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All my plans are on sale till the first of the year. Also included is a package deal for all my shop projects. It’s a great time to think about that woodworker in your family. This would be a great gift item. You could even take it that extra step and print the PDF.  Then put […]


I have been thinking of this router base design for a few months. I didn’t want a base the was just that, a base. I wanted a multi-functional base. I tried to think of any and all the thing I wanted to do with the router. The biggest thing I needed was a larger then […]

couch bed


Dart board cabinet is one of those projects I’ve been wanting to build for a while. In fact I’ve had the dart board for about 2 years to make this project. One problem I’ve had was no where to hang the cabinet. My wife actually gave me the idea to hang it outside. After I […]


Table Saw Sleds You may remember the table saw sled cabinet i built last year. While updating the look and function of my shop I kept this cabinet. Well it time to fill it up. I have two sleds to build and one very useful bench hook. Take a step back and take a look […]


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During the woodworking show at Atlanta. I wanted to due something a little different. I pulled a few folks aside for a short interview. I’m releasing each interview one at a time. One each night at 7:30pm est for two weeks. Make sure your subscribed to my YouTube channel to see them all. I find […]

Mobile Benchtop Tool Cart


Mobile Benchtop Tool Cart A very strong and easy to make Mobile Benchtop Tool Cart that can easily be modified to fit yours needs. Add drawers, enclose the bottom with doors, its near endless what you could do with it.

Backgammon Board part 2

Veneer Backgammon Board Part 2 Picking up from Part 1. This time we will focus on the case work and finish. The board turned out great and I COULDN’T be more pleased with it.


Changing your Bandsaw tire The best advise I can give you is don’t wait as long as I did. My old tires was so bad they were chipping off. They were old, gray and brittle.

Veneer Backgammon Board

Veneer Backgammon Board Part 1 i HAVE to begin by telling you I have been wanting to make a backgammon board for a very long time. So this project already has a bit of SENTIMENTAL value to me. I don’t know why this project has stuck out to me. I think it has to do […]

Mini Shop Updates

Mini Shop Updates I have to give credit where its due. Paul Akers founder of Fastcap has this great speaking event in Boston. He posted this video on YouTube a few weeks ago. He talks  about Lean Manufacturing. In the simplest terms, its a process of making things faster and easier.  He really motivates you to […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Just wanted to take a quick second and say Thank You for your support this year. 2017 has been a great year for MFWoodShop. Without you, none of this would be worth it. I wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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