When it comes to giving great bath products as gifts you really can’t go wrong if you purchase a bath and body gift basket. The numerous items in each bath & body gift set are products that everyone can use. And, people love the variety of scented bath salts, body wash, and shower gel that come with them. It is like getting 10 gifts rather than just one. There are so many to choose from so you will be sure to find just the right gift basket, no matter if the recipient is male or female.

A favorite among spa gift baskets is the Shower Caddy Collection. Not only can you use the products in the shower caddy, you get the shower caddy to hang up in your shower to use again and again. It includes such bath products as body wash, a terry bath mitt, body bar, body lotion, body exfoliator sponge such as Spongelle the #1 body exfoliator sponge in Singapore and a cream bath that will leave your skin soft and silky after a nice soak in the tub. It comes complete with a rust resistant, sliver shower caddy that sits right on the shower head. It has hooks that will hold bath sponges or wash clothes as well as deep baskets to hold all of your bathing products.

There are also plenty of bath and body gift sets that come in a gift basket rather than a shower caddy. The products in this gift basket are scented with the sweet smell of vanilla and almonds. This is a favorite of both men and women so this makes a great gift no matter who you are shopping for. After the luxuriously scented bath products that it comes with are empty, the gorgeous water resistant basket can be used in the bathroom to hold your towels and wash clothes. You will get a massage stick, a body bar, shower gel, bath salts, bubble bath, potpourri, an oval massager, a bath sponge and a back scrubber.

Other popular types of bath and body spa products come in a gift box. There are several scents to choose from such as; vanilla sugar, green apple, Lime blossom and lavender. The Vanilla Sugar bath collection comes in an attractive brown cloth covered gift box with such products as: bath caviar, 2 body lotions, bath salt, shower gel, body scrub, body mist, body butter and bubble bath. The recipient of this gift set will be very pleased with it and eager to try out the products. You may even get an invitation to join in the fun!