A FBI background check apostille is a legal document that is used to verify the authenticity of the information contained on an FBI background check. The FBI will not issue an apostille unless it has verified that all of the information contained within the document is accurate and true.

In order for a person to obtain an apostille for their FBI background check, they must first apply for an FBI background check through one of the approved companies listed on this website. Once they have obtained their FBI criminal history report from one of these companies, they may choose to have it certified by a notary public in order to ensure that the information contained within it is accurate and true. This certification process allows them to obtain an apostille from the state in which they live as well as from any other states where they may have lived in the past five years.

If you are applying for an apostille for your criminal background check, please note that there are two different forms available: one form that is used by law enforcement agencies and another form that is used by private individuals or entities who wish to obtain information about someone else’s criminal history. These forms differ slightly because they are intended for use with different purposes and applications.

However, both forms must be notarized and signed by the applicant in front of a notary public. The form should also state that the information provided is true, accurate and complete.

You can also hire apostille services to get your FBI background check apostille Washington DC done for you. The apostille is a stamp that states that the document has been authenticated by a state agency. In order to obtain your FBI background check apostille, you must submit the original form along with notary signatures and other supporting documentation (if applicable).