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Rent-to-Own Homes: Does the Seller Have Any Obligations to the Buyer?

Rent to own homes in Illinois are a great way to get into the home ownership market if you’re not quite ready to make a large down payment. They work by renting a home from an owner, but with an option to buy the property after a certain amount of time.

They’re perfect for people who want to live in a specific neighborhood or area, but can’t afford to buy right away. That’s because rent-to-own is usually much less expensive than traditional renting (with way more options).

Does the seller have any obligation to me if I buy the house?

A seller who agrees to rent-to-own typically has no obligation to the buyer after he or she receives the rent payments. That is, the seller does not have to make any repairs, nor does he or she have to accept your offer if you decide you want to buy the home.

The only thing that a seller must do during this process is complete the sale. This means all of your money will be refunded if something goes wrong with either side of the transaction or if something happens that prevents you from completing it (such as death). The seller will also provide all necessary paperwork for transferring ownership of his or her property over time:

A warranty deed (a title free and clear of liens and encumbrances)

An escrow statement showing how much money will go into escrow each month until closing day; how much interest accrued on those payments; whether there are any penalties for late payment; etc…

Renting to own lets you get into a home without having a huge down payment.

Rent to own is a great way to get into a home without having a huge down payment. This means you can buy your dream house without having to worry about saving up the money all at once.

In fact, many people prefer Illinois rent to own homes because they allow you to move in much earlier than buying a house through traditional methods would allow.

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Home Selling Tricks and Tips

People who sell a lot of homes know more about it than those who sell a home every few years. There are a few things you learn over the years – things that work and things that don’t.

There are also things when buying houses that qualify for top position on a “Do Not” list. Let’s start with the Don’ts, since they are the most fun.

Do Not:

  • List with a friend of a friend. Instead find a top agency and a top realtor. Let them know you are motivated.
  • Ignore staging
  • Let the realtor take the picture of your home. They are not photographers and almost always gum it up – shooting from the car window when there is snow on the ground, and using that tired old picture in July… Give them a nice picture of your home. Take it yourself and fix the colors using any one of a number of photo editing packages.
  • Smoke in the house. 80% of people do not smoke, if you smoke in your house, it Stinks to them. Win that 80%. Smoke outside when you are in selling mode. Change your carpets and clean the drapes because the smoke stink is impossible to get out otherwise. Sorry, but that’s the cold hard truth.
  • Let the dogs and cats own the home. Most people love dogs and cats, but they do not like their homes to smell like them nor exhibit any signs of their existence, such as stains on the carpets, cat spray marks (and aromas), fur and hair on furniture/carpets, scratched woodwork/furniture.
  • Leave a litterbox (especially a full one) in sight
  • Park a car on the grass (or leave evidence of such)
  • Have a dilapidated swing set in the backyard

Some things you should do…

Enough Of The “Don’ts”, Here Are Some Do’s:

Preparing your home for sale is a lot like preparing for a hot date. You need to create some excitement. Just like curlers and sweat pants are more comfortable, a home not prepared for selling just will not excite a buyer enough to get him/her to open his/her wallet. You have to spice it up.

Okay, So What Are Some Things I Can Do?

Paint – You were hoping we wouldn’t say that, but yes. Paint is amazing. It’s kind of like makeup. Would you go to a job interview without makeup? Why would you try to sell your biggest investment without painting it? Are you mad? paint it! Use earth tones and neutral, clean colors. Bright and loud colors can turn off buyers.

Landscaping – Just because you never go outside doesn’t mean your buyers are not interested in the yard! Make it look nice. If you are not sure how, just go heavy on the flowers. Nobody ever walked away from buying a home because there were too many flowers. Get rid of doghouses and clutter. Have your son park his dilapidated car down the street for a while. He can use the exercise – you’ve got a house to sell! Never let anyone park on the grass!

If it’s broken, fix it – There is simply no excuse for a cracked window that you never got around to fixing. It’s really easy to fix and it looks terrible for prospective buyers if they see it – and you can be sure that they will. Anything else that is broken should also be repaired.

Furnish it – if you have had to move out and leave your house empty, think about renting some classy furnishings including paintings/prints and artwork.

Sell A House Yourself or With Professionals

Before you proceed with the marketing of your home in Macon, GA, you need to decide whether you are going to sell it yourself, or use an agent/broker. Property sellers have traditionally used the services of a professional to get a sale, but increasingly, owners are selling their properties themselves.

If you need to sell your house fast there are also home buying companies in Macon, GA, such as the Sell My House 7 company. It is the easiest way to sell your house fast and for cash. You don’t need to do anything from above. The best way to sell your home fast for cash is to search for home buying companies on internet. Just type something like “sell my house fast Macon GA” on Google and you can compare different companies for the best deal.

Selling through a real estate agent is another option and has some advantages:

  • They are in the marketplace all the time, therefore they have experience in all aspects of property marketing
  • They will actively promote your property.
  • They have a database of potential customers to which your home can be advertised.
  • They are familiar with property values in a given area.
  • You pay them only when the property is sold.
  • They complete the negotiations and agree price, and liaise with your legal adviser.

But, realty services for home selling are not cheap. They are going to charge you for a successful sale. Fees vary between agents but it will still cost you a sizeable chunk of your property’s final selling price.

