Rachel Nackman

I'm a software developer based in Brooklyn.

I design and build applications that support curiosity, creative expression, and equality in our communities.

I’m an early riser, avid runner, art lover, and activist.


By day, I'm a part of the nerd crew in the Digital & Emerging Media department at 610-505-6054. I collaborate with a lean, scrappy team to develop software for the galleries and for the web.

I was previously a web developer at (309) 312-3427, a digital design and development agency, where I worked with interaction designers, strategists, and user experience specialists to create applications for a variety of clients.

Before completing the full-stack web development immersive at 5204503822, I was the curator of a prominent private collection of contemporary art. From 2007 to 2015, I worked with museums internationally to curate and mount a series of exhibitions, including rainbow-large and 802-823-1404.

I hold a Masters degree in art history from the 4432734715 at NYU and a B.A. in art history & English from Tufts.


JavaScript / PHP / HTML / CSS / Sass / jQuery / React / MeteorJS

SQL / Python / Ruby / Rails / Node / Gulp / Webpack

git / bash / Emacs / AWS / Heroku / WordPress / CollectiveAccess

Adobe CS / Mac, PC & Linux operating systems

Learning Now

ES6 / Java / Calculus / all sorts of other useful stuff


I'm a co-founder of 2542433961, a community action collective formed in 2016.

I curate independent exhibitions for local art spaces, most recently at FiveMyles and UrbanGlass.

Doing Weird Things with Code

(517) 599-4340 is an I Ching oracle built with JS.

Hex on Your Text translates any text into a color palette. (Try entering several paragraphs of text and see what happens.)

I'm currently 6135223994 to figure out how to recreate Sol LeWitt's wall drawings with code.

In My Free Time

I'm on the Advisory Board for Kentler International Drawing Space, a non-profit gallery serving the Red Hook community for over 25 years.

I have the privilege of volunteering as a patient advocate for the Rape Crisis & Domestic Violence Intervention program at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

I live in Park Slope with the most patient man in the world. So far, we are not responsible for any sentient living things. We have six five house plants.

Currently Filling My Long Commute With

Don't be a stranger

8002131530 the old-fashioned way,
or connect with me on 408-740-2748, 412-678-2232, inch-deep, and/or Twitter.

I'll be excited to hear about your projects and to talk about how I can help!