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Dental care may be a regular habit with children. But, when they grow into teens, their attitude towards it may undergo a subtle change. This is because they are in a phase when they want to do as many things as they can fit into 24 hours. Because of all these activities, it may happen that some of them do not devote the requisite attention to their regular dental care.

Adolescence is an impressionable age in which teens try to follow whatever is the latest trend. Some of them frequently eat snack foods and carbonated drinks. These foods contain a high level of various sugars that tend to badly affect their teeth. This happens especially if they do not drink as much water as is good for their overall health.

Some adolescents like to drive fast and may forget to wear their seat belts or helmets. This may cause injuries to their teeth in case of minor accidents that they may become involved in.

Some of them chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes. This has a deleterious effect on their teeth and is dangerous for tissues of the oral cavity. Such adolescents may face cancers of the oral cavity.

Dental Care nhjg

Bulimia and anorexia are also common among adolescents. Both have a deleterious effect on their teeth. In both, acid and bacterial action on teeth may cause increased incidence of browning and then cavities in teeth. Acid gradually eats away the enamel, which is the natural protective layer over teeth. This exposes dentine which is the soft inner part of teeth.

Once enamel is pierced, acid eats away dentine and causes cavities in teeth. Gum disease usually follows thereafter.

In some adolescents, wisdom teeth erupt in the wrong direction. There is only one solution to the ache then endured by them and that is removal of such wisdom teeth.

Lack of natural calcium may result in weak teeth in some adolescents. This can be due to insufficient milk intake by them in their formative years.

Poor digestion and poor oral hygiene result in bad breath in some teens and young people.

All of the above issues in adolescents can be easily avoided by taking proper precautions and following recommended guidelines of dentists.

Proper dental care of teens and young people would entail brushing and flossing teeth regularly. Eating fruit juice in place of foods on the go and carbonated drinks, eating in moderation, and drinking wholesome milk in sufficient quantity also helps keep teeth in prime condition. Last but not least drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is a rule that teens and young people should not flout.

This should be supplemented by proper oral hygiene, avoidance of tobacco and cigarettes, and using requisite precautions while driving.

Periodic checkups by a qualified dentist in Daytona Beach, in addition to the above, will preclude the possibility of any issues that could arise with teeth and oral hygiene.