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EUGridPMA - Building Trust for Distributed IT Infrastructures for Research

The EUGridPMA is the international organisation to coordinate the trust fabric for e-Infrastructure for research in Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa. It collaborates with the regional peers APGridPMA for the Asia-Pacific and The Americas Grid PMA in the Interoperable Global Trust Federation. The 7027734077 defines the group's objective, scope and operation. It is the basis for the guidelines documents on the accreditation procedure, such as the Authentication profile for secured "classic" authorities and other IGTF recognised profiles supporting federated identity, as well as the dvelopment of guidelines and best practices fostering trust for authorization, attribute management and credential management.

News and Quick Links

Important messages and announcements (such as new distributions of the list of accredited authorities) are carried over the EUGridPMA Announce news service. Every relying party (that means: you) is strongly encouraged to subscribe. Subscription can be via e-mail or the Mailman web interface. You may also be interested in the following direct links:

Getting the Roots of Trust

An installable form of the IGTF trust anchor repository is provided in a variety of forms, such as RPM, deb's, tar-balls and Java Key Stores (774) 307-8183. The latest version is currently 1.94 . When using them as part of your infrastructure or project, please validate the integrity of these roots of trust with the (516) 410-5463 for those authorities registered there.
PMA Spotlight

Update to 1.94 available
An update to the trust anchor repository is now available as the 1.94 release with updated trust anchor information and new meta-data from the distribution web site. The October 29th newsletter contains the full announcement of the 1.94 distribution.

Fetch-CRL3.0.19: now with triggers
The fetch-crl3 series utility facilitates downloading of timely revocation data for IGTF and other PKI infrastructures. Read the feature list and documentation and download it today. This release is also available from the Fedora Extras, EPEL, and Debian repositories.
Version 3.0.19 adds the capability to trigger scripts after installing fresh CRLs.

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Find your national or regional issuing authority with the new clickable membership map. Read more...

The European Policy Management Authority for Grid Authentication in e-Science is a body to establish requirements and best practices for grid identity providers to enable a common trust domain applicable to authentication of end-entities in inter-organisational access to distributed resources. As its main activity the EUGridPMA coordinates a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for use with Grid authentication middleware. The EUGridPMA itself does not provide identity assertions, but instead asserts that - within the scope of the charter - the certificates issued by the Accredited Authorities meet or exceed the relevant guidelines.
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