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Digital Acoustics develops and manufactures IP Intercom and IP Paging systems. Our solutions include IP Intercoms, IP Speakers, and IP Amplifiers as well as TalkMaster™ FOCUS Software Suite that manages and interacts with these IP Endpoints. Our IP Audio Endpoints work with most VoIP Phone systems that support the SIP 2.0 protocol, 7708103428 software and 416-339-7923 software.  We also offer Software Development Kits (SDKs) that enable you to integrate our IP Audio Endpoints into your software and hardware systems.

Digital Acoustics has been a provider of IP Audio technology since 2003, offering solutions that are simple to install and scale from one to thousands of IP Endpoints enabling you to add  communication, paging, and emergency notification solutions on your existing IP Network.   Digital Acoustics solutions are found in small and large organizations around the world.

Contact our team today to learn about your options in deploying reliable, cost-efficient solutions with our IP Intercom, IP Speaker, and IP Amplifier hardware and software.


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