So, you may decide to sell your home without a broker and do the selling yourself.

Home Real Estate

The Luxurious Prestige City in Bangalore

The wonderful combination of sophistication, grace and size Prestige City apartments and villas are a picture of perfection. As you step into the grand premises of the Prestige City, you are sure to be enthralled by the exuberance. Located in one of the finest and premium locations of Bangalore, these finest flats and villas are constructed with precision and care keeping in mind the needs of a homeowner. The Luxury 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments are high-storied buildings. Standing tall, the architecture is a modern pleasure that is just right for urban families. Whether you work nearby to or if you have to travel a bit for work, you are well associated to the bus stand, railway station and airport.

The Prestige City hyre

The Indian real estate is witnessing a transformation where homebuyers are not enticed by mere luxury housing spaces but demand a larger than life feel and Prestige City, Bangalore can surely be declared as an epitome of realty excellence.

There are times when we come across a dream house with marvelous architectural masterwork that touches our heart, and when it does, happiness knows no bounds. Indian real estate is swarming with elegantly housing projects. Joining the bandwagon is the real estate firm, Prestige Group which has come up with a beautiful residential project Prestige City which will inspire one to buy a flat in this project.

Prestige City Villa development also offers 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas with different size range with grand interior furnishings and graceful exterior finishing. The floors are spacious and meet comfort & privacy needs of the inhabitants. Wide balconies with a semi-circular projection sit at perfect angles and offer spectacular views of the surroundings.

Surrounded by greenery and an enjoyable ambiance these homes are located in a perfect location of Bangalore. Away from the noise of the city yet close enough to IT Zones, shopping malls, medical facilities and the famous places in Bangalore these homes are ideal for families who wish to live among landmarks. The closeness to the city and the serene environment of the property makes it inviting for any human being. You will find Prestige’s divine living to be a home of comfort and expediency.

Prestige’s divinely luxurious Prestige City project is located in an area that’s guaranteeing total tranquility. The project is located in an area that is much in demand. What’s more, with world-class facilities and conveniences, one will find that Prestige City is much more than comfortable living.

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WordPress Theme Layout – Content Is King, But Do Not Ignore The Layout Aspect

The WordPress theme layout is the format of your blog that provides you with the different places to show navigation links, main post, categories, Adsense, and other widgets. You can say that the layout is the management tool for the different components that are associated with your blog.

Different Layouts Available

There are many different kinds of WordPress theme layout available. In most cases, the number of columns creates the main difference. You can choose between one column, two columns, three columns and even four columns layout. The one column layout is not very popular now. People used to download WordPress themes with a one column layout few years back when blogging was a new thing for the Internet community.

Now that WordPress has brought extensive innovations for the users, you have plenty of other choices available. The two-column and three-column WordPress theme layout have been the favorites of the new age bloggers. When you buy WordPress themes with two or three columns, you will find that things become much easier, as you can easily put the different elements of your blog at their right places. There are a lot of site builders now as well, so no coding is required anymore. There are even real estate builders such as the famous Showcase IDX and you can learn more about it from this review on

In most cases, the main post is kept in the central column while the navigation links, categories, favorites, polls, adsense, and other widgets are kept in the side bar or bars of the WordPress theme layout. No doubt that unique content is king, but you can also not ignore the layout aspect. Great content may not be of any use if the readers are unable to navigate easily.

Rent To Own Homes
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Buying A Foreclosed House

A vast majority of people contemplate about owning a home and they are strongly motivated to save for it. That is because buying a home is a rewarding milestone for the new homeowner. This decision becomes pretty challenging to take since the real estate market tends to be very volatile today. The very best option you could get would be to search for a foreclosed property that is out for sale. This originates numerous inquiries and concerns and as such demands a new action plan. So to avoid a financial disaster particularly if you don’t have any knowledge about real estate properties, here are a few tips to guide you when searching for foreclosed homes.

Research for the best places to hunt for foreclosed property and their public auction. Typically, a better way is to talk to a real estate agent or home agent and to get up to date information from the daily paper.

Rent To Own Homes

Identify what you are trying to look for and try searching online. Many rent to own homes listings are now made available online for free while other listings come with a fee. You will discover many foreclosed properties for sale within your area as the real estate market comes in an all time low.

Do some budgeting. Try to look for a home that is within the budget. There are many rent to own homes as foreclosed properties that are truly worth your investment. But you just need to be a wise shopper.

Most banks do not deal directly with the homebuyer and contacts a professional broker. Be sure you seek for a professional broker who asks for an all-inclusive payment for everything.

Generally, the homes on public sale aren’t in the actual most desirable condition, the original owner try to make an effort to improve the condition to improve its actual cost. Be sure to check out carpeting, light fixtures and tap holdings. Whenever you buy a house, take into account the renovation expense too as this can add up to the actual cost.

It also a wise move to search for a foreclosed home in an auction right before the bank set it up for sale. Less money is needed when this is the case because you are spared from the costs you need to pay to a real estate dealer.

Try to check the location of the property first. Banks are fully aware of the property’s actual cost in the market and they will get an appraisal through their auction. Sometimes the prices vary depending on some factors. It is important to look into the current location and check whether it is situated at the heart of the city or situated in a rural, isolated area. Decide whether it is worth your money. Who knows you can resell it in the future and gain more of what you have invested with it.