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This month at Bandbasher we are focusing on marketing rollouts. For the next three weeks, each one of our blog posts will be focused on either the different stages of

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This week we’re looking into Spotify playlists and what artists need to do in order to get onto them. This is currently a hot topic in the industry. So, to

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Longevity is something that artists cannot take for granted. But in this day and age, the music industry can be so temperamental. Something that was popular last year – or

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This week we’re focusing on longevity – and how important it is to the music industry. Some artists have been able to exist with a moderate fanbase since the early


Touring is important for any artist because you’re able to establish yourself within cities where current and potential fans live. When artists first start out, it can be easier to

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The longer you stay in the business, the more you’ll encounter specific types of people—some good, some bad. It’s important for an artist still learning the ins and outs of