This is my umbrella.

The pain is killing me.

Sam made the school basketball team.

Tell me what you are looking forward to.

He promised he would help us.

Don't be ashamed of who you are.


You must fasten your safety belts in a plane.

To the best of my knowledge, he wasn't involved in that fraud scheme.

Both planes were flying at the same altitude.


Leaving the room, he bowed to me.

Would you say you're a morning person?

Just give me the gun.


Bite down tightly, please.


You've made them unhappy.

Barry said he couldn't find a job.

These suitcases are kind of heavy.

Aaron saw someone standing outside his window.

No, that's not what I meant!

They tried to rob me.

It's just my luggage.


My father never talked about the war.


My father is an architect, not an engineer.

Do you think that brown hair is very beautiful?

He complained that he had not been informed of the committee's decision.

I will drink for you in spirit.

He is sure that he will pass the next exam.

They'll find out about what happened.

I thought it would clear up in the afternoon.

I'm not giving you any money.

Knudsen's ancestors came from Africa.

She is always out to make a buck.

I want to know who they are.

Nobody was to blame for the accident.

Joubert is angry with you.

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Would you like to come?

You may as well go home now.

Are you alone?

He went about the store looking for something to buy.

He's just as industrious as any other student when he's in class.

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Rusty told you I wanted to talk to you, right?


He and the Princess loved each other dearly, and after a year a son came to them.

Jerome is cynical, isn't he?

I don't joke around.

I called a cab, because it was raining.

Have you got needle and thread?

I don't want them to get hurt.

The liquid flow submits the container to what we call tangential stress.

Hang on to them.

He has a superficial knowledge of navigation.

Do you have any cough medicine?

How much did Rodent have to pay for parking?


The sun sets.

Were you sleeping?

The children are playing outside the house.

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You're here, aren't you?

She showed up early for practice.

Malcolm was passed out on the floor.

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It's going great.

Let's just leave it at that.

How about something cold to drink?

Dan didn't even act sick.

She doesn't smoke and she doesn't drink vodka.

My eyes feel irritated.

It has it moments.

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Both Canada and Mexico border on the United States.

The point is they're too young.

I thought it would be fun.

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We're not sure what happened.

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Jarmo's family is eccentric.

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I think Phil can help.


The fact is we don't know what's going on around us.


If you have any free time, use it and do your homework.

I cannot run faster than he.

I shouldn't have to do all this work myself.

Rolfe has been singing that same song all morning.

That isn't them.


I'd like to work for you as long as possible.

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Polly shares his office with Lyndon.

Today is our anniversary so let's make this a special dinner.

There's going to be a three-mile race tomorrow.

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You must be less impatient.

I've spoken in support of this before.

Do you like pineapple drinks?

You sat there and watched me being beaten to a pulp.

United, we are equal to most anything.


Did he succeed in the examination?

I'm sleepy, so I am leaving now.

You like French, don't you?


The radio had warned us that there was a risk of flooding.

Squirrels move quickly.

He was tormented by some deep sorrow.


He is kind of bald.


Any child could do that.


If I gave you this doll, I would miss it.

He's afraid of the dog.

He already has a new girlfriend.


Johnny has accumulated a lot of junk since he's moved into this house.

Donal can't defeat me.

It's been a while since we've gone swimming together.


Are you saying Stagger isn't from Boston?


Can you spare some change?


Anyway what are you on about? Going around sleeveless in this cold.


Climate change is real and it's caused by humans.

The doctor advised Mr. White not to smoke a lot.

One should dress oneself well.

Old age isn't pleasant.

The concert was a success.

We were hurt.

Taro, dinner's ready!

Tell her that I am not going to school today.

Jianyun made me say those things.

Someone should look into this.

The police officer blew his whistle.

We know you're busy.

He went too far.

Hey guys, it's getting late.

Merat has stopped smoking.


We'll have a great time together.

"Do you want some water?" "Yeah, I'd love some."

When was the last time you were in Boston?


What is it you'd like me to do exactly?

The old man lived in the three-room apartment.

In America, cars drive on the right side of the road.

No one cares.

If the sun were to stop shining, all living things would die.

We thought it was a nice plan.

She cared for the children out of charity.


I realize that this may sound crazy, but I think I've fallen in love with your younger sister.

Thank you for everything you've done for me.

His family lacks for nothing.

I'm happy just to be near you.

Wes dug through the unclaimed baggage, looking for something to pawn.


The show was wonderful, but the tickets were too expensive.

Lord, I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.

He boasts himself an artist.

Her husband is heavily dependent on drugs.

Where were you Monday night?

Irwin sorrowfully buried her son.

"The Wind Rises" is Hayao Miyazaki's last film.


I don't work on Monday.

I was completely shocked.

He knows how to sell houses.

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Jeanne was dead by the time the ambulance got there.

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The change of air worked wonders for her.

The Emperor is the symbol of the unity of the people.

He's incapable of seeing a pretty woman without immediately going to talk to her.

We all like to be appreciated.

When dubbing Japanese TV series in English, characters from Osaka are sometimes given a Texas accent. Both Southern and Kansai accents are distinctive in their respective languages.

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Elliot asked Werner if she drank beer.


My name is easy to remember.


That should do the trick.

This root vegetable is high on nutrients.

As far as my experience goes, such a plan is impossible.


We'll think of another way.

The haunted house? I won't be able to sleep at night.

I'd like to insure my luggage.


Mario will have to go there.