenzo be?

They were all hysterical.

The reason is simple.

Wasn't that beautiful?

Lucy was brought up by her grandparents.

Have you been in Boston long?

Wayne knows just how you feel.

I always wanted to do that.

The learned man knows that there are things which he doesn't know.


You always make a mistake.

They flew over woods and lakes, over sea and land; below them roared the wild wind; the wolves howled and the snow crackled; over them flew the black screaming crows, and above all shone the moon, clear and bright.

Let's sit down and talk about it.

I never disagree with Raman.

A small gear is missing here.

You should pay more attention to what you say.

Sergeant isn't like the other girls.

Don't make any dinner plans.

It makes no fucking sense.


It wasn't true.

Has the fire been put out?

Think whatever you want.

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Anarchy can happen during wartime.

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How would you describe me?

I hardly ever talk to my neighbors.

There is nothing that does not decay.

This camera is the one that Jones bought last Thursday.

I need men like you.

She has a lot of things to do.

How much money do we owe them?

This is an incredible result.

I'm going to need you.

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Her skin is as white as snow.