Black Note is widely acclaimed for manufacturing a line of 8 naturally extracted tobacco e-juice flavors that have gone through its unique natural extraction process. This firm has devised an intricate, yet distinctive tobacco extraction process, which ensures very original flavors. Something virtually all of its competitors, globally are hard pressed to imitate.

All of these products are flavored utilizing completely naturally extracted tobacco, that is obtained for many different locations worldwide. This extraction process covers a stretch of six to eight weeks, and it incorporates a “cold maceration” technique to derive the most optimal flavor from tobacco leaves. As such, no heat whatsoever is used in this process, which guarantees that the flavors aren’t bitter or harsh. Quite rather, the cold temperatures that are involved in this natural extraction process facilitate for more subdued authentic flavors.

What makes Black Note different than other e-juice brands?

In essence, Black Note, as a company, is keen on playing a central role in assisting in the creation of a smoke free society. It aims to do this primarily by its efforts to offer to its customers the most original as well as pleasurable alternative to traditional cigarettes. To this end, BlackNote only markets its line of 8 e-juices solely to individuals who are above the age of 18. It has also purposefully steered clear from formulating what are commonly known as “characterizing” e-liquids.

The FDA regards such products to be particularly enticing to minors, and Black Note e-liquid therefore wishes to make its products only appealing to adults. This is a markedly sharp contrast from most of their competition, many of whom are noted for focusing on the production of fruity and inordinately sweet e-liquids.

No chemical additives

At the same time, the e-liquids that BlackNote manufactures are highly noted for been totally devoid of any chemical additives or even artificial flavors. This certainly means that even their mint e-juice flavor is taken through the natural extraction process (the cold maceration extracting process if you can recall).

You will never find additives such as diacetyl, propionyl, acetyl, ethylene, acetoin, glycol, or for that matter, any chemical additives that are in widespread utilization in the production of e-liquids. It is important to note that all these additives have been proven to be very detrimental to the health of e-cigarette users.


So, if you want the best e-liquid with tobacco taste, a rich, full-bodied flavor that will satisfy even the most demanding vapers, order Black Note E-Juices online and feel the difference. Hope that this Black Note review was helpful in giving you a general overview of BlackNote tobacco line-up.