A first-of-its-kind altruistic market social network that connects nonprofit organizations and communities with current and future volunteers and donors.


A Market Social Network that empowers and connects nonprofits, for-profits, volunteers, donors, mentors, sponsors, and those in need in modern, fun, and engaging ways that stimulate altruism, maintain engagement, recognize participants, and inspire others to share their time, talent, and treasure.

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With GCN, organizations can easily post volunteer and donation opportunities, news articles, special events, and recognize participants for their hard work. For those who want to help, GCN’s robust search and matching features allow them to find the perfect opportunity, stay connected with their favorite organizations, and even swipe through opportunities in a fun and easy to use mobile interface.


Finding the right fit and maintaining the volunteer-charity relationship is crucial to a non-profit’s success and a volunteer’s engagement. With GCN, posting, matching, finding, and communicating about volunteer events has never been easier, or more fun.


With one-click donation and micro-donation features, GCN helps organizations acquire more donations for funds and goods faster than ever.

Giving Back

Organizations have the ability to show their give back (Time and Talent) by organizing events designed to its community.

Positive News

GCN allows for-profit and non-profit organizations to publish news articles in order to share their achievements in the charity community, recognize organization or individual accomplishments, and boost community awareness for causes they care about.


With GCN, individuals and organizations can recognize and award participation through thank-you notes and transfers of Good Citizen Medallions, which will be redeemable for future rewards.


GCN’s on-platform messaging system makes it simple for organizations to maintain connections with their volunteer base.

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