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    About the Company

    Kerry's Place Autism Services has been committed to enhancing the quality of life of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since 1974 by being leaders in developing and providing evidencebased supports; and by building capacity by sharing our knowledge. We are Canada's largest service provider for children, youth and adults with ASD and serve more than 8,000 people with ASD and their families each year. With the number of individuals with ASD diagnosis growing at an alarming rate each year, the need for more supports and services continues to rise. Through collaborative efforts and a dedicated staff we provide assistance to enable communities to increase their capacity which has resulted in the growth of services available to people with ASD and their families.

    Website: /www.kerrysplace.org

    Support Line Phone Number: 1-844-308-3088

    Customer Portal for Ticket Creation
    Email address for support desk / create a ticket

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