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New Lesson Series!

Siri - Let's Review this Amazing Technology!

Siri is the voice recognition technology built into our Macs and iThingys. We use it for dictation, issuing commands, getting directions and a whole lot more. But what is behind this tech? How does it work? Why is it so picky?

In this new series, you will learn the secrets behind Siri, what the future (and past) of Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) looks like and how you can make the most out of Siri.

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Home Automation is Now!

In the late 90s, Desktop Publishing revolutionized the world and how media is published. This happened because previously inaccessible technologies were placed into the hands of everyday people. Now, the same thing is happening in the Home Automation arena. Using off the shelf devices and software, you can easily control your home or office from anywhere in the world! There has never been a greater opportunity to exploit the amazing power of your Mac by diving into this fascinating technology.

One of the best companies to help you get started is SMARTHOME. Click this affiliate link to begin exploring the world's finest HA products. Be watching right here as I will be publishing lessons to help you get started. If you have not registered for the FREE lessons you can do that too.

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Brand New Apple Lesson Series!

Macintosh Tutorials for Beginners

Our new Mac OS Systems tutorial is designed, from the ground up, to teach the beginner or switcher the basics of the Macintosh Operating system. We explore every button, every menu, every control pane, and every basic feature of the Macintosh in a fun, easy to understand, jargon-less style. Step by step, we cover everything you need to get the most from your Mac. You will be inspired and delighted as we reveal the power of this amazing little computer. The title of this lesson series is called "Mac OS Systems" But... our new series does not stop there!


Macintosh Depth for Seasoned Users

For years, I have desired to explore the secrets hidden below the surface of the OS that come in the form of the technologies Apple hangs it's hat upon. Things like PDF Services, Built-In File Compression, Speech Recognition, AppleScript, and Remote Screen Sharing are just a few of the topics we will explore in Track Two of our Mac OS Compendium series. The name of that track is Mac Technologies. If you have been using a Mac for years, you are absolutely going to love the depth and riches exposed in these power packed presentations.


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Brand New Lesson Series!

If there is any single task you can master on your Macintosh, it would be learning a few basic keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts you can navigate through windows, dialog boxes, web sites and emails with the ease of the proverbial hot knife through butter! Sure, clicking on buttons and moving a mouse around the screen is a little more fun, but if you use your Mac as a tool, the more keyboard shortcuts you know, the more powerful you become. Even if you don't dream of wielding ultimate power with your Mac, the cool tips and tricks you learn in our latest series of lessons can save you a ton of time, hunting for routine menu selections.


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This fun new lessons series is available FREE. Just click THIS LINK, then enter your name and email address to get started.

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Back in 2004, my Mom asked me to show her how to use her Macintosh in a step one, step two, step three fashion. In short order, I decided to not just do some lessons for her but to put them up on the internet for everyone to enjoy. That's how Accularian came to be. As a certified Apple consultant I help people with their Macs from all over the world. Take a look at my lessons, there's a 4089796090 and certainly call me if you ever need Macintosh support.



Watch my Free Lessons Now!

This fun new lessons series is available FREE. Just click the button to the right, then enter your name and email address to get started.






I have been on the Mac for years… an ol’ dog, so to speak. Your tutorials blew me away. I can’t believe all the tips and tricks you showed me. This is going to save me so much time!”

The Mac is so easy to use! I can’t believe how Accularian makes it even easier. This step by step approach is what I really needed. I super appreciate being able to “see” how to do stuff because I go and try it for myself. Can I be an Accularian too?