With 3 point attachments being so popular today, the possibilities of what you can do with them are endless. If you garden, which most tractor owners do, you probably have a place close to your garden almost full of 3 point attachments that you use for many tasks around the garden and house.

One of the biggest advantages to having 3 point attachments, is the ability to quickly change from one attachment to the next without using lots of tools and spending a lot of time doing it. 3 point attachments range from plows to augers, with many attachments in between. The more you use 3 point attachments, the more valuable they become by spoiling you with their benefits.


There are 4 types of 3 point attachments, categories 0, I, II, and III, with the difference being mainly in the size of the tractor pulling the attachment and the weight of the attachment itself. The combination of easy change attachments and hydraulic lift gave better functionality and control over the use of tractor implements than could be achieved without a universal standard.

A 3 Point Quick Hitch is used to attach compact tractor implements. Farmers use compact tractor implements on a daily basis to keep their farm running smoothly.

A successful farm requires a whole lot of things like the right farm equipment, good knowledge on sowing and cultivation, sensible farm management and a lot of hard work and effort.

One of the vital aspects of farming is farm implements. They are the machinery and tools required to manage a farm and make it more productive. Irrespective of the size of a farm, implements are important because it is manually difficult to plough and cultivate the crops. Many kinds of farm implements are used and each of them perform a specific task. Some important examples include tractors, backhoe, cultivator, harrow, sprayer, drills, hay rake or rotary, combines, round balers, mower, skid steers, manure spreader and wind rowers.