The night watchman has a police dog.

I'm a stuntman.

I'll find someone else to help us.

Bill is quite reserved.

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I didn't want to embarrass you.

Edgar kept quite calm.

He has much money but few friends.

He keeps a straight face while telling a ridiculous story.

His manner to us was kind.

What happened that made you want to stay?

The ideal lexicographer knows simply everything; unfortunately, that's impossible.


Saify said there was nothing to worry about.

Why did it have to be them?

She did not promise to come here again.

When was the last time you went on a date?

Near such high virtue, every maiden fear takes wing at once.


I've been spending a lot of time training my dog.

Blair is the only family he's got.

Ernest will wait for it.

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In other words, he is lazy.


As time goes on, my life gets worse and worse.

Tell the kids they need to go to bed.

"The old lady of this shop is very unsociable but ..." "Taiki, I can hear you!" "Ack!"

Holly already knows a lot.

I hope I can talk in Lojban.

Everyone was fine.

It took too long.

How many packs of cigarettes does he smoke a day?

I haven't yet read the report.

Ann swam across the river.

Can I get a little help here?

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Why blame me?

They walked as far as the next town in an hour.

The heavy rain prevented me from going.

Who's your favorite Charlie's Angel?

Can I offer you guys a drink?

Jennifer never gives up.

In the fall, the leaves turn red and gold.

Please give Charles my best.

What foods do you avoid eating?

Clay showed me a drawing he did of Brandon.

She's a little devil.

I don't like licorice.

Kelvin wrote down his new teacher's name so he wouldn't forget it.

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Not being able to carry out payments on time can cause very large losses for the consumer.


The strong earthquake in Hokkaido caused extensive damage.


Santa isn't my boyfriend. We're just friends.

Dan and Linda had a discussion about racial tensions.

I doubt Polly would be interested in joining the army.

Jones offered to help Sanjeev pay for a babysitter.

You say you had a nibble, it looked to me like you'd polished it off.


Leigh said he didn't know when Valentin would be arriving.


They paid separately.

I tried to get them to tell me.

Which one of you is Stacy's doctor?


I have to take the chance.

We're going home by car.

I saw that tonight.

Don't go away!

English is a very important language in today's world.

I need it done sooner than that.

We have different strengths.


I advised him on what books to read.


Brandon realized that was a very bad idea.

Nathan's parents were devastated.

Srivatsan hates the rules.


I should give them a chance.

I'm not sure where to go.

I'll never speak to you again.

Will you give me a light?

Let's keep an eye on them.

A book came for you in the mail today.

We're three hours behind schedule.

She maxed out her credit card.

Our friendship did not last.

We'll stay here until Monday.

The national anthems of both India and Bangladesh were written by Rabindranath Tagore.

Page has been to Boston twice.

I would not have done that.

He failed due to lack of effort.

She was busy with household work.

Erick looked at Marc.

I feel fantastic.

You're a very important person to me.

What are you sorry about?

I finally got a driver's license.

I can't go out.

What time do you take a bath in the morning?

I'm trying to find her.


What are you going to do next?

Jock never confessed.

They seemed to be watching something.

This is really disturbing.

Noemi didn't have to stay with me.

Crocodiles have sharp teeth.

Eddie has been waiting for you.

She's grown up to be a beautiful woman.

I am better.

I'm being used.

People want more money to expand educational institutions.

I swear to you I didn't kill Philippe.

I bought a Nintendo 3DS.


They asked for permission to arm their ships.

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I hate long speeches.


I'd love a good massage.

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He clearly stated that point.

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I know what you did.

I am looking forward to seeing the film with her.

I can't get the car to start.

Rich got himself a drink.

In what kind of city do you live?

This is the most beautiful lake that I have ever seen.

We should follow his example.


He gave me a record.

Where did you pick up your French?

The more laws, the more offenders.

This ship is too big to pass through the canal.

When Morris wrote this text, he never imagined that it would have so much impact on the social networks.

This is a pretty good book.

I think Spike and Urs are going to be so happy together.

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He began to blush.

Mariou backed out of the garage.

It's you who are confused.

Our words are potentially ambiguous.

I would never have guessed that you could buy butter for such a low price.


He didn't answer the question on purpose.


You did it on purpose, didn't you?


I still have some feelings for her.


That's very hospitable.

I'd like to believe only good things about her, but her behaviour is really rude indeed.

There isn't even a shadow of a doubt left.


If you want to speak to me, please call me up.

It's finally starting to make sense to me.

The list of participants is as follows.

Just don't talk.

Bamboo bends before the wind.

My younger brother lives in Boston.

I have to study really hard.

Jeremy accidentally walked into a room full of people wearing suits.

Why did you help me?

Everybody wants her.

Unfortunately, I don't share your views.

I will give you this book.

You wouldn't be lying to me, would you?

I made everything for you.

Is your aim good?


We hope for better weather.

I saw them smile.

We all laughed at his joke.


Mohammad seemed OK.

Volunteers are desperately needed.

I've told you not to call me, Skef.


Leon can show him.


Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave on the spot.

I did it, through much hard work, though it took but little thought.

It was just a stupid mistake.

Halfway through the second chapter I realized I hadn't taken anything in.

I sounded him out about his views.

I have to get moving.

Kristin was arrested for shoplifting.

I might make a mistake.

Lum pulled some nails out of the wall.


You have the right to free speech, but not the right to slander.


How many words are there in the English language?

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We went where the others had gathered.